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Cassidy Hutchinson Exposes Trump As A Dyspeptic Brat - Now The Univ. Of Colorado Must Condemn Coup Architect Eastman


"At this point, anyone who isn’t calling what happened a year ago on Jan. 6 the failed coup of a presidential traitor either belongs to one of the world’s few remaining uncontacted tribes or only watches Fox News...If he’s not prosecuted, we have no reason to expect any better behavior in the future. And in that case, we will have only ourselves to blame"- Melinda Hennberger, 'Trump Broke The White House China and Our Democracy', Sacramento Bee

The  January 6th Committee "Surprise hearing" yesterday turned into another blockbuster with surprise witness Cassidy Hutchinson exposing Trump as a treasonous,  unhinged brat who liked to toss dishes during his tantrums, e.g.

In one incident the little orange asswipe was so exercised at Bill Barr's statements about the 2020 election he hurled a dish at the wall leaving a mess of food, catsup behind.  In another, the 78 yr. old brat pulled out the entire table cloth in a fit of pique leaving food, and dozens of porcelain fragments on the floor for the valet staff to clean up. But that is The Diaper Donald: An unhinged, megalomaniac two-year old in a septuagenarian's body.  A raging human roach with the heart of a traitor.

 What received less air play is the news that the Traitor's coup architect John Eastman  had all his electronic devices confiscated Monday by federal agents - who even used his Iphone to grab a face print of the slimeball.  This  had us both howling with laughter, so much that I could even forget my PSMA cancer scan was delayed.  The idiot Eastman also plans to file a law suit about some sort "of invasion" of his rights, when the only rights a traitor has are .... none.  

He lost them when he betrayed his country, trying to use Mike Pence  in a bizarre scheme to transfer electoral votes from Biden to Trump - as well as concocting  a twisted fake electors plan.  The latter, in case this genius doesn't know is fraud,   and perpetrated against federal election law. That was why he got busted and his toys taken.  In this case, Eastman betrayed his American citizen birthright by acting as the primo architect of Trump's plan to overturn the 2020 election.  So he merits no special considerations at all.   

Pence lawyer Greg Jacob even ridiculed the scheme which called for Pence to either reject electoral votes in swing states that went for Biden and declare Trump the president, or send disputed delegates (fake electors) home for their state legislatures to decide.  Then congress could be called in for a special session to declare Trump president.  Jacob even warned the turd about potential violence on January 6th - but the asswit remained unmoved.  He was licking his chops wanting it to happen, even having the nerve to tell WH lawyer Eric Herschmann  "There's always been violence in the history of our country to protect democracy".

So one can see this cockroach deserves what he got and even more. But that leaves unanswered why a major university would have this degenerate on its staff in the first place - at the Benson Center.  In this regard, The Denver Post Editorial of June 19th  was totally correct in declaring the University of Colorado Benson Center ought to condemn Eastman -- formerly a professor at the school- if you can believe it.  As the Editorial noted:

"House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol has made it abundantly clear this week that then-President Donald Trump planned and executed an immoral scheme to retain the White House over the will of American voters.

Trump’s right-hand man in this coup attempt was John Eastman, a professor who at the time was in a position of power at the University of Colorado’s Bruce D. Benson Center for the Study of Western Civilization.

Let the irony of that sink in.

The closest that our nation has come to a constitutional crisis in more than a century happened largely because of the actions of the Benson Center’s top thought leader during the 2020-21 school year.

Eastman also used his university email, according to documents given to The Denver Post, to have conversations with state lawmakers in Pennsylvania, about various ways to thwart the election results and seat alternative electors, a key part of the plan to persuade Pence to hand the election to Trump.

The center has refused to distance itself from Eastman. No strongly-worded condemnation of Eastman’s actions or the coup plot has been issued. The center cited low enrollment in Eastman’s courses as the reason for Eastman’s courses being canceled, "

The piece went on to point out as a "cornerstone of Western civilization" one generally recognizes  attributes that have allowed some nations to prosper in ways that have eluded other regions.   The most profound of these is "the peaceful transition of power, a democratic process that prevents the disruption and destruction of violent insurrections."   This the swine Trump, and his pawn Eastman, have totally rejected.  But that's why I regard them as traitors.

Incredibly, and ironically, a big talking point for Heidi Ganahl - in her campaign running for governor in the CO primary- was her membership on the CU Board Of Regents.  This was the same Board that cowardly screwed Prof. Ward Churchill out of his professorship over 15 years ago, after his essay  "On Roosting Chickens'"  was sent to it. This was an essay dug up from an obscure online journal (by a grudge-filled punk with too much time on his hands),  written after 9/11.  It compared the investment specialists and brokers in the World Trade Center to "little Eichmanns". In the wake of its exposure every little anti-free speech dunce in Colorado went batshit crazy calling for Churchill's head.  Next thing you know all his previous research was being vetted,  turned over for any signs of "plagiarism" -  and he was cut loose after the Board decided they found one or two.  Some years later the broken prof took the case to court -and  actually won when CU's reaction was found heavy -handed.  He was rewarded with a few bucks as compensation.  He never taught again.

 The whole episode showed the "free speech" meme for the hypocritical bollocks it was because -  while someone could depict Muslims as "ragheads" in cartoons -   he couldn't dare call into the question the U.S. role in inciting blowback - as Churchill did.   

This is germane now given Ganahl recently told The Colorado Sun that she wished "Eastman had not involved CU in the whole conversation on what happened on January 6th".  Adding: "But I also believe in academic freedom and we've got to let these things play out."  Funny how little her "academic freedom" meant when Ward Churchill's essay was put under the CU Board of Regent's microscope, and it had far less grievous consequences for U.S democratic survival than Trump and Eastman's conspiracy.    

 Indeed, as columnist Mike Littwin observed ('Eastman: American Villain', COS Indy, June 22-26, p. 18): "If I'm Attorney General Merrick Garland, I'm putting everyone on the staff on double overtime."   Noting also:

"On the night of January 6th when the Senate was back in session, Eastman was still plotting.  On the day after he asked Rudy Giuliani if there was still a Trump pardon list, and if so if he could get on it."   

Case closed!

At least the wheels of justice are grinding onward now in Eastman's direction as well as another cockroach collaborator, Jeffrey Clarke.  And thanks to Cassidy Hutchinson's brave testimony who knows how many other traitor heads will finally roll.   As for Tony Ornato and Secret Service pal Engel who contradicted her testimony- i.e.  that Trump tried to grab the limo steering wheel- let them come forward and testify to that under oath. Else they are just emitting noxious fumes like Trump and merit no serious consideration.

Let's hope for all our sake's we get every last Trump upper level ally involved in this most despicable recent event in the nation's history.  And maybe we can also get Trump in the end, despite, as Littwin write (ibid.): "Illegality is not a problem for Trump.   Even getting caught isn't a problem.  He has always weaseled his way out of trouble, hasn't he?"  - Well, maybe not this time around - if Merrick Garland has the same level of stones as Eric Holder.

 See Also:

FBI Seizes Phone of Trump Lawyer Eastman


Federal agents have seized the phone of John Eastman, a conservative lawyer and key figure in then-President Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election, according to a Monday court filing, in the latest signal that the Justice Department is ramping up its criminal investigation into that effort.

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents acting on behalf of the Justice Department’s inspector general stopped Mr. Eastman and took the iPhone as he was leaving a restaurant on Wednesday, he wrote in a motion filed in New Mexico seeking to recover the device from the government.

The same day, federal agents searched the Northern Virginia home of Jeffrey Clark, a former Justice Department official who promised to help Mr. Trump’s efforts to reverse his election loss by pressuring the agency to promote his false claims of widespread election fraud. The agents took into their possession all of Mr. Clark’s electronic devices, he later said.

The seizures offered some of the clearest indications yet that prosecutors investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol have moved beyond the violence on the day the election results were set to be certified and are examining the actions of senior officials involved in Mr. Trump’s efforts to stay in office.



We now know that Donald Trump imagined himself as the head of the violent, armed mob storming the Capitol on Jan. 6 to steal the election. He repeatedly tried to make his fantasy a reality, even as his lawyers and security personnel recommended against it. And when that didn't work out for him, he threw a tantrum like the thuggish bully that he is, physically assaulting a Secret Service member in an attempt to force the agent to let Trump play out the Leni Riefenstahl remake in his head.

There will be a world of deflection, bullshit, hand-waving and dithering from Republicans to distract from Tuesday's revelations. But it will be difficult to erase the vivid picture painted by Cassidy Hutchinson.


All the bombshells Cassidy Hutchinson dropped about Trump and Jan. 6

by Noah Berlatsky | June 29, 2022 - 8:18am | permalink

— from Alternet

Donald Trump didn’t just conspire to overturn the election. He ripped off his own supporters while doing it.  Treason, it turns out, is a lucrative endeavor.




Voters have rosy memories of a time with less inflation and lower gasoline prices. The coronavirus, while not gone, appears to be reaching an endemic stage. But the reality of having a megalomaniac in the White House — and how close Mr. Trump brought the democratic system to the precipice — was shown in horrifyingly vivid detail on Tuesday, when Cassidy Hutchinson, a top Trump White House aide, appeared under oath before the select House committee....Sadly, it may well be that not enough Americans are paying attention to what is being revealed in these hearings.  

Inflation will pass, wages will rise, and supply chains will adapt. The consequences of re-empowering an unhinged personality, after he has faced no serious consequences for literally trying to overthrow the democratic order, would last forever.  Americans must snap out of their complacency. The stakes are higher — and time is shorter — than they realize

by Robert Reich | June 29, 2022 - 7:43am | permalink

— from Robert Reich's Substack


After today’s explosive testimony by Cassidy Hutchinson — who served as chief assistant to Mark Meadows and was literally and figuratively in the middle of Trump’s White House — I don’t see how Attorney General Merrick Garland can avoid prosecuting Trump, as well as Mark Meadows and Rudy Giuliani.

If you didn’t hear or see her testimony, Hutchinson portrayed a plot, in which Trump was directly involved, to stop the counting of electoral ballots on January 6. Meadows, Giuliani, Mike Flynn, and Roger Stone were also directly involved. Trump knew rioters were coming to Washington with weapons, and knew they had weapons on January 6. He knew they were threatening the life of Mike Pence. He knew they were dangerous. He wanted to be on Capitol Hill when they stormed the Capitol. He could have stopped them at any point, but he chose not to.

It was the most chilling depiction yet of a president in charge of an attempted coup. Trump knew exactly what was happening and what he was doing. He knew he was acting in violation of his oath of office and inciting violence in order to stay in office. He repeatedly refused to listen to reason, or to change course.


by Joan McCarter | June 28, 2022 - 7:53am | permalink

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