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Dem 50th Senate Win Means It's Even More Critical To Ensure Herschel Walker Is Stopped In GA


                            Herschel Walker - Totally Unfit To Occupy A Senate Seat

"Thanks to Americans’ preference for stability over tumult, Georgia’s December 6 runoff between Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker will no longer determine control of the Senate -- and therefore no longer invite a media circus and cesspool of campaign money.

If Warnock prevails, the real loser will be West Virginia’s Joe Manchin – who will lose effective control over the Democrats’ senate agenda because Democrats will gain a 51-49 majority that shifts the balance of power to Manchin’s left.

The other change if Warnock wins is that Senate committees will no longer be evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats will gain majorities on them, with the result that Biden’s nominees and Democrats’ bills won’t be deadlocked in committee, requiring time-consuming floor votes to resolve." -  Robert Reich,  'Keeping The Senate, Woo-Hoo',  Robert Reich's Substack

The news on Saturday night that Catherine Cortez Masto won the Senate seat in Nevada has many pundits arguing that the Georgia runoff next month is now redundant.  The Dems have secured the majority - with VP Kamala Harris' vote (if needed) on multiple decisions - so who cares if Sen. Raphael Warnock loses his GA seat to Trumpy Token Black Herschel Walker? Well, I care, so does Janice and millions of others.  As Janice put it Saturday night after the Nevada win secured the Senate:  "Now we have to win that runoff in Georgia and make sure Walker doesn't defile the Senate."

She has a point. Walker is perhaps the most unfit, unqualified Senate candidate whose lack of character - as well as intelligence - is an insult to all African-Americans in Georgia - as well as the U.S. Indeed, no better excoriation of this imp has been delivered than from the Rev. Jamal Bryant:

Atlanta Preacher Gives Herschel Walker the Business in Fiery Sunday Sermon (

That Sen. Warnock has now had to face a runoff with Walker is an abomination and discloses a level of minority faction in Georgia Republican voters that beggars the imagination. By all standards, Walker is a terrible candidate unfit to enter the Senate chamber. He’s dogged by a history of infidelity, domestic abuse and abortion — all of which (you would think) disqualifies a candidate running as a social conservative. One of his own advisers in fact said he lies “like he’s breathing.” So why cast a vote for this reprobate?

Voters aren’t stupid, or so one would hope.  They know Walker is a flawed GOP-confection (much like Clarence Thomas)  transported to Georgia from Texas simply to grab Sen. Warnock's seat. But there’s a reason he netted enough support to force a runoff with Raphael Warnock. The reason is pure power, a degenerate will to ensure Trumpian authoritarianism at any cost, even via a dull, black twit who doesn't know his ass from his elbow.  As the Financial Times Simon Schama put it in his weekend column:

"In the sole debate with Raphael Walker his mere completion of sentences was deemed acceptable."

Completion of sentences?  Janice disputes he's even capable of that.  Most of his inchoate blabbering in various campaign venues show he's better qualified to manage pigs on a pig farm than take a Senate seat from Warnock.

By comparison, look at Pennsylvania- where John Fetterman had a stroke but still beat Trump’s snake oil toady, Mehmet Oz.  How did that transpire?  Well because voting for Oz would have been a kind of lunacy. Fetterman, at any level of impairment, will be part of a coalition that protects women’s reproductive autonomy.  

Now, look at Walker.  He's had no stroke but can't even form a coherent sentence of five words that make sense. And the sentences he does form are laden with lies:  mainly repeated denials of all the accounts of women who proved (with documents and other communications)  he helped them get abortions.  Yet he has vowed he will help ban abortions nationwide if he is ever part of a Reep majority.  As Rev. Bryant put it, he is "willing to be the white man's slave, to do what they tell him to do".  

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger asked voters to come out “one last time" for the runoff election on December 6th.  Walker, who was endorsed by Traitor Trump, told cheering supporters at a hotel in suburban Atlanta last Tuesday, “I didn’t come here to lose.

But you will now, because there's no more reason for Georgia voters to keep you around. As Michael Moore put it on Alex Witt's Sunday show: 

"Walker had the help of Kemp - who brought out a lot of Republicans - on the midterm ballot. But Kemp won't be on the runoff ballot for December 6th.  So nearly all the same Dem and independent voters will turn out this time for Warnock - and he will remain in the Senate."

To which I totally agree, and as Moore noted, these runoff voters will not sit by and see their rights taken away by a Trump- approved lackey whose only function would be to do the Repukes' bidding. Further, with the Senate already in Dem hands there will be little motivation for Trump and Kemp's tribe to show up again for the woeful Walker. Why would they? 

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— from Reader Supported News


A national tsunami of fascist billionaire cash almost sank the 2022 mid-term elections. More than $270 million alone may have gone to buy media during Georgia’s 2022 Senate campaign.

But on December 6, a Peach State runoff could turn on a tiny fraction of that…if it goes to grassroots/relational organizing led by non-partisan get-out-the-vote groups such as the Center for Common Ground ( ) and the Atlanta NAACP.

It could also hinge on bottom-up action against the massive disenfranchisement perpetrated by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, as portrayed in Greg Palast’s new film “Vigilante.”


by Joan McCarter | November 12, 2022 - 7:39am | permalink

— from Daily Kos


It’s deja-vu all over again, with Georgia is in the spotlight and the Senate majority potentially hanging on the outcome of the December 6 run-off. Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock has been able to pivot immediately to getting out vote for in a shortened process while Republicans are occupied, as usual, with Trump.

The glaring deficiencies of Trump’s guy in the race, Herschel Walker, was enough to give Senate Republicans heartburn. The specter of Trump big-footing his way into the run-off and using it as a platform for his 2024 presidential launch is enough to give them heart attacks. Anonymously, of course.

“Hopefully Trump will stay out of the race as much as he possibly can, and if that means holding off announcing his campaign for the White House, that would be a smart move not just for Republicans’ chances in Georgia but Trump’s hopes to win the nomination for president,” one GOP aide told The Hill.


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