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What Kind Of Coward Fires A Guy Via Tweet? Hint: "Captain Bonespurs"

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Let's concede first that Donnie Dotard- a.k.a. "Captain  Bone Spurs" - who actually fancies having a military parade - is the last person who should. This is because he is NO military guy-  i.e. five times he ran away from the chance to serve by using the excuse of  bone spurs.  So what better way for an utter, loser coward to try to portray himself as a rough, tough "military" hombre?  No one is fooled other than his Trumpkin groupies.  Rather than be man enough to face former FBI Director James Comey directly and explain his real reasons for his firing,  the spineless putz asked his bodyguard to tell James Comey back in May.

Now, in what we can only call "Coward Redux" - this yellow haired, yellow bellied slime ball - for some reason adored by clueless Trumpkins - has fired Rex Tillerson, this time by a tweet.  Can we finally say, those of us with enough spare brains and eyes to see, that this good for nothing, chiseling,  con-man  coward has more business being in charge of a diaper service than being President of the United States?  

Basically,  the latest move of this walking turd disgrace to the race threw U.S. diplomacy into fresh turmoil yesterday by firing his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson – said to have discovered his fate via Twitter. Meanwhile, Dotard compounded his mental disease and degeneracy by promoting two officials condemned by human rights groups for endorsing or overseeing torture.  One (Gina Haspel)has also come under scrutiny for her role in CIA torture under George W Bush and the destruction of evidence. 

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky) interviewed this morning about the pick didn't mince words:

"I don't want to send a message to the world that torture is okay, because our young men and women can be captured too. And if the whole world thinks it's okay to torture prisoners they'll do the same to ours. She is the poster child for what went wrong with water boarding and she should never, ever be the head of the CIA."

Well, let's hope enough senators agree and vote down this egregious Trump pick at the hearings.

To get a fair idea of what Haspel's spooks were up to readers should check out the film Zero Dark Thirty. The CIA honchos deny it's of a factual basis, but anyone familiar with some of the records released by Snowden, know it's on the mark.

Taking Tillerson's place will be another degenerate and a puppet of the Koch billionaire brothers, Mike Pompeo.  As John Nichols put it in an article e-mailed to me by a  fellow Freethinker last night:

"Now Pompeo is positioned to become a Koch brothers–influenced secretary of state.
After serving for a little more than a year as Donald Trump’s top yes-man at the Central Intelligence Agency, Pompeo iTrump’s pick to replace Rex Tillerson, the administration’s listless placeholder at the Department of State.

In a measure of the extent to which Trump and Tillerson had disengaged from one another, the outgoing secretary of state apparently learned of his firing via Twitter Tuesday morning—when an aide showed the nation’s top diplomat a tweet from the president announcing the transition. A statement from the department indicated that Tillerson wasunaware of the reason for his removal.

Tillerson displayed a measure of independence from Trump on issues ranging from Russian cyber attacks to the aggressive approach of Saudi Arabia to Qatar and other countries. "

Reflecting on his tenure, Tillerson claimed “we exceeded the expectations of almost everyone” regarding North Korea. He acknowledged that much works remains to be done on the relationship with China. In what some interpreted as a parting shot at Trump, he singled out the “troubling behavior and actions” of Russia.  Tillerson added.

Russia must assess carefully as to how its actions are in the best interest of the Russian people and of the world more broadly. Continuing on their current trajectory is likely to lead to greater isolation on their part, a situation which is not in anyone’s interest.
It's no secret Tillerson differed violently with Dotard on many issues, specifically North Korea and also Iran, and Russia.  But the real reason he was booted, which the mainstream media won't tell you,  is that Trump was still stewing over Tillerson  calling Bone spurs a “fucking moron” last summer. This was after Baby Dotard rendered a number of particularly stupid tweets and remarks aboiut North Korea and issues to do with the Iran nuclear treaty.

Seething in the immediate wake of the comment, Dummy Dotard actually proposed challenging Tillerson to a "test of IQs" adding "And we know who would win!"  Of course! Tillerson - , by about 50 points!
Trump is also considering replacing  veterans affairs secretary, David Shulkin with the energy secretary, Rick Perry, according to the New York Times. Meanwhile, the interior secretary, Ryan Zinke, was questioned by a congressional committee on Tuesday about a habit of using charter flights on government business. This follows a recent scandal over the housing secretary, Ben Carson, overspending on office refurbishments and longstanding criticism of the EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, regularly flying first class at taxpayers’ expense.
Make no mistake this administration is in a major mess and roiled in chaos largely thanks to Trump. As for the so-called meeting  with Kim in North Korea, now that the State Dept. is even more hollowed out,  few people believe it will transpire. As  retired Col. Lawrence Wilkerson put it ('All In' last night), the chances now are "remote" at best especially with all the adults at State gone, so no one of experience is still around  to master plan the meet. And hell, we can't let Baby Dotard Bone Spurs waddle in there alone - Kim will eat him and his diapers for lunch.

What's so strange is how so many Trumpkins feel compelled to hitch their sorry, misguided wagons to this coward, who is probably the biggest snowflake in history - not only terrified of firing his own appointees face to face,  but of the NRA's wrath as well. (After he backed off from his brash talk two weeks ago.)

Incredibly, this asshole is actually making plans for a 2020 run and new campaign. He doesn't grasp that by then he may well be either in Bellevue getting ECT in a strait jacket- or in Ft. Leavenworth breaking rocks.

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