Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where DO People Conjure this stuff up? (5)

Well, it seems the physics (cum solar physics) dummy who posted that specious blog that the Sun's responsible for global warming, now insists on getting into it deeper. Okay, we can do that. I am always ready to clap a numbskull upside the head, especially one who's wrong and strong and never took a physics course in his life! So he's forced to hide behind photo-shopped shenanigans and tricks! (As when he earlier posted perspective -distorted imagery of birth control founder Margaret Sanger with KKK'ers, when any basic image analysis discloses she'd have to be at least 9' 6" tall for the image to be valid!)

So we can't trust anything he says or does!

He bloviates in his reply to my last blog:

Notice that at the very bottom of the image that at the very bottom of the image , it is from NASA! ( The "Space Cadets" favorite way to waste taxpayers money ).

Actually, he's a g-damned LIAR. There is NO indication the whole graphic is from NASA (see fully reposted image in the top frame). As opposed to his dishonest pic, I show an actual pair of graphs (lower panel) taken from the NASA.gov site comparing total solar irradiance (see last blog) and human forcing contributions. Note that the scale of the latter's greatest magnitude is at least THREE times larger than the former!

Since this bozo-turkey can't read then let's help him out. The caption excluded in his original blog image, which he makes so much ado over, reads (emphasis mine):

Background Image: Coronal Loops on the Surface of the Sun: NASA


B-A-C-K-G-R-O-U-N-D image!

As in the solar coronal loops shown interspersed behind the graph!

NOWHERE is there ANY affirmation the graph itself is from NASA! This is exactly what I was discussing at the end of the last blog when I wrote that it was a dishonest portrayal because it conveyed the misleading assumption the WHOLE thing (graph PLUS image) was based on NASA data! In fact, as readers can verify by the fully re-posted image (click on it to magnify so you can read), ONLY the coronal loops image is given explicit NASA credit! Hence, one must conclude the entire graphic is a forgery, which uses a specious graph (of solar cycles length vs. temp. increase) with only a superposed NASA picture in the background, to try to confer a specious validity!

He goes on blabbering:


in a Dumbocrat atheist's blog , he has the SAME image that he ADMITS to getting from this blog (minus , of course , the "NASA" credit )! Why didn't he copy the pic EXACTLY as it was here?

Because, DUMBO, the only relevant part of the image is the GRAPH itself! DUHHH!

The NASA credit, since you're incapable of reading, refers to the picture of the coronal loops, not the graph of solar cycle length vs. year and vs. temperature increase (on the opposing ordinate). I believe if the WHOLE image, graph plus superimposed photo- had been from NASA - it would have said so. (E.g. Source: NASA) Thus, excising the NASA credit - which applies solely to the background picture of the loops- not the graph - means nothing sinister at all since it isn't remotely relevant to the GRAPH! (Or, are you even able to read a graph? Did you take basic algebra in school? Can you even make a simple plot of y= x?)

Thus, it's clear to anyone it's a forgery, in which a specious relationship (graph of solar cycle length v. temp.) has been assembled (by any one of a hundred deniers) and then the NASA image of the coronal loops superposed on the background- including NASA credit, with the express intent to mislead the unwary into thinking the WHOLE graphic is from NASA. (In any case, as I show in the top image of this blog, the whole image is copied "exactly as it was" and readers can verify for themselves the NASA credit is only for the background loops image, not the graph!)

More bollocks:

DUHHH...because he and his ilk , along with their fear mongering "messiah," Al Gore , simply cannot be intellectually HONEST!

NO! It's because those like you can't be intellectually honest. Finding it necessary to scarf up a forged, photo-shopped image - obviously from a denier blog, but which conveys the false impression the whole thing is validated by NASA when only the picture is.

But why be surprised? As in the case of evolution, these morons are incapable of arguing honestly because they know nothing! They're only capable of distortion of scientific facts, and twisting the existing data to their ignorant agendas and trying to cajole and bully others with their obtuseness and ignorance.

Let's be glad he himself exposed his dishonest hand so blatantly so we can shoot down his whole ignorant shtick at one time.

Now, IF you have a genuine NASA image, maestro, which validates the GRAPH - I repeat the GRAPH- please be so kind as to post the link!

If not, admit you're just another flat Earther and global warming denier, as well as a science fraud and LIAR!

Meanwhile, for those who want the REAL NASA take on global warming, as opposed to the bullshit of know-nothings, go to:




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