Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Moron Reich Winger Idiot

Seems that since he's fruitlessly expended all his pseudo-capital on Uncle Tommie Sowell, a particular reich wing blogger now chooses to feature a “guest article” from a Robert Knight – another know-nothing stooge and lackey who clearly exploits the ignorance of the captive denizens of Rupert Murdoch's Fox-O-sphere. (Which should be a heads up after one of Rupert Murdoch’s major UK papers - 'The News of the World' - was found to have hacked into a murdered little girl’s phone messages!)

Anyway, let’s see some of the claptrap on offer from this idiot. He writes:

“The proof is in the rotten pudding he's served up consisting of a prolonged recession, high unemployment, staggering debt and an incoherent foreign policy. His own party in the Senate has not even produced a budget vote for more than two years. The $1 trillion stimulus has failed, and Obama wants to increase taxes to expand government even more."

Actually, the recession was initiated during Bush’s term (2007) and technically ended in the 2nd year of Obama’s – to hear from the most scholarly economists. A recession ends when the growth reaches a certain level relative to GDP, it is NOT the same, nor is it defined by the unemployment rate – which is caused by a very low AGGREGATE demand as I showed in two previous blogs, one last month. The reason for the low aggregate demand is TOO LOW taxes (now the lowest % of GDP in 40 years) NOT TOO HIGH taxes as the repukes and their zomboid slaves would have you believe.

As for the “staggering debt”, most of that was created on GEE Dumbya Bush’s watch, including:

- Launching two massive occupations at a cost of $2.2 trillion up to the time Obama took office.

- Instigating a Medicare Drug Plan in 2003 (conceived by PhRMA Lobbbyists and their front man Billy Tauzin) which bleeds Medicare down each year(via ‘Medicare Advantage”) while it’s added nearly $1 trillion to the deficit – because no limits are in place to cut drug costs or bargain for low prices like the VA does.

- Instigated 10 years of Bush tax cuts at a cost of nearly $2.7 trillion by the time Bush left office, which created NO new jobs, incited no new business investment, and merely spent money (mostly for the wealthiest) we didn’t have. It also used up a $600 million surplus left by Bill Clinton

Thus, Bush added some $5.9 TRILLION to the deficit before Obama even arrived!

As for the “$1 trillion stimulus that failed” (it was actually $790 billion – which many economists warned was too low in a low demand environment) that mainly didn’t work as planned because of being too low and including too many tax cuts as opposed to spending. Most experts warned it was too weighted to tax cuts (nearly one –third) and ought to have been all food stamps or other spending devices, or capital works projects. The reason for the one third tax cuts was to get two Republicans on board, Olympia Snow and Susan Collins. It'd have been better for Obama to drop the "bipartisan" pretense and just do it the right way from the beginning - then he'd likey have 8% unemployment now, as opposed to 9.2%!

As for “wanting to increase taxes to expand government more” – this moron hasn’t a clue. It’s actually to provide the MONEY for existing spending demands, including DEFENSE – which the retard repukes have refused to fund though they keep spending money like drunken sailors.

A case in point, the recent approval of $649 billion for military operations, defense this year. And just where the fuck do these nitwits think the money is coming from without revenue? I’ll tell you: they will have to BORROW it from the CHINESE! Does this make them proud of the "red, white and blue" - that they have to borrow from Commies to fight their bogus "wars"? Are they more proud of beggaring the Chinese for loan handouts than raising their own money via taxes in country?

These buttbrains would rather BORROW from the CHINESE, or Japanese or Russians than pay for their fake wars using good old American dollars via Taxes!

The total military spending is now 58 cents of every dollar, and NONE of it has been paid for since Bush Jr. took office. They’ve continually CUT taxes while they’ve waged these endless, fruitless occupations!

Thus, the only “proof in rotten pudding” is the fact that Republican anti-tax zealots are DEADBEATS who refuse to pay for what they want or have already obtained! They’re no different from reckless credit card users who go on a binge then refuse to pay the bill when it arrives. We call such people, LOSERS!

Knight goes on:

"But abetted by a media that's a megaphone for Obama's Marxist economics, this kind of socialist tripe plays well among left-wing-dominated unions and people dependent on working people's dollars seized by our confiscatory tax system."

This Bozo doesn’t even have a clue that the media is no "megaphone" for Obama, but rather a confirmed Neoliberal enclave. (Look at the open shot at Obama recently on MSNBC, with an employee calling him a "dick") Indeed, the Washington Post is one of the most Neoliberal media whores now operating and actually leaked the noisome bit about Obama preparing to cut Social Security (which this SAME blogger quoting Knight will depend upon in his old age!)

Also, he again shows he’s a right wing imbecile by being unable to distinguish Obama from a real Marxist. Let’s get this straight once and for all: A REAL Marxist would NEVER EVER NEVER NEVER have approved or signed on to $1 trillion in a new Bush tax cut extension last December! No WAY! This alone shows that Knight doesn’t know shit from shinola.

As for a “confiscatory tax system” don’t make me laugh! The tax rates currently are the lowest in 40 years as a percentage of GDP. This bozo ought to have been around in the Eisenhower years when the top marginal rate was 91% and the country was much better off and not in massive debt. The people had sense enough to know that TAXES pay the bills racked up and you can’t have a functioning nation that refuses to spend: on health care, on domestic infrastructure repair – including for roads, bridges, water and sewer mains, and for overseeing regulatory functions.

But give a moron an inch and he’ll take a mile, as we see next:

“The whole socialist scheme envisioned by Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer is immoral. It is not only un-American but it violates America's Judeo-Christian heritage”

What ‘Socialist Scheme”? Higher taxes to pay for our wars and military interventions? THAT’S demanded in the Constitution! Is this guy an idiot? And if you’re going to carp about Obama raising taxes to support expenditures – you better damned well do it about Eisenhower, and Reagan too! (Who raised taxes three times over his tenure!)

He goes on:

“Socialism is an elaborate socio-economic structure that arises out of envy: It's not fair that you have more than I do. I want it (or at least some of it) and you must either give it or I'll take it from you-at the point of a gun”

This is total batshit crazy nonsense! First, he doesn’t even discriminate between the forms of Socialism! For example, the most prevalent form now in the world is democratic Socialism – such as practiced in Denmark, Norway, and Barbados- not Marxist Socialism. Nor does it arise out “of envy”. Rather it arises out of a recognition that a proper nation ensures that all its peoples are in it together, and some – even the very rich – aren’t to escape responsibilities merely by virtue of their wealth. These nations also understand that vast inequality is a recipe for deadly tensions and even civil strife. Certainly not for preserving “domestic tranquility”. Thus, using the tax code for more equitable distribution is not only a sane move but self-preserving.

No one’s wealth is thus taken at “the point of a gun” and anyone who feels victimized in any of the known socialist nations is free to leave. What is funny about this blogger’s use of Knight’s screed is the following:

1)He makes NO mention of Communist China which is actually NOW a CAPITALIST enclave with a greater productivity than the U.S.! So let me understand this: A commie country can escape opprobrium from these nitwits if it espouses capitalism? But if it espouses socialism (like Cuba) it gets pissed on?

2) This very blogger (like many of Rightist persuasion) intends to receive Social security and is actually trying to obtain it earlier via Social Security Disability provisions. Just where does he think that money is going to come from? Well, from YOUNGER workers! That’s how the system is set up! So, if he’s going to quote chapter and verse of a fool like Knight, railing against taking from others at the “point of a gun” (by which he really means re-distributive taxation) he needs to grasp how HE is part of that taking too, if he opts to get S.S. disability! If one is going to rail against "socialism" it is always better to bear this in mind lest one appear hypocritical.

Ah, the perturbed thinking of some people! It’s incredible!

Lastly we have this bit of recycled codswallop (“godswallop”)?

“But socialism's lure goes deeper than envy. By replacing God's rules with man's own, it frees man to pursue any vice he desires, no matter how perverse. In fact, the desires in and of themselves are often cited as validating consequent actions. It's no accident that the same people promoting unlimited abortion, homosexual "marriage" and pornography are pressing for more and more government”

This is even more batshit crazy than the earlier rant! He actually writes about Socialism as if it’s a RELIGION! But this is idiocy! For example, the democratic Socialist nation of Barbados has more churches than the days in a year – despite being only 166 square miles! So HOW in the hell does this comport with his claim? As for “freeing man to pursue any vice” – hardly! Rather it allows people to have their basic needs met so they DON’T HAVE TO PURSUE ANY VICE!

Thus, they have enough provided by the state that they need not rob to get bread or milk for their children! They don’t have to resort to extreme means to get health care for a loved one such as “John Q” in the movie by the name, who held a whole ward of a hospital hostage to get needed care for his son. Nor must they sell their bodies or drugs to get money to make ends meet! In other words, he has it exactly ass backwards: it’s in the cowboy capitalist realms that people will do anything to survive.

As for the other lame claim, about the same people “promoting abortion, porn etc.” that are pressing for more government – hardly! This is the typical “slippery slope” logical fallacy – compounded by false association and generalization. Merely because there might be some statistics which show an overlap does not prove the same people in subset X (promoting porn) are the same in subset Y (wanting more taxes for a more equitable society).

As for wanting more intrusive government, it is the REICH wingers who have always demanded it! From Reagan’s Meese Commission to hunt down pornographers, to the recent Re-pig efforts to pass legislation to make rape more difficult to prove – insisting women demonstrate in a court of law that they fought back!

In that sense, these goofball demagogoues are no different from the Nazis.

They are just too dumb, ignorant and myopic to see it!

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