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The Core Problem Facing Dems: Too Many Independent Voters Believe The Republicans Are A Normal Party


      How slap happy will these Virginia women be when their abortion rights are taken away?

The mainstream media has many takes on the fiasco that transpired in Virginia last night (and one that almost did in New Jersey).  But the central, cornerstone issue for me is that American voters- namely independents or "swing voters" - are too damned dumb to recognize a political con even staring them in the face.  Namely that the GOP is NOT  a genuine party but a damned personality cult.

This bunch hasn't done a goddamned thing in the x years they did hold power in whatever state. In Texas they've made a shambles of both voting and abortion laws based on idiocy and following Trump's unhinged rhetoric.  Women there are now faced with no abortion access after 6 weeks of pregnancy when most don't  even realize they're pregnant. This applies for cases of incest and rape.  

You'd think the college-educated women of Virginia - mainly independents- would have figured that lesson out and not be sucked into the maelstrom, but they were by Glenn Youngkin.  Adopting all the glib phoniness of Gee Dumbya Bush before him, this former Carlisle group equity pirate suckered enough Virginia swing voters to sneak into the governorship- with the help of the MAGA Trumpies.  And that isn't the half of it. The cult party GOP also claimed all 3 statewide offices in Virginia and will likely take control of the state's House of Delegates. 

 Now, it is just a matter of time before all those gleeful women celebrating this rat's victory  (see graphic) will be crying - after they lose the basic rights over their own bodies.  Don't believe it? Youngkin already vowed he'd remove abortion rights, though he insisted he'd still make exceptions for rape and incest.  And if you're dumb enough to buy that I have a beachfront in Barbados to sell you for a song.

How much evidence of treason and skullduggery do intelligent people have to see before they grasp they are being snookered by a political cult that has no interest in their welfare?  I mean, the Reeps are the same bunch that tried to overthrow the government - at least the peaceful transfer - on January 6th, at the behest of a traitor.  And Virginians reward them by putting a Trump clone into their highest office?

Did they not see and hear the testimony of the Capitol police officers, how they were bludgeoned by American flags wielded by half-crazed followers of Trump? Do they not remember the testimony of officer Harry Dunn   who had heard the Trump mob - after breaching the Capitol- shout Joe Biden is not the president, nobody voted for Joe Biden"   Dunn responding:

"I voted for Biden. Does my vote not count? Am I nobody?"

Then the mob taunting him with racial epithets, in Dunn's words: 

"Hey guys, this nigger voted for Joe Biden.  Then the crowd, perhaps of about twenty people, joined in, screaming 'Boo! Fucking nigger!'  No one had ever called me a nigger while wearing the uniform of a Capitol police officer."

Confirming once and for all the degenerate nature of the Trump  mob.  See for example what is happening in Florida to Sen. Tina Polsky who simply asked Florida's new  (quack) surgeon general  (Joseph Ladapo) to wear a mask in her office,

Florida lawmaker cites 'disturbing, hateful voicemails' after mask flap with state surgeon general | TheHill


State Sen. Tina Polsky Receiving Death Threats Following Maskless Run-In With Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo (

As the headline story shows this  virulent hatred remains in the wake of Trump's ouster from office. It has been responsible for too much violence already, including over 5,000 incidents on commercial airlines as well as hundreds of school board altercations with threats made against health professionals. In the Boca Raton FL case it was death threats  directed at Sen. Tina Polsky.  This is a brainless, hateful mob which these independent voters have now effectively joined by blindly voting  Trump pawn Glenn Youngkin into office.

All this ought to have been even more in the forefront following the Washington Post's revelations of just how Trump betrayed the nation and let violence rage for 187 minutes while doing nothing - oh, except watching it play out on cable TV.    How can any person with even a semblance of sanity or sense put anyone associated with these traitor scum back into power - especially after all the obstruction they did in their last Senate and House cycles?  Especially after their sedition and insurrection planning?  Youngkin himself ran a Trump-inspired campaign based on conspiracy theories, disinformation and race baiting. It was atrocious and apparent to anyone who's familiar with deep politics-  but not to voters who are snookered by facile lies. hollow promises, and whether one can have a beer with the guy. 

It boggles the mind how any state's voters - the non-MAGA ones- could catapult traitor offshoots into power.  It is disheartening and disturbing and as one commenter on All In last night noted, shows a knee jerk reaction to discomfiting circumstances manifested in a blind need to change - never mind the nature of the change.   

 Look, we all want to get out from the shadow of the pandemic to a better economy and a better country.  But an improved economy is directly dependent on controlling the virus, and this can't happen if people believe lies about masking and the vaccines! Hence, the way forward is not to entrust power to  a cult party of traitors and liars.  Liars - about Covid and the insurrection- who've sacrificed over 100,ooo of their own red staters (to the delta variant)  in a bid to sow confusion and gain unearned respect and high office.   These vermin - no matter how they polish their image or try to disavow Trump - are still all in with him and his MAGA mob. They sense the despair of too many citizens concerning the soaring prices and still uncontrolled Covid and are determined to exploit trepidation to regain ascendancy.

But electing them expecting something better  is to fall into a cynical political trap.  The biggest lie to emerge from the VA, close NJ contests?  Dan Henninger's comment in his WSJ column today that: "The GOP now owns three security issues: on education, economic security and civil security."  

If that is indeed the case we have witnessed the beginning of a national suicide pact and you could as well kiss this country goodbye.

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