Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Dreck from a Pea-Brained Fundie Idiot

My fundie bro and I have been playing this coy little game between our respective blogs for some time where he usually doesn’t call me out by name, nor I him. However, when he blows bollocks out his ass, I prefer to call him out on it, as opposed to going the innominate route. There are, after all, millions of fundies –evangelicals, but not all are as dumb as a sack of hammers, or as bible-brain deluded as he is.

As readers may have noted, I posted the results of a colonoscopy I had yesterday, as well as what went into the preparation. The objective was to try to encourage more Americans (including Pastor Mikey!) to have a very basic procedure in order to avoid colon cancer. I noted that 28 million of his (and my) age group still refused it, and listed a couple of reasons. Thus, I reasoned, the more people knew about what actually transpired in such a test, the less fear they'd be likely to have.

His insipid, snarky and uninsightful take (which I predicted yesterday when I finished my blog – even before I scanned his today, because I knew how his reptile brain works) was to invoke my colonoscopy as evidence of a “fear of death-Hell” and a "ticking clock" (sic), warning me once more of my passing seconds with his afterlife bullshit. I knew that anytime he read anything (e.g. on my blog) in which he perceived there was an event with any remote connotation of possible death- whether an airplane trip to Barbados, picking up my pet spider or cancer screening, he'd exploit to pump up his ignorant "salvation"-mongering bullshit. It’s just the way he is. Like a drunk, or a meth addict, he's governed by his lowest brain impulses (issuing from his amygdala) and his words betray him. Because he trades in fear to advance his pet fantasies, he believes everyone trades in fear as opposed to reason, or a healthy skepticism.

What he failed to process is that "fear of death" has nothing to do with it. Anyone who lives that's a realist knows he’s going to croak, that’s the way the game of Life works. You play it but you know no one escapes alive…duh! Death then is simply the end of a natural process, and indeed, a natural process itself - not a "gateway" to anything beyond. What religiously enslaved idiots like my bro have done, as I noted in earlier blogs, is to take the normal end of life (death) and irrationally extrapolate it into a Hell threat. They can't prove any "Hell" exists, but they know death is real (as does their audience), so they try to equate death and Hell to ensnare the weak-minded or those whose brains are co-opted by fear. In this way, they attempt to impose a not so subtle psychological force little different from terror. It is disreputable, but the only card these zealots have, because they lack sufficient reason or logic to make a case for their specious beliefs.

"Ooooooohhhh….one day you will die….better watch it…clock is ticking….believe on the Lord JC or go to…….,Hellllll…..

See, e.g. below, just how much this guy is invested in what I call “Hell Porn”:


So, with an obsession like this, and nothing more constructive to occupy his time than his security job at a Miramar, FL hospital – it’s no wonder he resorts to such jabber as the following:

I'm sure you all have heard or read at various times atheists claiming that after they die , that's IT ! There is NO heaven , NO hell , NO afterlife...NOTHING ! And , of course , that's what their "god," SATAN , wants them to believe . But , one must ask then , why do they fear death ? And make no mistake about it - they DO fear it ! You see , the difference between us Christians and the atheists ( along with other unsaved souls ) , is that we Christians actually look forward to leaving this world and going "home" to be with our LORD and Savior , JESUS CHRIST ! That's why when a brother or sister in Christ "die," we REJOICE - and celebrate their HOMEGOING !"

Okay, bonehead, first -we (atheists) don't "fear death" like you do. (More on that to follow). To us it is simply an entry into nothingness. The fact is, despite your antiquated, mistranslated bible, you don't know beans about what will happen and neither do we. BUT, we're inclined to say there's nothing after since you all haven't returned to us with one scrap of evidence. Thus, it is much more likely - ten billion times more- that life ends at death then anyone survives as some "soul" in any "afterlife.

Now, however, if you look forward to this “home going” why not just off yourself right now? Why wait? I mean, you're assured of your special place (unlike me) so why not go for it? Maybe jump off the St. Pete Skyway bridge and have a banner floating up over head “there goes Pastor Mikey home to his heavenly reward”.

Oh wait! I forgot! You have a whole shit load of excuses! Like, if you rushed it along....to deliberately meet your paradise end, you'd actually end up in Hell, since that would be a no-no. Right? Convenient as it lets you off the hook with a great excuse! So you simply just wait for your blissful "end" and "home going" while you mock everyone else who doesn't buy into your fairy tales. There's an apt term for this: hypocrisy!
As for “my God, Satan” – errr….NO, that is your God, since you spend more time blogging and writing about him and how he controls everything and everyone than even writing about Jesus and his unconditional love for ALL men and his warning "judge NOT lest ye be judged". (Which you seem to think is a mistranslation). Thus, with so much invested in Satan, such belief and respect, it’s obvious he must be your God – or at least one of them (the other being the Psycho genocidal killer you worship)

As for me, "Satan" has no force since I know (from religious history) it is a confection dreamed up by the same primitive deranged minds that used to attach wasps and hornets to sick people to sting the “toxins out”.

He continues in his inane nutso banter:

Contrast that to when the atheists and followers of religious cults die . What do they do ? Boo..hoo...hoo...and (in the case of the Catholics ) , they start to pray for the loved ones souls ; pray over a set of useless rosary beads ; and toss money into the till in attempts to "buy" their loved ones souls into heaven

Yes, so? Maybe this now finally explains why you chose not to attend our dad’s funeral last year or his funeral Mass? Since you regard Catholicism as a “cult” – despite the fact it existed over 1500 years before your little bible worshipping sect. It now all adds up as I read this bullshit.

And more crap:

“I recently read on one atheist blog about the guy getting all worked up about a couple of polyps when he got a colonoscopy . Why? , I wonder . What does he care if he dies . After all , according to his atheistic doctrine , there's NOTHING after death , RIGHT? “

Now, see Mikey – here’s where you’re brain's all mixed up. First, no one's "getting worked up over a couple of polyps". Only noting that a potential cancerous site was identified and removed - as is the object of a colonoscopy....duh! Second, given I (as an atheist), accept there’s only ONE life to live – why on Earth would I not do all in my capacity to preserve it? I know (okay, 99.99999999% certain) that nothingness awaits, but at the same time am in no rush to enter the realm of nothingness. (No "fear" - just an unwillingness to "go gently into that good night" to use the immortal words of one poet). YOU, on the other hand, supposedly “know” there’s a heaven and you’re absolutely going there- so the question is not whether I care but why you do? If you were true to your word, you’d just jump off the nearest bridge to go meet your Maker, as opposed to jibing me for wanting to preserve my one life. Why postpone it? If there's a heaven and you KNOW 100% you’re going there, why delay that ultimate joy?

He runs off at the mouth, or rather keyboard, unable to stop:

"This guy is in his mid-60's ( and I guess he knows the clock is tick...tick...tick...ticking ) , and he , like none of us , knows if that next heartbeat will be his LAST ! "

Well, yeah, it COULD be! But does that mean I cower in a corner and hide or prostrate myself in front of you, to get your benediction for an "afterlife insurance policy" - merely because you quote some ancient, defective book saying it must be? Does that mean I'm browbeaten, in other words, to allow myself to have you blow your own fear (of nothingness) out your ass at me? No, not at all.

Believe me, Mikey boy, I'm not sitting on my ass watching the clock tick on trying to predict when my last breath may be. I am instead writing up this blog to expose your phoney game for what it is, and which you've played before.

He continues:

"He writes :"...a new polyp was found (see image taken by the attending physician) and removed...""This time, the polyp was a small one (3 mm wide, vs. 5-6 mm last time) so depending on the histology results I may not now have to return for a new procedure for 5 years."Of course , he's assuming he'll still be alive 5 years from now . God may have other plans for him ."

Actually, meat head, I assume nothing. "Ass-ume" means an "ass" is made out of "u" and "me". I could be gone at any time, who knows? The point is that IF alive, then another procedure is scheduled at that time. One doesn't know what one doesn't know - jackass- but one schedules based on what one does know (from a given test result) and projects reasonable expectations. Since colonoscopies are scheduled by diagnostic standards - for example, 10 yrs., 5 yrs., and 3 yrs. - based on the clinical results disclosed at the time (and actuarial tables) then any given diagnostic finding will yield the time frame for the next expected procedure. That doesn't mean the doctor, the center or the patient expects (based on that procedural basis), to necessarily be alive (or still be around - in the case of the center) to have it!

But true to ignorant form, this fool blathers on:

"Now , don't get me wrong here . I'm not knocking regular medical screenings and check-ups , nor do I mean to take any possibility of colon cancer lightly . My point is , that , like all non-believers , he worries too much about his earthly body and could care less about his ETERNAL SOUL ! When it should be the other way around ."

Well, let me put it like this "Pastor" Mikey: You bring out this "soul" and show it to me, then I will put its priority above all else. Where is it? How do I find it? Where is the evidence? Oh, in a book? Sorry, doesn't count! When you produce a "soul" to prove to me one exists, then I will definitely pay attention to it - certainly more than you do to the much more highly probable existence of extraterrestrials! (Since given 100 billion galaxies, and more than 250 billion sunlike stars, with conceivably 55 million inhabitable planets- there's more than even odds that at least one advanced extraterrestrial species exists somewhere. In fact, the probabilities add up to common sense, irrespective of what some book- that never referenced one exo-planet, far less the 550 documented thus far- states.)

Now then, given that:

1) No "soul" has ever been proven to exist either in the past or now, and

2) No afterlife has ever been proven to exist (other than in mistranslated ancient myths) and

3) This is therefore the only life there is, nothing to follow


It implies one do all he can to preserve what life he knows than chase one that never was and never will be.

And finally, we come to the kicker or rather punch line:

"My whole point of this post is we never know when our time here on earth will be up - regarless of our age . My grandmother ( on my mother's side ) was 60 when she died. My aunt ( my mom's sister ) was MY age when she died at 56 years of age of Cervical cancer . Hence , NOW is the time to accept The LORD's free gift of salvation. So , I ask you all to join me to pray for the salvation of this atheist ( as well as ALL the unsaved ) , before it's too late for him ! TICK...TICK...TICK..."

Yeah, Mikey, "Tick, Tick, Tick..." So why, as opposed to pestering me with your foolishness and attempted religious-salvation extortion, don't you just stop the clock ticks and go meet your Maker? You are the one that has all his "heaven" waiting there, so why postpone it? After all, since you're already "saved" there's nothing you can do via any actions that will send you to Hell, right? Or - is it that under that bravado and fake sanctimony you really are quaking in your boots and choose not to test that "home going" bullshit? Because maybe you too, deep down under that blustering veneer, know there's not a damned thing after death.

As opposed to worrying about me, why not invest your time in your own self? I suggest, if you aren't really in the rush to meet your Maker you let on, you put away that bible and try to grow as a person instead. Do you understand that since you've taken this "biblical" kool aid you've mutated into a de facto, effective moron? Your science insight adds up to lickspittle, you don't know a byte about what your writing, nor anything else. And your historical perspective is so deformed it approaches what the most menial deranged minds have screeded out, people like the Tea Baggers. Oh wait! You are one!

There's a whole world of literature to learn from, and improve your mind...if you're interested, as opposed to wallowing in the mire of afterlife torture porn, depraved ancient legends, and pandering to the lowest common denominator in spiritual extortion. You could choose an edifying path, as opposed to a deranged and degenerate one based on putative threats to others, and hence the use of attempted force or psychological terror tactics - which even the historical Yeshua decried, as he often scolded the Pharisees for employing them.

Remember again Mikey, the famous words from Matthew on "Judge not, lest ye be judged. For whatsoever you judged shall be meted out measure for measure".

You'd do well to take care of your own soil, before trying to farm mine, bro! And, if you're going to do a blog, maybe spending a little bit of time on positive uplifting images for your "flock" is a better route to go, than trying to intimidate me - or attempting the same with your Catholic sister and mother - even as you did (earlier) to your own Catholic dad( who always regretted your falling into the foul, fell pit of fundamentalism). Shame on you, Mikey! I thought you were a better, bigger person than to thrust your own family into your Hell porn. But, I guess you aren't. Maybe you do indeed need many more years before you let that ticking clock run down, to go meet your Maker as you profess to be in such a hurry to do.

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Caleb Shay said...

"writes :"...a new polyp was found (see image taken by the attending physician) and removed...""This time, the polyp was a small one (3 mm wide, vs. 5-6 mm last time) so depending on the histology results I may not now have to return for a new procedure for 5 years."Of course , he's assuming he'll still be alive 5 years from now . God may have other plans for him ."

I can't believe this brother of yours is such a colossal asshole. So what's he saying then? That you're afraid of death because you got a colonoscopy and they detected and removed a polyp? I can tell this moron that it IS a big deal!

My uncle was like millions and never bothered to have it done because he didn't like the idea of someone insderting a long tube up his behind. Well, four years after that he developed stage 4 colon cancer.

It got so bad that the polyps had metastasized into large cancerous tumors that ate away at his intestines, allowing shit to leak into his body cavity causing perotinitis, but that wasn't the worst. The leakage and infection cuased his oozing ruptured intestines to also attach to his bladder (fistula) so he couldn't even urinate.

The uncle died in agony, when he could have saved himself all that torment by just having the poly removed when he had the chance, in the early stages.

Your brother is a total moron and an even bigger dick than even I formerly believed. I just hope this twit doesn't find out himself the hard way, because believe me, he will suffer a lot before he gets to his home going!

You performed a vital public service in making folks aware of what they need to do. Don't pay that fundie nitwit any mind, because frankly, he has none. Look at how I beat his ass on that physics test which he wouldn't even attempt!