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'JFK Through The Looking Glass' - A Superb Oliver Stone Documentary (But Perhaps Too Much For Casual Viewers)


                  JFK seconds before being assassinated in Dallas, Nov, 22, 1963

Numerous contributions to the vast historical constellation of JFK assassination media, e.g. films, video interviews, computer analyses and books,  have been documented. But few will be as important as Oliver Stone's new (Showtime) documentary: 'JFK Revisited- Through The Looking Glass From Conspiracy Theory To Fact.'  

 The reason is that Stone approaches the assassination aftermath and investigations, document releases in a methodical way.   Examining every major piece of new evidence - accessed since 1992 via The JFK Records Act-  and how and why it fits into a conspiracy scheme.  This includes the "magic bullet" (CE 399)  e.g.

                                        The magic bullet: CE399

Which we now know went through so many changes in custody its use as any objective evidence is essentially useless.  Beyond that, multiple tests performed by specialist Joseph Dolce -  to try to replicate a pristine bullet by firing the same rifle at animal skulls of different bone density -   all failed. Every test bullet came out badly misshapen unlike CE 399 which was barely damaged.  Of course this fictional bullet was needed - confected in Arlen Specter's "single bullet theory"  - because without it making all those (7) wounds another shooter would be needed, and that meant conspiracy.  The latter to be avoided at all costs and it was clear from reading the infamous Katzenbach memo, i.e. from Part I:

1.     The public must be satisfied that Oswald was the assassin, that he did not have confederates who are still at large; and that the evidence was such that he would have been convicted at trial.

Basically rendering a verdict even before a trial. Then on to the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle Oswald allegedly used to assassinate JFK, with so many differences - again-  from what was found to what was entered in evidence (by the Warren Commission) that it boggles the mind.  For example, Robert Frazier, an FBI firearms expert,  measured the rifle found at the Book Depository and found it was 40.2 inches long from barrel to stock, or  a 4.2 inch difference from the one Oswald allegedly ordered.   

Then we see images showing Dallas officials bringing the purported rifle out of the TSBD but with the straps on the left side of the stock, embedded in the stock.  But the straps in the backyard photo are shown on the rifle bottom but not on the side of the stock.  But what about those backyard photos of Oswald with a rifle?  We learn from the documentary that Dallas police showed Oswald one of the photos while he was in custody, and he responded, saying: "That's my face but I don't recall having that picture taken".

And of course none of this makes sense anyway, given as the narrator (not Stone) asks: "Why would any assassin leave a paper trail that would lead right back to them?"     That paper trail would obviously include the ordering records (from Klein's Sporting goods) as well as any photographs. It makes no sense if Lee was the assassin, given he was not a stupid guy.  It does make sense if he was set up as a patsy, and I already presented an analysis using fractional calculus that the Oswald back yard photos published in LIFE magazine were a fake, e.g.

The Stone documentary covers much more than this - each time incorporating the relevant files, evidence etc. from the assassination records released.  The sheer volume of material included in a short time (2 hrs.) is formidable, and this may well be too much for the casual viewer- not to mention the shocks.  I.e.  Investigator Barry Ernst learning the sole potential direct witness of Oswald at the Book Depository     - Victoria Adams (who worked on the 4th floor)-   had her taped testimony destroyed by the Warren Commission. Why would this be done?  Well, the only conceivable reason was to prevent the "lone assassin" theory from ending up in the dumpster.  (This was basically confirmed when Ernst did finally locate Ms. Adams and secured her version of events in person.)  Basically the Adams' version of events (supported by a co-worker and supervisor)  destroyed the WC poppycock that Oswald would have had ample time to fire the shots from the 6th floor and get down to the 2nd floor cafeteria - and not even be out of breath.  Basically, it meant Oswald wasn't even on the 6th floor at the time of the assassination.

Not to be omitted is how the WC blocked the Parkland drs. (especially Malcolm Perry) from identifying the definite exit wound in the back of the head which points directly to a frontal shot, driving brain and bones backward, e.g.

The disreputable WC tried to eliminate the incriminating exit wound with clever mortuary tricks  (e.g. using mortician's plaster) to make it appear as an intact head with only a small entry wound, e.g.

But as the documentary notes, Parkland surgeon Charles Crenshaw ultimately had enough of this disgusting dodge and published his book, JFK - Conspiracy of Silence, exposing it all, in 1992:

 Just beyond this segment we then learn of all the fake brain tissues housed at the National Archives. They cannot be from the deceased brain (e.g. dorsal view)  of JFK  because up to one third of his brain was shattered and blown out with the frontal rifle shot -the remnants scattered on Elm St. with bone fragments, blood.  The writer (and long time JFK researcher) James Di Eugenio, does a fine job exposing this attempted ruse.   Several pathologists interviewed confirm the chicanery,  including using a 2-3 week old "fixed" cadaver brain to substitute for JFK's 3 day old remnants when Warren Commission exhibits were being annotated, logged as evidence.

Indeed, as each new revelation about the original evidence (e.g. Oswald's CIA, FBI connections) is presented, I felt that the aggregate  was simply going to be too much for most  casual viewers to absorb. Especially near the end where we learn Thomas Arthur Vallee was prepped by the CIA  (transferred from Long Island to the Windy city)  to assassinate JFK in Chicago  on Nov. 2, 1963.   The plan failed,  according to  Prof Paul Bleau, when an informant named "Lee" warned of the plot on Oct. 31.   JFK cancelled his Chicago trip at the last minute and no one was the wiser. Prof Bleau, providing the background, noted that both Vallee and Oswald were former marines who had been stationed in the far East on code -breaking assignments.  If "Lee" was  Lee Oswald, who upset the earlier assassination plan, it makes sense he would then become the target.

 From many points of view then this documentary is really for those who have already done some significant reading and questioning on their own.  If it is a 'newbe'  trying to absorb all this data and information  for the first time, his or her head will be likely spinning after the first 45 minutes. Think of the analogy - often given to 1st year M.I.T. physics students - of trying to "drink water through a fire hose." 

This is not a knock on Stone, incidentally, but a testament to his thoroughness, to be able to compile so much detail (with the help of researcher James DiEugenio, author of 'Reclaiming Parkland') .   At the same time Stone is  trying to make the legal case (and I believe he succeeds)  that the assassination was part of  a conspiracy - and Lee Oswald was likely innocent of any connection to it. He was, in fact, the patsy he claimed to be.

A recent column in the LA Times by Jefferson Morley adds more fuel to this fire as we learn Biden will now postpone any further release of JFK files until at least December of next year. Morley doesn't believe they will be released even then (as Stone points out, NO files were originally to be released until the year 2029 under Warren Commission fiat.) 

 Why the delay? Morley conjectures the CIA is behind the delay -  "slow walking" the release because some of those files are downright explosive - especially regarding one particular renegade, George Joannides:   

Joannides, we learn from the film, played a major role in helping to block the HSCA  access to critical JFK files at the time of that investigation. Later, in 1992, when the Assassinations Review Board wished to release a key Joannides' file and asked a CIA go-between if this could be done, he replied: "I know there's a reason why that file shouldn't be released, I just can't think of it!"  It never did see the light of day.  Only after Joannides' role was fully made clear to HSCA Chief Counsel Robert Blakey, did he finally say he would never trust the CIA again.  Blakey also observed:

"The purpose of the Warren Commission wasn't to find out what really happened but to assure Americans what didn't happen."


Brane Space: Frequently Asked Questions on the JFK Assassination: (Pt. 7): The HSCA Investigation ( 

All this cloak and dagger dodging and concealment, as I  also already noted,  e.g.

 isn't even necessary any longer.  This is provided one is not out to "prove" a legal case and simply goes by the physics of the shots and the observed reactions.  Also based on what we know from the millions of related files that have been released.  For example, the damning files pertaining to Operation Northwoods to provide an excuse to invade Cuba, e.g.

Also exposed in the film. 

As I wrote in that earlier referenced post:   

The bottom line is that most of the salient information and key files have already been released and have been sitting under people's noses for two decades or more. The fact is additional files, with the exception of the Joannides CIA ones, will add very little to our insights.  This is something to keep in mind as more and more media mouthpieces start exaggerating the importance of remaining files as we near the release date.

My position hasn't changed, including after viewing Oliver Stone's excellent documentary - which only makes my case stronger (See e.g. my book: 'The JFK Assassination - The Final Analysis') .  The takeaway  for me -  in watching Stone's non-fiction "magnus opus"  - was the sheer determination of officialdom and the national security state to prevent the truth from emerging.  This alone shows there was an enormous consciousness of guilt, and hence indeed a conspiracy.  

The ultimate goal, i.e. in the brutally honest Zapruder film, to warn all future American presidents they are not the ones in control.   See the actual key Z-film segment - and the conspiracy scheme theorized  by New Orleans DA Jim Garrison - in this clip from the movie 'JFK':

The Zapruder Film - JFK (6/7) Movie CLIP (1991) HD - YouTube

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