Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Pity Most of These Guys Weren't Repuke T'errists!

The Highland Charity event, in which a "running of the Bulls" was duplicated - with more than 200 runners (mostly males) sprinting to escape a whacking by the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls- came off like clockwork. Afterwards, most of those in the "run" were still licking - or rather tending to- their "wounds", some of them absorbing as many as twenty whacks with plastic bats wielded by girls who were no weak sisters!

One guy was heard to moan: "Awww....she didn't have to hit me THAT hard! That was more vicious than a pugil stick thrashing!" While one of the few sprinting women confessed she was chased down especially hard, and whacked "dozens of times" before finally escaping. According to her:

"In Spain the real bulls will keep running. Here, they turn around and whack you again...and again...and again!"

"Barbie Boop" (her nickname) said she lost count (after twenty) of how many runners she whacked. She was more distracted by their screaming in pain. "Oh, puh-leeze! Not again! I'm runnin' as fast I can, missy! Gimme a break!"



The tragedy is that most of these guys were just hyper macho types who believed they could show off for their mothers and girlfriends and out run the Rollergirls - while absorbing the pain they dished out with each predictable interception. What we really needed was to have all the current Repuke debt terrorists and assholes in the middle of it. You know, those pricks such as Eric Cantor, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell - each getting whacked into insensibility for their continued intransigence which will see this nation default on its debt if their better angels aren't made to prevail. I firmly believe about fifty whacks EACH with the Rollergirls' plastic bats ought to have iced the deal and....err....."changed their attitude".

Even as the slimey R-bastards have refused to seal a deal - with at least some higher taxes - they did approve a $649 BILLION defense waste budget - $17 billion more than was asked for by the Pentagon! They approved this, while at the same time torpedoing an extra $1 billion for food assistance to low income women (mainly single mothers), assistance for seniors' with high utility bills, and $1.6 billion to expedite the James Webb Space Telescope - the next generation instrument after the Hubble is mothballed.

How can these fuckers sleep at night? How can they do it when we all know what their plan and game is! It's to use tax cuts and military spending in combination as a cynical device to "starve the beast" so nothing will be left for any domestic needs- whether infrastructure maintenance, or assistance (in nutrition) for malnourished kids and their moms. Apart from that, just one fifth of what they just pissed away with that $649b on useless military garbage (for our "freedoms" - sic) could have been used to mount a decent manned Mars expedition! No wonder this country has no more vision, including for space exploration. It's all been pissed away down ratholes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Osama is laughing from his grave as we near a debt default - largely arising from debt accumulated while pursuing him and his robed loonies! Mounting 2 major military invasions with over a half million troops for basically, a ragtag gang of maybe 1,000 - whose most advanced equipment on 9-11 cutters!

Yes, the Repukes truly need to have their weasley asses beaten to a pulp which is why...maybe...the Colorado Rollergirls ought to pay these punks a little visit on Capitol Hill! Here's a clue, girls: Whack Boehner hard enough and he will cry for mommy. His tears will flow like rivers! Whack him, Cantor and McConnell as hard you whacked those poor putzes yesterday, and maybe they'll come to their senses and sit down ready to deal with Obama for once! Seriously, not as charlatans and hucksters for Grover Norquist! Another grad-A asshole who needs his ass thrashed!

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