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Colorado Springs Succeeds In Barring Neo-Nazis & Racists From Holding Resort Conference

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Some of the neo-Nazi swine who had planned to attend a conference in the Springs early next year. Now it's cancelled, thanks to aroused and energized citizens.

As John 'Hannibal' Smith from the A-Team (TV series)  used to say: "Isn't it great when a plan comes together?"  In the current case, the plan was to bar all the neo-Nazis, proto-Confederates and their VDARE White Supremacist ilk from attending a conference in April next year.  We first learned about these plans in a Colorado Springs Independent notice (Aug. 16-22, 'White Supremacists Headed For Springs Resort', p. 14), wherein VDARE invites racists and Nazis to "Join us for a weekend of candor, fellowship and our top notch speakers to celebrate a weekend of white identity".

But many COS citizens took note and vowed "No way!".  Especially after the brutal violence on display in Charlottesville, aroused citizens came together and pressed - using the threat of boycott - for the Cheyenne Mountain Resort to call it off. Thankfully, based on news in the Colorado Springs Gazette (and Denver Post) two days ago, the Resort has complied..

Now we don't have to deal with the Nazi filth and their Confederate allies mucking up our streets and defiling our town and citizens.   The murder of Heather Heyer in the Charlottesville conflict definitely set things off but that wasn't the only thing.

We'd also since learned how the neo-Nazis and other racist scum networked using the web (WSJ, Aug, 17, p. A1)  to mobilize the disaffected angry young whites (mainly males) including "white nationalists, neo-Nazis and defenders of Southern heritage"  to "maximize their opportunity to get their point of view across".  While dopes like Holman Jenkins, Michelle Malkin and other trolls have sought to minimize the Nazi -fascist threat, the WSJ piece makes it clear these assholes could number in the tens of thousands  For historical reference, when Hitler launched his agenda he commanded barely 100 S.A. thugs As my late friend (and former Hitler Youth - by coercion)  Kurt Braun used to say: "Never, EVER, get complacent about a few Nazis!"  But dolts like the WSJ's Jenkins insist we are "over reacting to Nazis" if thousands protest "against just a few"  - like in Boston last weekend. Clearly, Jenkins doesn't know history if it bit him in the ass.

Well the Nazis will not darken doors or streets, in our fair city anyway, especially also after a number of hate crimes reported in the local papers.  In one such desecration, Temple Beit Torah - a Jewish reform synagogue - was targeted with anti-Semitic graffiti. This included a swastika as well as Nazi salute (though misspelled "Sig heil") on the Temple sign.  In another incident, the N-word was scrawled in ugly letters across a neighbor's motor vehicle.

These incidents, combined with the report of the true facts (COS Indy, Aug 16-22, p. 6) on what transpired in Charlottesville, led the town's activated citizenry to see red. In the last case we learned  how white supremacists and Nazis with helmets - some with homemade shields bearing the insignia of the racist group Vanguard America - waylaid innocent counter protesters.  Then:

"After a swirl of violence and swinging sticks, three of the counter protesters were left with bloody faces - and the racists deliberately targeted women's faces with their sticks"

It was only at that point, including seeing the maggots spray mace on female protesters' faces, that ANTIFA realized it had to act. Hence, they realized the need to defend weaker protesters against the racist rabble, including becoming more aggressive to stop the Nazi onslaught. (Battles described as "brutal, bloody and chaotic") A newspaper photo of a racist beating a non-violent Antifa protester is shown below (from COS Indy):

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To those who yelped in the aftermath "both sides were violent". Well yeah, as in WW II BOTH sides were violent! Allies vs. Nazis, BUT only one side were the good guys!

ANTIFA also (on Saturday) defended African-Americans singing "This Little Light of Mine" in Emancipation Park and also "burned right wing flags".   B y 1:35 p.m. they felt they driven the racists out of town, but then five minutes later James Fields committed his domestic act of terror, killing Heather Heyer.

Witnessing the hard core antics and rhetoric of the white supremacists and Nazis on the new VICE episode, e.g.

sealed it and sealed the fate of whatever "conference" these brigands had planned in April next year. By early this week, Cheyenne Mountain Resort called it off.  Read more here:

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"On May 10th of this year, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the FBI issued a Joint Intelligence Bulletin titled "White Supremacist Extremism Poses Persistent Threat of Lethal Violence." The report aimed "to provide new insight into the targeting preferences of white supremacist extremists and the state of white supremacist extremism violence in the United States." Based on an assessment of white extremist violence between the years 2000 to 2016, the report declared that "lone actors and small cells within the white supremacist extremist (WSE) movement likely will continue to pose a threat of lethal violence over the next year.

What the report did not anticipate were "United the Right" rallies like the one in Charlottesville, Virginia, where many tentacles of the white nationalist movement held a well-organized, violent and coordinated display of strength.

Rallies of white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, militia members, alt-right supporters, and neo-Nazis, similar to the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, which resulted in the death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer, and the injuring of nearly two dozen other counter-protesters, will almost assuredly be coming to your town or a town near you."

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