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After That 2nd Moderna Covid Vaccine- So Far Mild Side Effects Only - Will It Continue?


In previous posts I highlighted the misinformation being spread about the  available vaccines, not only by the anti-vax brigade- but also knuckleheads like Tucker Carlson on FOX.  This could be why up to 49 percent of Republican males - in a recent poll-  disavowed getting any vaccine. 

Anyway, not being in that crackpot orbit, I got my second Moderna vaccine yesterday.  The jab was swift and simple- in the left upper arm- and I walked home after.   However, by the afternoon I found myself woozy and headed to bed - where I napped for a good three hours.  

I finally got up at quarter to 6 and had some slight chills, a mild fever (maybe 99.5) but still enough of an appetite to chow down half a tuna sandwich, half a ham sandwich, 4 sandwich pickle slices, a half orange and a handful of pistachios.  

 That was yesterday. This morning the tiredness effect has amped up and the soreness in the upper (shot) arm is magnified by some 20 times over yesterday. So this will be a short post.   All of that aside, I am grateful to Janice for keeping on, keeping on until she nailed a scheduled vaccine for me at the local Safeway Pharmacy a month ago.  This was despite already being in the UCHealth queue though I had to wait until barely a week ago to get a first notice about a possible appointment.  The great thing about the Safeway shot is there was virtually no one ahead of me, only 1 elderly lady this second round.(Two last time.)   

When I asked the pharmacist how many shots she was giving per day, she replied: "It varies, usually between 8 and 12.  Which is fine because our weekly vaccine dose allotment covers that."

As per  the data and info on the Moderna shot such mild side effects as sore arm, fatigue, some nausea, fever etc.  usually occur within 24 hours and can occur up to 7 days after getting the vaccine  - typically the second. They are a feature of what the vaccine eggheads call "reactogenicity" in clinical trials.  Readers can learn more about this aspect here:

Learn more about safety and reactogenicity data from the clinical trials.

For now, I am heading back to bed for another long (a.m.) nap, hoping no other SEs pop up.  (Unlike our two friends Muriah and Tom in Manitou Springs who had fevers of 103F and chills, body aches, no appetite and laid up 2 days.   They also had the 2nd Moderna shot.)  Meanwhile, Janice's 2nd Pfizer jab produced no major ill effects other than some tiredness.  So the SEs seem to be different for each person.

 Whatever you do, don't let fear of any side effects stop you from getting the vaccine - any vaccine. (Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson)  Because whatever those side effects, symptoms are, they are nothing compared to Covid.

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