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RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) - Another Seasonal Bug You Really Want To Avoid - Just Ask Me


    The architecture of an hRSV viral particle. (A) A 7.5-nm central slice from a tomographic reconstruction of a filamentous hRSV viral particle. The boxed region highlights the area of the virus used in panel B. (B) Schematic of hRSV superimposed over the selected area of the hRSV viral particle from panel A. (C) Schematic representation of the architecture of an hRSV virus; the main structural components, the glycoproteins, the viral membrane, the matrix protein layer, the linker (M2-1), and RNP are indicated. Scale bars, 100 nm.

One of the viruses circulating now in the 'tripledemic" is RSV, afflicting both kids and older adults. Various sites like Mayo Clinic claim the cases are "generally mild" but not the one I have, no way in hell.  The bug struck on Thanksgiving Eve and has basically removed me from all but the most basic participation in the holiday, e.g. watching non-stop football on turkey day and reruns of Stargate Atlantis yesterday.  Janice contracted it first 10 days ago and is only now improving to the point she has her voice back and can taste food agin.

Meanwhile, I've been hammered at the outset:  pounding headache and nonstop nasal congestion as well as "tidal" discharge. And it's now gone into my lungs evidence by bright red plugs coughed out - never a sign of anything good.  Fortunately, I have an O2 concentrator machine which I hope will diminish the bad effects, so I don't end up with pneumonia. (Last night it was little use as the congestion overpowered the machine's O2 flow even at 3.3 litres/min.)

Needless to say, given the lack of energy and nonstop misery, there will be an extended hiatus in posts until I get over this bug well enough to think clearly.  In the meantime, I will put up some past goodies from yesteryears. starting Monday.

Stay safe and stay healthy and don't get RSV.  I've never had Covid, but I imagine that the form of RSV I have now is not too different from that in terms of the worst symptoms.

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