Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Theory of the Political Elite (3)

Who exactly are the "Political Elite"? While many of the 1% certainly support their agenda, including the triad of positions I noted earlier: i) more tax cuts, ii) more defense- "security" spending- i.e. look at the $662 billion just passed to fund an ever larger military security state that probably violates the Posse Comitatus laws (that the military is to have no policing action or authority on civilians), and iii) the dismantling of all "free capital" to citizens, otherwise known in Elite parlance as "entitlements".

But in general I refer to those with a net worth of at least $500 million, or of such magnitude that they actually have the power to buy legislators and politicians, and hence the very laws we have. As we shall also see, this vast amount of wealth - control of capital- also will put them in a position to survive the hell on Earth due to arrive within 40 years, and ultimately culminating in 80% of the human race being eliminated by 2100 - according to ecologist and environmentalist James Lovelock in UK Guardian interview from March 1, 2008, e.g.

Lovelock's warning of our imminent end (effectively, if nearly 10 billion perish) was met by stark disbelief by many of his peers and also some speculation that he might be losing his marbles as occured to Antony Flew in his later years. This sort of response is understandable, but not what's needed. What is needed is something to fix attention and focus, since as one latter day wit put it 'Nothing so fixes one's attention as the sight of the hangman's noose".

Indeed. And now humanity is nearly ready to have a hangman's noose secured around its collective neck, but as usual its enemy is its own defective brain. And the Elites who plumb and work those atavistic parts of the brain with their PR to make it somnolent and unreactive ....hence, the erection of a "skeptic"-denier industry to incessantly counter global warming.

Irrespective of the disinformation and propaganda of the Elite (designed to postpone our action until they can wring as much additional wealth and resources as they can from us) we know two things based on all the cumulative data which I must have presented in at least twenty- five blogs over the past two years:

1) Peak Oil likely occurred in 2005, which means that the total global oil reserves with decent EROEI (energy returned on energy invested) of 5 or more will decrease by 'backward' years from here on out. This means the most accessible oil supply this year will be like that from 1999, and from 2020, will be like from 1985, and so on. In other words, even as the population increases the energy stores to support it will decrease. (And as Lovelock also correctly notes in that Guardian piece, "renewable energy" is a con, and whatever alternative forms we come up with ...whether solar, wind, geothermal etc. will not have the energy density to support any kind of technological or urban civilization.

ii) Global warming is being ratcheted up toward a global runaway greenhouse effect and is being pumped toward a threshold of CO2 concentration of 450 ppm, at the rate of about 2 ppm per year, leading to 2 added watts per year of greenhouse forcing beyond the normal solar insolation. Calculations show that this would ensure onset of the runaway effect by 2035 or so, but even factoring in significant errors, this will definitely be entrenched by 2075. Thus, by 2100 we will see unrelenting heat and climate catastrophe.

What will the Elite rulers do when entire agricultural regions disappear due to accelerating global warming? (Lovelock predicts Europe will be "like the Sahara" by 2045.)

How will the planet offset these losses as the world climate system becomes more hostile to agricultural output even in those areas where growing can be sustained? (Lovelock insists it is already too late for this)

What will the people do when drinking water becomes scarce due to the evaporation of runoff and water sources? (Millions will die of either thirst, or more likely water born diseases)

What happens when the glaciers melt down and cease to store fresh water? (Ans. All that volume of water will be added to the seas to produce sea lever rise - see attached graphic).

How will the world economy function as the flawed the assumption of endless growth becomes painfully apparent?

In fact, the world economy will essentially cease functioning by about 2050 - when the world population likely reaches 9 billion people, and we are 45 years off from the year (2005) of Peak Oil, or with oil stores roughly equal to what we had in the year 1960 - when the world population was barely over 3 billion. In other words, the path would already have been laid for nearly 2/3 of people to perish.

What about the Elite? What we can surmise with logic alone, is that given their vast resources and control of most of the planet's wealth (400 billiionaries control nearly 50% of it) they are already making plans so they do not have to bear the brunt of the hell unleashed on Earth. They likely already know that living on this planet beyond the year 2035 will not be worth their effort, and if they are here - they will face the uprisings and rebellions, revolutions of the masses they've thwarted and held down for the past 2 centuries. In other words, they will know they're batting on a losing wicket.

What else can they do? We can surmise a few things: i) they will commit suicide to escape, ii) they will repair to deep underground bunkers with vast food stores, or iii) they will have monstrous craft ready to take them to another world - most likely Mars. There they will engage in state of the art terraforming to attempt to recreate their own planet on a new one. Way out? Wacky? Nonsense? Think of what these characters are able to do with their pooled resources, adding up to almost 5 trillion dollars. They can do anything they damned well want. This is why I dismiss (i) at the outset, if for no other reason than the fact that the egos of the Elite are so enormous they'd never consider it! No, suicide would be the last escape for the hoi polloi....the masses the Elite had kept in submission while they transformed precious resources into capital for their own aggrandisment.

Underground bunkers might also be their alternative, but with likely tectonic eruptions because of other climate -related events (melting permafrost etc.) how can they sure they will be secure? They can't, which is why I believe they'd prefer to take their chances by removing themselves from this world entirely likely using ion or nuclear based rockets, or combinations of both. Indeed, in some paranoid quarters, it is believed the trim down of the U.S. space program was directly by design to enable the Elites more time to expedite their own massive craft. No one need know of where this is taking place, or the design plans are stored. Like most things the Elite have kept from us, we have 'no need to know' and the corporate media isn't going to oblige.

And the rest of us? We will have to make do with daily temperatures hitting 115F or more through the year, no more seasons after 2040 and the vast migrations of hundreds of millions of climate refugees fleeing everything from sea rise to disease outbreak and massive food shortages. All this while the Elite are gearing up for the establishment of a capitalist "Nirvana" on Mars. Well, if we are lucky, all their ships will explode (or be struck by large meteoroids) en route!

Meanwhile, it will be a bleak, barren, roasting, hostile Earth... but the one left to us compliments of the Political Elite. We were always regarded as their chattel, while they were our "masters". Now we must face the ultimate apartheid: the bulk of us will be left to swelter, burn, drown or starve.....disposable beings. Well, disposable in actual manifestation, though the Elite have really always regarded us as such!

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