Monday, November 30, 2020

Does Trump Need Immediate Electro-shock Therapy? Absolutely!


The perfect treatment for Donald Trump would be ECT, as Dr. Pat Bannister used to order for paranoid schizophrenics in the 1970s.

That Trump is a wackjob, screwball and basket case is by now abundantly clear even to the most purblind follower.  (At least with an I.Q. over 90.)  Especially after his latest outbursts of drivel Sunday when he suggested even his own DOJ and the FBI could be in on his imaginary voter fraud conspiracy.  

In his first TV interview since the election, this hare-brained, psychotic sore loser casually suggested to Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo that the Justice Department and the FBI might have been part of a broad conspiracy to rig the election.   

In the real world of objective events, former cyber security chief Christopher Krebs affirmed on '60 Minutes' that the Nov. 3 general election was "the most secure in American history", e.g.

The Cybersecurity 202: Chris Krebs fiercely defends election while President Trump’s attacks on it get …


As he clearly pointed out to CBS' Scott Pelley:  

"I have confidence in the security of this election because I know the work that we've done for four years in support of our state and local partners. I know the work that the intelligence community has done, the Department of Defense has done, that the FBI has done, that my team has done. I know that these systems are more secure. I know based on what we have seen that any attacks on the election were not successful."

 This pathetic exhibition of Trump's on FOX follows his equally pathetic display on Saturday while belching paranoid conspiracy claptrap from a  "kiddies' table"', e.g. 

Not to mention 30-odd court losses including on Friday. Then the Philadelphia-based 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals denied a (mail)  ballot challenge, asserting the Trump campaign's case "lacked proof and had no merit" (WSJ today, p. A5).  This preceding the end of the Wisconsin recount on Sunday which showed Biden picked up even more votes over Trump.  What was the definition of insanity offered by Einstein?  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. 

The larger problem is the man is clearly out of his head to the extent of being unable to run the country on account of his obsessive delusions.  Hence woefully unfit to attend to the raging pandemic.  He is, in effect, a danger not only to himself but to the nation at large and needs an intervention.  A psycho-therapeutic one, to use my psychology niece Shayl's lingo.      And the only way to bring him back to reality is to apply electro-convulsive (shock) therapy in her opinion (and mine).   

ECT as it's called is the "go to" intervention for severe detachment from reality such as Dotard demonstrates, i.e.

 While it isn't a cure, its steady and daily application to Trump could at least get him relatively stable and functional for the remaining lame duck time in office.  At the very least, short circuiting any fever dream to blow the planet up in retribution for the loss he refuses to accept, e.g.

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