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Trump's North Korean Gambit - A PR Stunt Doomed To Fail - Despite What Bill Maher Says (Updated)

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Bill Maher needs to lay off the MJ candy before his show - if he takes liberals to task for knocking the hyped up "expected"  meet between Dotard and Kim-Jong un. (See my post update at the end.)

"Shocking! Incredible! The greatest event in recent geopolitical history! Like Nixon Going to China!"

So numerous gasbag pundits sputtered yesterday and even this morning after senior South Korean officials appeared outside the White House to announce the news Trump was ready to meet Kim Jong Un “by May”, at a time and location yet to be determined.

The skinny is that Kim has made an offer to suspend missile and nuclear tests, the condition U.S. officials have laid down for the start of any substantive talks.  But as usual - the devil is in the details- and as The Financial Times reported nearly a week ago, Kim wants nothing less than a 100 percent guarantee that North Korean security will never be compromised. Now, read that again and tell me with a straight face such a guarantee can be offered.

Despite all the breathless reporting by the corporate media, the chances of any denuclearization occurring on the North Korean peninsula are about the same as Trump being kidnapped by extraterrestrials from the Zeta Reticuli system before the Kim meet and greet happens.   There is no way in hell Kim will permanently give up a program that has been the heart and soul - as well as identity - of his country for at least the past two decades. You can take that to the bank.  And IF Kim did do such a thing, you could mark his half life as about the same as  that of a Mars bar left out in the Barbados Sun.

Besides, Kim is smart enough to know the biggest hole in any alleged agreement is the assurance of a "one hundred percent guarantee". No such critters exist in this universe or likely any others. What Kim wants is simply stature and respect as a world leader, which he will surely get if he can get Donnie Dotard to actually traipse into North Korea and meet with him. The photo ops alone will be worth billions of bit coin to Kim as well as his beleaguered nation.

And what, pray tell, must Kim do in return? Merely agree to suspend his missile and nuke tests.  Big deal! 
North Korean ICBM test last year.

The time allotted for suspension will simply allow his missile engineers to work longer on getting an actual, workable ICBM ready. By that I mean the achievement of a warhead able to re-enter the atmosphere without burning up as it plunges back toward the putative target.

The other question they must answer is how the inclusion of a 100-200 kg mass in the nose of the missile will affect its trajectory and especially stability  - in concert with the engine required to hurl it to another continent..  That is basically the sixty four dollar question.  Only at that point , i.e. of an actual  warhead test, would N. Korea have achieved its prime ambition.

The  other aspect of this farce, as clear to anyone who remotely knows Trump's M.O., is that he's using this risky gambit to take the heat off his pathetic administration with all its departures and especially the recent tariff executive order the fool just signed. Actually, he had to be reminded to sign it by Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and others. Dotard forgot it was a "signing ceremony".  And this is the dotard in whose hands we're really placing peace talks for North Korea? Give me a break.

As former ambassador Nicholas Burns put it this morning on CBS, "The most Kim will be willing to do is negotiate some transparency on his nuclear testing but he won't give it up".  He also adds Kim "wants legitimacy' and a meet with Trump will deliver that.  On the other hand, for Trump "this will be as difficult as it gets."   Worse, given we have a dotard doing it.

At the end of the day, hell by the end of May, most sentient beings on the planet will see this whole media firestorm is just so much huff and puff.  Also by then, no further Trump tricks or deflections will stay the hand of special prosecutor Bob Mueller in bringing the hammer down on this despicable lying turd once and for all. 

One thing we can agree on: Dotard and Kim deserve each other  - one a current megalomaniac and dictator, the other a wannabe.

Update 3/ 10: Bill Maher's Idiocy:

It's evident that sometimes when Bill Maher appears loopy or "bolshy" on his show (ranting against liberals) he is really high - probably from too much MaryJane beforehand.  Such was the case last night as he launched into a free form call out on "liberals" for "reflexively" reacting to the announced meet with Kim Jong un which now appears less and less likely. 

 As for "reflexive" reaction, that's all on Donnie Dumpsterfire. This is according to the WSJ today ('Trump on Kim Talks 'Tell Him Yes'!', p. A1)  where we learn Dotard just blurted out "Ok, Ok! Tell them I'll do it!"  after overhearing a trio of South Korean officials talking about an "offer to meet from Kim Jong un".  This before the usual preliminaries for negotiators on both sides to first "clear the way".   

Maher, in his lead off monologue,  actually scolded liberals for knocking Trump's blurt out "agreement" (as I did  in my post),  adding that "Obama proposed the exact same thing."  Hold strain there, sonny and lay off the ganja. First,  President Obama has a few billion more neurons than Dotard, and hence would actually be a competent negotiator as opposed to Bozo the orange -hued clown.  A knuckle- headed dolt who - when he appears for a "signing statement" (like with his tariffs) - doesn't even remember to sign the fucking E.O.  And you're going to entrust this doofus to go to nuclear talks??

Second, Obama has enough brain cells to know you don't precipitously announce a meet with any head of state (especially a megalomaniac) until your State Dept. officials, others (military advisers) have had time to parse the particulars, i.e. with "aides sitting down first with North Korean representatives to clarify precisely where  Pyongyang stands" - as the WSJ piece noted.   Trump, by contrast, just bellowed agreement to meet without a second's reflection, preparation, anything. And this from a fucktard who doesn't even read his  presidential daily briefs  (PDBs) anymore.  

If anything, Maher needs to pull his weed-fogged head out of his ass  and in his monologue next week admit he's the one who reflexively reacted by putting Trump on the same level as Obama.  If you're going to be a Trump hater, Maher, at least be an educated one, oh and off the hash high too. Sheesh!

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