Friday, September 30, 2022

3rd Covid Booster Plus Flu Shot On Same Day? Maybe I'll Rethink That Strategy In Future

 After learning of 200,000 Covid deaths thus far this year (a month ago) I was determined to get the 3rd Moderna booster.  But then learned supplies were near zero here in Colo. Springs.  My wife suggested the Pfizer option instead, but it meant signing into the UCHealth system and getting it at a clinic there. Since nearly 80 % of the total deaths from Covid so far this year - reported in the WSJ - were people 65 and older, it was a literal 'no brainer'.

The other lurking viral scourge is the H3N2 flu virus which, according to reports wreaked havoc in Australia during its fall and winter with over 100,000 cases - many hospitalized.  Given I'd already had a 'run-in' (a bad one) with this version of flu before,. i.e.

I wanted no part of a repeat, especially after being diagnosed with bronchiectasis, e.g.  

 So not wanting to wait overly long, including getting one shot then the other days later, I opted to get both - one in each arm.   That was roughly 4 hrs. ago, and the main precaution was I had to wait 15 mins. after the Covid booster to make sure there were no ill effects, adverse reactions.  The nurse conveyed me into a small cafe area where she invited me to grab all the snacks I wanted, as well as juice and water.  I settled for just the H2O.  

 On the way back home I did tell Janice the only reaction was of feeling slightly 'punch drunk', like I had one too many bourbon and cokes.  As for the pain in the shot arm - which I did get from the Moderna shots (like being hit with a line drive from the Brewers' Christian Yelich) -  that hasn't materialized, yet.  The RN at UCHealth did tell me that the Moderna vaccine typically packs more of a punch - because of the higher dose- so I was unlikely to feel anything like I got from the earlier boosters.   Anyway, so far no big deal, though I do plan to snatch a nap to see if the semi-inebriated sensation wears off.   

What I do believe is that everyone over 65 owes it to themselves and their family to get this booster (and that assumes you got the earlier ones) and choose deliberately to "not be stupid", in Janice's words.


The nap lasted 3 1/2 hrs.  Didn't wake up until 7 p.m.  Totally blotto, still felt hung over and barely able to summon the energy to scrape together a tuna salad sandwich.   Wasn't even able to make this update entry until just now at 9: 45 p.m.  As I told Janice, I still feel mildly achy - the Covid shot arm especially - but not as painful as a Yelich line drive. More like the hit off the bat from a college softball. Still, all in all, not as bad as it might have been after two vaccines. 

By an hour later realized I'd spoken too soon, and needed 1000 mg Tylenol, to deal with aching all over, slight nausea and wondering what the hell I was thinking when I started this post.  Bold caromed into 'bowled over' within about 3-6 hrs.

But never mind me.  Get the shots - Covid booster and flu shot - on different days then.  Definitely, every manjack and 'girljack' ought to be getting the flu shot too.  Whether you choose to get both Covid and flu shots the same day is up to you, but get them NOW - whichever way you roll.   

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