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QAnon Crackpot Boebert Complains Dems Are "Obsessed With Conspiracy Theories" - What Planet Is She Living On?


Bimbo Lauren Boebert - Planning another QAnon meme.

It is ironic that this little HS dropout bimbo  Lauren Boebert - who has previously expressed support for QAnon, and "hoped it was true" -  now has the rank gall to accuse Democrats of being "obsessed with conspiracy theories.".   No, folks, you can't make this shit up, it's the god's honest truth.  She's now totally gone off the rails.

Boebert was speaking to Fox News  2 weeks ago about the ongoing security measures that have been implemented around the Capitol following the insurrection on January 6, which led to five deaths  Then measures were ramped up even more amid fears of potential violence from QAnon followers on March 4th — the day they believed would be Dotard's actual Inauguration.

According to Newsweek. the high school dropout and first term Reepo whiz kid said:

"No one on the outside can get into the Capitol, it is only staffers and members of Congress who are allowed at the people's house. At our nation's Capital. This is complete bonkers that we are keeping people out of the US Capitol. There's clearly not a threat. There was nothing that happened on on March 4."


"We have a border fence around the People's house, with miles of razor wire. And Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi wants to keep it up."

Spoken like a true criminal, disappointed a home's burglar system is fully armed and she and her renegade terrorist cohort can't break in.  As for March 4th, of course nothing happened because enough forces were in place to repel any Trump brainwashed raiders,  terrorists and traitors.

QAnon began in 2017 as an online myth that claimed that the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would soon be arrested, based on an unfounded allegation that she was involved in child sex trafficking.   A hard look at these crackpots can be seen Sunday night in a new HBO 6-part documentary:  Q; Into the Storm.   The official trailer can be viewed here:

The series promises to provide critical background information that Americans really need to know to avoid being snookered by the bunkum from these nuts.

Thanks to the FBI and Director of National Intelligence we now know there are swaths of America's far-right just itching for another terror attack.  They refuse to accept Biden as legitimate president and a hardcore array of extremists are hence determined to provoke another violent terrorist act.   This means that all Boebert's brain farts aside,  the  threat security officials believe exists is unlikely to recede any time soon.  

 In Boebert's latest "consciousness of guilt" mishap, she wildly accused Rep. Sean Maloney (D, NY) of giving an interview falsely claiming  she was the "unnamed lawmaker" giving a "reconnaisance tour" of the Capitol to the insurrectionists the day before.  Only problem there is Maloney never said any such thing.  Thus, Maloney fired back in a tweet: 

“Um, I’ve never said your name in public.  Never. Not once. (If you’re going to be a gun nut, you probably shouldn’t go off half cocked).”

Maloney attached a transcript of his interview on MSNBC to the tweet that confirmed he didn’t point fingers at Boebert.  She pointed them at herself, full stop.

Seems clear here the little bumpkin Boebert has a major consciousness of guilt in deciding to prematurely deny being a traitor collaborator for the Jan. 6 insurrection.  Meanwhile,  Rep. Pramila Jaypal has called for an investigation of Boebert and two other Reep traitors (Mo Brooks and Paul Gosar) by  the House Committee on Ethics  and the  Congressional Committee on Ethics.

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Boebert recently tweeted:

Seeing #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb trend at number one just proves what I’ve been saying all week.The Left hates women & I’m their top target.As the 2022 cycle heats up, I need your support more than ever. Everyday is a full-scale attack on me! Chip in now!”

The left hates women? No, the left hates women who support (alleged) rapists, misogynists, and extralegal coup inciters. On the other hand, we celebrate women who don’t tweet out Nancy Pelosi’s location during a violent insurrection

Also, do you really want to use that hashtag, Lauren? Really?

Then again, maybe it doesn’t matter, since that sentiment was well represented elsewhere.

#LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb she thought Grape Nuts was an STD...

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