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Big Bad Liberals "Bullying" Poor Little Wingnuts? Gimme A Break!

BWAAAAHAHA! Da bad bad libruls is bullyin' me! WAAAAHHH!

"The Constitution does not allow 13-year olds to become President and after last week we can see why." -  Garrison Keillor, 'What Mark Twain Killed, Donald Trump Has Revived', Denver Post, Feb. 12, p. 5D)

"The Trump resistance movement is stretching its wings, engaging its muscles and feeling its power. It is large and strong and tough. It has moved past debilitating grief and into righteous anger, assiduous organization and pressing activism. Welcome to the dawn of the fighting-mad majority: The ones who didn’t vote for Trump and maybe even some who now regret that they did....   This administration is already manifesting as the disaster we knew it would be; the stench of its rot surrounds us. What is there to wait and see? A rose will never bloom from a weed; you must snatch that thing up at first sight, by the root" - Charles M. Blow, NY Times today

Aa the hackneyed phrase "unhinged Left" is bandied about more and more in the fake news and Reich wing media, let us pause and bear in mind the perception of unhinged is relative. It is also reducible to facts and reality.  To an ardent Scientologist, Moonie or former follower of Jim Jones anyone pointing out their level of unreality would come across as "unhinged".   This is the way the perception works. The truly unhinged will always howl that the genuinely hinged (like Times columnist Charles M. Blow)  are unhinged, because to think otherwise would render them unhinged in their own minds.

So to ardent Trumpies and their fake news media, invested in nutso claims (like Trump lapdog Steven Miller, defending the "three to five million illegal voters"  nonsense yesterday) the rising scenes of protests around the nation would appear as the "unhinged Left"  on the rampage. But this is because, as comic John Oliver pointed out last night (see last link at bottom of this post), they are unable to see the total derangement of Trump, his blatant lies, his level of incompetence and inability to even put in a decent day's work. As referenced in a recent  report by Politico,  Trump can barely find the White House toilets without help and the only times he can remotely appear to be doing his job is when Bannon or Steven Miller gives him fake "executive orders" to sign. At least then he has a chance of appearing presidential - never mind he has no clue how to do the damned job.

So this is ultimately the reality basis, including Trump's recent ineffectual and chaotic actions, against which the Left's criticisms must be judged. As it turns out, nearly all are spot on justified, and in spades, as this sleaze bag continues to muddy the waters of polity by his ignorance and brash, bullying Hitler-ish nature which his groupies think is terrific.

How times change. Seems like barely 7 1/2 years ago fruitcake Tea baggers were coming to Obamacare rallies with funny hats and loaded guns. Hell, they even filled meeting halls with looneytunes carrying signs of Obama depicted in the ones below:
Look at these then tell me who is "unhinged".

But it appears these hard core Rightists when all is said and done, are just "whiny little bitches" - to use the words of comic Bill Maher- because now that the shoe is on the other foot and the Left has risen up against Trump, theyre all pitching hissy fits.  BWAAAAHAHAHA! Stop pickin' on Trump and let him do his job!" What job? The guy doesn't even know what the job is! He believes it's something like running his outside branding and bankruptcy businesses where he can bark orders, yells "Jump!" and everyone responds "How high?"

Seriously,  the Trump groupies are now all whining that the Left is "ganging" up on Trump and resorting to "petulant bullying"  Take the latest remarks of radio talk show shock jock Ross Kaminsky
In a recent whiny diatribe in The Denver Post,  Kaminsky fairly bawled about being "pushed" into doing things he otherwise wouldn't have. ('Democrats pushed me toward rooting for Donald Trump and Tom Brady", Denver Post, Feb. 12, p. 3D). He blabbered at the outset:

"since President Trump’s election, and particularly since his inauguration, the venom and bile directed toward him, the mindless obstruction of his nominees by Senate Democrats who do not understand their constitutional role in the process (hint: it is not co-equal with the president’s role), the endless attacks by self-righteous Hollywood leftists and late-night talk-show hosts, the overwhelming media bias against Trump has left me no choice but to support, even cheer, him almost each day since he moved into the White House."

What utter fulsome codswallop!  First, the "venom" directed toward Trump was in no way worse than Ross and his wingnuts directed to Obama 7-8 years ago.  In fact, up to now NO left protestors have shown up with loaded weapons like the Right did at meetings back then.  Second, the venom heaped on Obama, i.e. that he was a "Nazi" and "socialist" had no basis in fact given all Obama did was get the ACA passed. Up to now, none of the Reeptards has proven the ACA is any different from an original GOP plan launched in the mid-1990s (later turned into Romneycare by Mitt Romney).

Third, this dunderhead has no clue that the opposition party is supposed to vet nominees. It is not "obstruction" to block or slow down the process IF the ones nominated (like Betsy DeVos, Scott Pruitt, Jeff Sessions, etc.) have major conflict of interest 'bombs' tucked away in their past that require exposure and debate. So clearly this imbecile isn't aware of basic constitutional processes, including advise and consent, and checks and balances.

The real howler is that all this resistance left the imp "with no choice".  Left him "no choice'? What is he a vegetable? An anencephalic mutant devoid of will or intellect? In fact, this dingbat had plenty of choices, he just preferred to make lame excuses to back Trump by blaming  those bad, nasty bullies on the left, for simply expressing their first amendment rights.

He then goes on:

"I have never been a New England Patriots fan. It’s probably the smugness of their fans more than anything else, and it didn’t help that they temporarily exported Josh McDaniels to Denver. But when tens of thousands of liberals shared a sportswriter’s column arguing that “Tom Brady has some explaining to do on Donald Trump,” insisting that one guy who has known another guy for many years should “expect to get some tough questions” about their friendship, Democrats actually pushed me toward rooting for Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl"

Again, bare bollocks. NO true fan of a given sports team can be "pushed" to back one he hates unless he's a sorry loser to begin with or just a forlorn putz who is compelled to invoke victimhood for his choices, as Kaminsky does.  So no, Dems and liberals didn't push poor little Ross into backing Brady and the Pats, he's just making excuses for doing so because he doesn't have the spine to admit he adores the bro-love between Trump, Brady, Bellichick and Kraft - and maybe wants' to be part of it.  No harm in that, I guess, but don't blame "bullying" by the Left or Dems for driving you there.

Ross bleats on, clearly oblivious to reality:

"And how about the idiocy of liberals boycotting Ivanka, the only liberal with real influence over the president of the United States?.... Standing up for Ivanka doesn’t make me feel nearly as ill as it does to stand up for her dad or for Tom Brady. But my changing view of each is the result of the mind-broadening brought to Americans daily by the mindless vicious petulant bullying of the tolerant left.Thanks, Democrats, for making me question my beliefs. Thanks, Democrats, for nothing."

Awwww, boo hoo hoo, poor widdo Ross! Miffed at Democrats and liberals for wrecking his miserable pissant political fancies, life and choices.  One clue here, you clueless imbecile:  Boycotting the Trump brand was not "idiotic" given it got the Donald to tweet about defending her brand barely 19 days after he swore he was going to divest from all Trump business entanglements. He was not to know what those businesses were up to, or whether doing well or not. That was the deal! What it exposed in fact is that Trump's divestment malarkey is pure bullshit.  And this is just one of the reasons (apart from incompetence) he ultimately is going to be impeached within 2 years as independent columnist Kathleen Parker predicts, e.g.

This butt brain yaps about "mindless vicious petulant bullying" but forgets or doesn't want to recall the form he and his breed let loose barely 6 years ago. (But with the proviso, that we are talking political chalk and cheese here. Obama, unlike Trump, actually worked  9-10 hours a day as President and got things done: passing the ACA, crafting a stimulus package to pull the nation back from a credit crisis and likely depression, generating jobs, and capturing Osama bin Laden. He was also sane - not getting up at 3 a.m. to tweet nonsense, or harass media, actors, world leaders or judges via twitter storms. Hence, it is evident the Trumpies are unhinged for failure to recognize that trait in their man.)

Kaminsky's detachment from reality is even more pronounced with his belief Ivanka could have any influence on her mentally unstable excuse for an old man, when no one of any rationality can make an impact.  Apart from which, Ivanka - as a de facto appointee of Trump's alleged "blind trust" - had no business getting any help (or supportive tweets)  from daddy anyway. Again, there was to be no interplay between what a family member did in biz and Trump. Ross would have done better to read Post Editor Chuck Plunkett's words on the same page:

"now we’ve got a billionaire New Yorker selling his Richie Rich daughter’s jewelry and clothing lines on the White House lawn."

Plunkett went on to write:

"Hence my trouble understanding Trump’s base. Where is the loyalty to the U.S.A. in attacking the courts as Trump did all last week, and not on grounds of legal differences, but for the temerity of those judges who are working to do the jobs past presidents assigned them to do? Where is the integrity in trashing the founders’ separation of powers to protect individual liberty?"

But Chuck Plunkett can be forgiven for expecting the Trump base to act like adults as opposed to 3- year olds in wet nappies and without a clue.   In fact, all they want is a big bad daddy figure to take care of them, as surmised in a recent piece by George Lakeoff - showing how today's conservatives are in search of a powerful daddy figure to do their bidding. (The left is more in line with the template of the "nurturing parent" mold).

This childish authoritarian yen has serious consequences and gives rise to the real bullying now being noted in the press (Denver Post, Feb. 12, p. 7A) including enraged Trumpies tweeting death threats to Judge James Robart, for issuing a restraining order that halted enforcement of Trump's ban last week. As the cited article notes:

"Robart quickly became a target on social media. Someone on Twitter called him 'DEAD MAN WALKING'"

Another wanted Robart to be taken to Guantanamo and waterboarded. This is the level of bullying acrimony we see - REAL - not imagined- as evinced by the pro-Trumpie Nazis.

Because of this bullying, again real  - not imagined like the Trump dopes confect- there is fear among the judiciary.  Quoting John Muffler, a former U.S. marshal who reaches at the National Judicial College (ibid.):

"I know there is fear among the judiciary with what's being said"

Citing professional contacts and email exchanges with judges.  This is also of historical as well as current interest and ought to command the attention of every true citizen. As Steve Pizzo has written (see link below) there also occurred a Nazification of the German judiciary. elaborated in the document:  “THEY SHOOT LAWYERS DON’T THEY?: LAW IN THE THIRD REICH AND THE GLOBAL THREAT TO THE INDEPENDENCE OF THE JUDICIARY” by Matthew Lippman. You can find the full paper here

This is sad, in fact deplorable. Because it reveals the Trumpkin deplorables don't even care about the fundamental checks and balances of our constitutional system.  We can't seem to fault the Trumpies based on their intellectual deficits - assuming they exist'- but in their upbringing, leading them to become authoritarians who need a demagogue like Trump to support their shaky identity.

In his landmark work, Cruelty and Kindness: A New Look at Aggression and Altruism, author Harvey A. Hornstein again paints the picture of these Trumpkins and their personality dysfunctions (p. 41) :

"Intolerant, prejudiced, authoritarian people are not at ease. The baggage of their youth is filled with inescapable hates and fears. Mistrusting their own impulses they are wary of others and the impulses that they might possess. Their world becomes a jungle which must be carefully scrutinized because it is filled with human beings who harbor the 'evil' that they painfully learn to deny in themselves"

This is the lot we will have to live with the next four years, or until we can throw off the yoke of Trump and his cabal, enabling the nation to return toward a path to liberty - as opposed to oppression and regression. 

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