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Trump With "2 Sides" Defense Of Nazi Sympathizers Loses All Moral Authority

"There are not two sides to this. There are hideous, hateful enemies of America, enemies of freedom, and there were people truly exercising their free speech. But he (Trump) is a disgrace" - Nicole Wallace this morning.

In three days we've come full circle and learned that Drumpf himself is not only a pathological liar but a white supremacist and Nazi sympathizer after all. This pathetic excuse for a president, in an unseemly, reprehensible rant yesterday, has now shown himself fully aligned in thinking with the Alt-Right terrorists - the Nazis, KKK  etc. - who wreaked havoc and violence Saturday on mostly peaceful protestors.

The fact this POS could also lie about the nature and actions of the protestors, referring to them as "the Alt Left" - a neologism invented by the dumbest, most conspiracy -based right freaks is itself insulting. Why? Because this POS is lying through his teeth and his ass.  Those actually on the ground and in Emancipation Park and surroundings, such as CBS' Paula Reid, and Rev. Traci Blackmon of the United Church of Christ, fully contradict the swine-in-chief's account.

Paula Reid, asked last night how well armed were both sides, replied:

"Pretty much every white supremacist demonstrator I saw had some sort of weapon. Either a helmet, a shield, a firearm, a baton. As for the counter protestors, most of them were unarmed. Many of them were members of the clergy or were students. Ovewhelmingly, the counter protesters were also the only ones I saw administering medical aid, to counter protesters who had chemical agents in their eyes and their mouth.."

Regarding the Friday night torch march:

"You had hundreds of people marching through the University of Virginia campus chanting white supremacist slogans and carrying Tiki torches. And it seems that almost helped to embolden them which is why they got to the (Saturday) rally several hours early and were already pretty amped up."

Rev. Traci Blackmon  elated on MSNBC how her congregation had to be sequestered inside their church - during a prayer service- as the howling banshee white supremacists marched outside. They were then led out the back doors of the Church to avoid confrontation with a clearly violent bunch  - already having tossed urine bottles at peaceful counter protestors, and clubbed others with baseball bats and shields.

She observed this behavior continued on Saturday when African-Americans singing a hymn  near an entrance in Emancipation Park were set upon by the White racist loons and goons who proceeded to beat and mace them. As Rev. Blackmon put it, "the only thing that saved them was the intervention of Antifa and other protestors" - one of whom drove the racist louts back using a spray can and a match - effectively engineering a mini flame thrower.

When asked by Joy Reid about whether Trump was then lying, Rev. Blackmon didn't hesitate: he lied through and through with each remark made. Hell, even Gen. Kelly had to force his eyes downward, likely in disbelief he had been brought in to try to control this sick, disgusting asshole who has no business cleaning porto-potties far less being a president.

I mean, when you have former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke applauding your spiel it's a no brainer that you're on the freaking WRONG side of events. Also anyone that stands with you is on that wrong side as well.  The nation is now approaching a moral reckoning with the reprobate in the White House and every person will have to choose sides, there will be no neutral space within which to hide.

The very spectacle of young, entitled white men venerating one of the most despicable regimes in history ought to have been a slam dunk to bring condemnation of the Alt-Right without equivocation  - but it was not. Trump actually tried to claim the racist brigands and louts who marched and killed an innocent woman (Heather Heyer) and injured 19 others were "peaceful protestors"  and "very fine people" who had a permit.  Yes, there were very fine people on the OTHER side, mainly religious clergy, people of faith, ordinary citizens.  But NONE on the white supremacist side, because NO  "very fine" person would ever be seen marching while holding Nazi swastika or Confederate Battle flags and screaming "Jews will not replace us".

If Trump had one scintilla of honor and decency he'd have visited the scene of Ms. Heyer's slaughter by now as opposed to spewing pro-Nazi venom, lies and moral ambiguity. This disgusting piece of refuse and garbage - despite obvious efforts of Gen. John Kelly to rein him in, showed his true colors: a white racist, Nazi glorifying swine - who even received praise from another swine: former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.

In effect, after yesterday's performance, Drumpf lost whatever residual moral authority he had. He now lacks any potential authority to command or lead the nation in anything  - including against North Korea.  Most people won't believe a word he says, I sure won't!

CBS political analyst John Dickerson expressed his predicament this way:

"He was more interested in assigning blame in his remarks to those on the left and ensuring there was this equivalence in what took place than he was interested in showing moral disgust, that a president should show toward neo-Nazi protesters. Those represent beliefs that are entirely at odds with the United States, the country that he's the leader of. 

That repeated and made worse his moral failure from Saturday. Presidents are supposed to rush into these moments and unify Americans ......When he characterized the protesters he totally overlooked the Nazi slogans, flags and salutes. 

His reluctance to speak the essential truth about the neo-Nazi protesters is a failing he's now repeated twice. Republican leaders will now have to distance themselves from the president and the question is how can they get back together again.."

How did most of the clashes occur in Emancipation Park? According to the Charlottesville police chief, it was because the Nazis and KKK'ers etc. didn't follow their march and protest directions to enter the park at specific entrances.  They entered at multiple entrances thereby coming into contact with counter protestors and setting up the inevitable conflicts - given their howling Nazi slogan "Blood and soil" and "Jews will not replace us!".

As I noted two posts ago, even the right -leaning WSJ saw it that way in its editorial  ('The Poison Of Identity Politics', p. A16) today. Noting:

"The particular pathology on display in Virginia was the White Nationalist Movement...They alone are to blame for the violence that occurred when one of their own drove a car into peaceful protestors, killing a young woman and injuring 19.

The Spencer crowd courts publicity and protests and they chose the progressive university town of Charlottesville with malice aforethought.  They used unsubtle Ku Klux Klan symbolism of torches in a Friday night march, and they sought to appear as political martyrs as a way to recruit more alienated young white men."

Not long after the Swine-in-Chief's spiel David Duke tweeted : “Thank you President Trump for your honesty & courage to tell the truth about #Charlottesville & condemn the leftist terrorists in BLM/Antifa.”

Right - the "leftist terrorists" who protected elderly African-Americans singing "this little light of mine" from being clubbed to death and maced by white supremacist thugs who also pointed guns at their heads.

Meanwhile, at the site of  Heather Heyer’s death in downtown Charlottesville, mounds of flowers and chalked messages of remembrance now fan out on the road. A lone trumpeter played a somber tune, as word of Trump’s comments spread among those who had gathered to mourn. Rather than a sense of disappointment, many here had come to expect such divisive, off the cuff remarks.  One of Trump's pro-Nazi aides (like Stephen Miller) had even offered the day before to "let Trump be Trump".

And the so-called denunciation of the racists the same day came across as merely half-hearted blabber with no significance. This is exactly how it was picked up the by the Alt-Right Nazis like Richard Spencer, e.g.

Diane Townes, a 62-year-old African American working in education, said the comments were another example of Trump “shaming the victims”.  She added:

Pouting and blaming is not the way to show an example to young people.  He opened the gateway to this with his own gestures during the campaign.”

Mike Townes, Diane’s son, had heard the comments on the radio minutes before arriving at the memorial site.  He said:

I’m actually glad he’s saying it. It is showing this country who he truly is. He represents the people who came to my community as supremacists. David Duke was right about him.”

Eric Gilchrist, another mourner at the memorial, said: “We know that he is selfish and vain, but now I worry he is a sociopath, too. He needs to leave office.”  

Leave office? He needs to be routed from it!  Drumpf has brought ultimate, infernal shame not only to himself and the office of the Presidency but to the nation itself. He has now emerged as a pestilence, a virulent plague not only on the nation but the world. His every day in office fouls that office and what it represents, especially now we know exactly where this piece of filth stands.

In the words of Mike Barnacle this morning on 'Morning Joe':

"What happened yesterday because of the nature of the media and the tools we have available to us today, will live forever. And what will live forever, what will you see? You will see the President of the United States standing before the Republic diminishing the Presidency, the country and himself. You'll see the President of the United States pouring words like salt on open wounds of race, of class, of gender...."

On a high light note: Baltimore removed four Confederate monuments overnight. Good for the city where I used to live! Now, we need to multiply the removal of these verminous symbols across the nation.

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"Donald Trump is a white supremacist. He has made that clear. White Supremacists are fascists. If he is allowed to remain president of the United States, then the United States as it knows itself has ceased to exist. A man who cannot condemn Nazism without walking it back inside of 24 hours is not fit for the office of the presidency, and he should not remain in office for another month, another week, another day."

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