Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another Right Wing Extremist Psycho Strikes!

Many will, or rather should, recall the right wing extremist nutcase -psycho Timothy McVeigh (a returned Iraq war vet) who went bonkers and blew up a truck loaded with fertilizer in front of the federal building in Oklahoma City. That was back in 1995and McVeigh - brimming with anger at the Federal government, paid with his execution some years later.

Now, in a reprise of that, we have another rightwing extremist pathological nutcase, by the name of Anders Behring Breivik, who has slaughtered more than 80 people in Norway - using a bomb in Oslo, then mowing down dozens of kids in a summer camp at Utoyla - north of Oslo.

Of course, as is inevitable in these sort of massacres, the first ones out of the box are those who seek to blame every mass murder or terror attack on Islamics. However, they fail this time around and only purblind idiots will lay blame on "al Qaeda" or associated riff raff.

Sorry, bozos! This perp is one "blue-eyed, blonde" single person - a 32-year old "home grown" Norwegian citizen with an abundant hatred for "socialists", according to Oslo's finest. Moreover, like McVeigh, Breivik's a former soldier, and also had a grudge against the Labor (e.g. "Socialist" to American Reich wing nutbags) Party of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.

Indeed, Breivik's mass murdering attack on the summer youth camp (held by Stoltenberg's Labor Party) transpired a day before the Prime Minster was to visit to deliver a speech. There, this vile miscreant and knuckle-dragging freak, donned a police uniform and beckoned the young campers to come to him. As they did, he shot them down one by one. Those who sought to escape by playing dead weren't so lucky either. Breivik went over to each prone victim and fired to the head, using a shotgun.

Now, why would a Muslim - a "blonde, tall, blue-eyed" NORWEGIAN Muslim- single out a camp run by a "Socialist" party? This is nonsense! Only a crazed, wingnut extremist would do that, like he'd attack the government buildings operated by a centralized "Socialist" government he detests. What set this guy off, toward such a fiendish act of butchery? Who knows? The Norwegian police and security forces will have to pursue that. What we do know is that it's very easy to get any kind of reich wingers pissed at any policies with which they don't agree. We already beheld that in 2009, with Obama's Affordable Health Care act and the many Tea Baggers who actually brought weapons to rallies (though fortunately they didn't fire them). We also beheld it before the 2010 mid-term elections as those like Sarah Palin put up rifle scope cross-hair symbols on U.S. maps- over key Democratic districts, including that of Gabrielle Giffords. A short time later, barely 6 weeks, she was shot in Tucson along with 18 others.

If anyone has any doubt these sort of freaks also inhabit this country, think again! One can find their disreputable blogs all over the place with images of President Obama alongside images of Hitler and Stalin! Or posing Obama with the "antichrist" numbers '666' and in a Hitler mustache. (See attached image from a Florida wingnut's blog). Who knows but that this Norwegian screwball didn't actually see and follow one of those blogs before carrying out his murderous deeds? It's not beyond the realm of plausibility.

Worse, we don't know when our own homegrown screwballs will again come unhinged a la McVeigh in '95. We do know (as I noted in a previous blog 2 months ago) the Department of Homeland Security has pulled back on monitoring native right wing terror groups. This was after complaints flew around the blogosphere and reich wing pundit-sphere in 2009 after a letter from DHS Head Napolitano went out warning of possible right wing terror strikes, especially in the wake of Obama's historic election. (And realizing millions of knuckle dragging imps would have a serious problem with a black man in the WH).

Within weeks of the right wing complaints, the letter (and followup notice) were pulled, in typical liberal, "frighten-me" fashion, so powerful are the words of the wingnut screech-ocracy. Well, in the wake of the Norway terror, it's time the DHS got back on the ball again.

I am not necessarily saying we need to shut down all right wing radio or blogs, but as the Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report (Spring, 2011) has noted, we do need to monitor them for any signs of hyper-activity or signs that something is afoot..

In the meantime, as my close friends in Oslo, Judy and Carl have informed me: "We hope no more Labor Party people will be targeted by any friends of his."

To Judy, Carl, their two boys and other Norwegians, I hope they are right. In the meantime, we stand with you! That is, we NORMAL Americans!

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