Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Yes, There ARE More Political Posts - Because The Times Demand It

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Yes, it is true that there are many more political posts on this blog than usual, for anyone keeping a tally. But I make no apologies for that because while science and math are running themes, the tumultuous times we're in demand attention to what's going on in the political world. Nearly all of this centers on the ascension of Trump and his extremist administration to power- including now making a Supreme Court  pick that could have ramifications for decades.  (See next post).

There is also the ongoing danger too many Americans may not perceive how our nation is seen from outside, and they may not read foreign news to process that - if they read at all. Thus, many may have missed the thousands protesting in the streets of London (even as many thousands protests here) to demand Trump not be allowed to visit the UK. 

Nor may they have seen that the European Council President has now - since Trump-Bannon's Muslim Ban - compared the U.S. to the likes of China, Russia and even radical Islam. According to one headline from the WSJ:  "EU Council Chief Says Trump A Threat To Europe's Future"

The EU leader Mr. Tusk said the Trumpian actions "call into questions the past 70 years of American foreign policy".  The Europeans, even more than Americans, are appalled at what has transpired and what it bodes for not only their future, but civilizations. Especially if Trump's Muslim ban triggers the "clash of civilizations" that Benjamin Barber wrote about in his book by the same name.

From day one, everything about the Trump Imperium has been in terms of 'spit in your face' arrogance as they released pseudo order after order upending the political equilibrium around the world - and now (in the words of one commentator) risking not only economic recession, but political (constitutional) crises as well and even potential war with China and North Korea. Too many still aren't processing these events, perhaps because as Alvin Toffler once put it ("Future Shock") when the pace of events exceeds a certain threshold many minds blot them out and become less aware, even responding in a kind of PTSD mode. Meanwhile, for many millions of others, interpretations of events are needed - because the vanilla, allegedly "objective" mainstream media is too often in the "see both sides" mode.

So make no mistake we are living amidst momentous events and these merit being recorded, including in a blog.  Those who might yearn for more of the math or science content can easily Google: "brane space, mathematics" or "brane space, physics" - or any permutations of these, e.g. "brane space, astronomy" and bring up previous posts devoted to those subjects. That is especially if you are tired of the focus on politics. But for others, this is where it's at right now, literally.

And as long as impacting political events are occurring I will be posting about them. When the tumult dies down a bit, well, then we will get back to the more eclectic mix of topics.

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