Thursday, February 8, 2018

Patsy Coach Josh McDaniels Shows What The "Patriot Way" Is All About: Weasels,Liars & Cheats

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"Lemme I wanna really leave Massuh Bill's chains....maybe not!"

"Be embarrassed, Indianapolis Colts, but also be relieved. Josh McDaniels is a punk and a loser, but he’s not your punk. He’s not your loser.

He’s not your head coach, thank God.

Imagine, knowing what we know right now, infecting this franchise with that fraud. ....The Colts just got punked by the biggest punk in the NFL coaching community, a guy so callous that he convinced a handful of assistant coaches elsewhere to leave wherever they were to come work for him in Indianapolis. Those assistants, including Dallas Cowboys assistant Matt Eberflus, now seem stuck.  ... "

-  Gregg Doyel, Indianapolis Star, yesterday

As long time pro football fans,  wifey and I were both appalled yesterday morning to learn Patsy offensive coach Josh McDaniels had backed out of his coaching deal with Indianapolis. As Indy GM Chris Ballard put it, one's word is supposed to be his bond. But not, evidently,  int the case of a punk like Josh McDaniels.

According to the account in the Indy Star:

"McDaniels, the Patriots’ longtime offensive coordinator, had arrived at 1 Patriot Place Tuesday morning intent on cleaning out his office and informing his bosses – that’d be head coach Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft – that he was leaving for Indianapolis. Then, over the course of several hours, while Ballard met with grieving players, planned for the draft and the Colts sent out word that Josh McDaniels was, indeed, their new head coach, Josh McDaniels decided he wasn’t going to be their new head coach.

It was a stunning U-turn, one that would leave Ballard and the Colts in nearly unprecedented NFL territory. Three assistants had signed contracts to work under McDaniels and were already in the building."

 That's right, you read the last sentence correctly.  McDaniels didn't just shiv Indy's GM Ballard but three other assistant coaches he'd ostensibly hired, now left in limbo,  without the guy that hired them for Indy.   This is the "Patriot Way" for you, based on lies,  broken words and yes,  plenty of cheating including deflated footballs and secret viddying of opposing team practices.  People wonder why so many hate these bastards, well now you know.

The word from Patsyland (  is that head cheatriot Bill Belichick buttonholed McDaniels and told him if he stayed he'd bequeath to him all the secrets of the "Patriot Way". The inside scoop from the master, as it were, on the hidden innards of the team and its dynamic operations.  That, along with owner owner Robert Kraft's promise to "sweeten"  McDaniels' contract deal convinced the spineless maggot to stay - betraying his bond and 3 week agreement with Ballard to become the Colts new HC.

For historical reference, McDaniels' only other stint as a head coach came after being hired by the Denver Broncos in 2008.  But by 2010 he was fired, after a 3-9 record and having earned the hatred of nearly every one of the million or so Bronco fans.  They couldn't wait to see the loser leave town.  So maybe the punk did Indy a favor, who knows?

The ones he didn't do any favors for were the three assistant coaches he enticed to leave stable positions to join him in Indy.  But let's be clear, they each have more character and honesty in each of their pinky fingers than McDaniels' Patriots possess in their entire organization.

The basic lesson McDaniels has never learned, and it applies to Donald Trump as well, is that honor and one's word trumps (no pun intended) taking the most pay, the most toys or tossing fellow humans under the bus to get ahead. But this is why New England is also called "Trump's team" because they all subscribe to the motto that "cheating is better than losing".  (For once they didn't cheat in Sunday's Super Bowl.)

What would have been the honorable and decent way for McDaniels to have acted? To have told Belichick and Kraft, "Thanks for your offers, but I already made my commitment to be head coach of the Colts. and there are three other coaches I asked to come aboard who I can't screw over."

WHO has real honor in this mess? McDaniels' agent Bob Lamonte, who severed ties with the Patsy punk hours after this fiasco.   La Monte told the Sports Business Journal yesterday:

"My word is my bond.  Once you break that, there's nothing left."

Would that Josh McDaniels had also learned that cornerstone of character.

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