Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Uncle Tom" a racist epithet? Hardly!

Seems that certain wingnut bloggers - who have no problem showing Obama with ropes around his neck!- are in a snit over my use of the appellation "Uncle Tom" for Thomas Sowell. In one blog they expend nearly 2,000 words trying their best to argue it's a display of "racism on the Left". Hardly! But then why should one be amazed that these guys have so little basic insight when most of their history education stopped in 8th grade? I mean they can't even tell the difference between German National Socialism and Stalinist Socialism, incessantly conflating the two - though we know Hitler slaughtered Marxists and Stalinist Socialists by the millions!

In truth, the term "Uncle Tom" is quite legitimate, especially as applied to any black man that deliberately and knowingly undermines the advancement of his own race, as Thomas Sowell has consistently done via his endless columns on behalf of Wall Street oligarchs, rich White CEOs and the WHITE Neoliberal Overclass elites of this country. When you churn out propaganda piece after propaganda piece, with no thought how it undermines your own race you are an Uncle Tom!

Only in today's paper (Denver Post, Business, p. 1E) has the evidence now emerged that the black middle class has been decimated by the recession. Nearly 12 million African-Americans now find themselves dumped from the Middle Class into the poor or working class by having lost their jobs during the Recession and having their homes foreclosed. Yet Mr. 'Whitey Racist's' "hero", Tom Sowell, has been pumping and humping those very policies (e.g. more tax cuts, less bank regulation etc.) that evicted his fellow blacks in his very columns! He even puts the blame on THEM for buying sub-prime loans when the whole Wall Street gimmick was to fob off sub-primes on homeowners to diffuse credit default swaps! He's as shameless in his blame as he is in his disingenuous efforts to destroy social safety nets for the elderly as well as African-Americans!

How bad is it? The median net worth of the African-American household has now dropped to $2,970 - according to the Post article. Nearly 8% of Middle class blacks have seen their homes foreclosed, since 2008. Many more have lost their health insurance and have difficulty qualifying for Medicaid - for which Mr. Thomas Sowell (though he purportedly grew up in poverty)seeks to have funding eviscerated, like he does for Medicare and Social Security.

Sowell, for example, wants to have the age to qualify for Social Security raised to 67 despite the fact that the average black male only lives to a median age of 65! How is THIS not racist?

The sad fact here is the 'Uncle Tom" sobriquet fully applies because it is abundantly clear Thomas Sowell is "the Man's" house slave, doing his bidding to undermine his fellow blacks - with whom he no longer sees any affinity or common bond. I mean he's getting paid to write this drivel for "the Man" in the same way a house slave before the Civil War might have received perks (e.g. reading -writing privileges) for ratting on the field slaves!In that sense he's also little different from a miscreant black repuke candidate named Herman Cain. But at least, in the latter case, that Uncle Tom's probability of becoming president is little more than the probability of Martians landing at the Capitol in two days to abduct all the Repukes - sparing us their terrorist debt ceiling extortion!

During Hitler's Holocaust, Traitor Jews called "Sonderkommando" were used by the Nazis to sweet talk Jewish inductees to the Concentration camps into disrobing for "showers" when they knew it was to allow many thousands to be gassed - while their clothing could be given away.

In what he's done with his PR and columns for the capitalist, reich wing oligarchy and entrenched Neoliberal system (which espouses the value of profits and "free markets" over human welfare), Uncle Tom Sowell is little better than a Black Sondercommando. And it doesn't matter if his reich wing, racist tribe of know nothing worshippers see that or not!

We might believe their professed "sincere" kudos for token blacks (like Herman Cain or Tom Sowell) aren't invoked to conceal or misdirect from their wingnut racism - when they themselves stop showing Obama with ropes around his neck, or in Hitler uniforms with Hitler mustache!

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