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Biden Now Looks To Be A Shoo-In For Next President - As Trump Turns Tinpot Dictator

 "If Biden wins — and we may not know for days — it may be by just a sliver of votes in several key battleground states. Although he’ll likely win the popular vote, there will be no landslide — no overwhelming majority telling Trump and those around him that enough was enough: Be gone with you and never bring that kind of politics of division back to this country again."  - Thomas Friedman, 'There Was A Loser Last Night: It Was Ameica'.  NY Times

"Trump showed us the tinpot dictator  he truly is when he went off script during an address at two in the morning and demanded no more ballots be counted."  - John Heileman, on Morning Joe'

That Trump is a tinpot dictator wannabe should be news to no one with any sentience.  We saw that play out again early in the morning as Donnie Doh-Turd tried to claim a premature victory despite ballots still being counted in several battleground states- especially Michigan and Pennsylvania - which the maggot won in 2016.   E.g. 

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But this is the orange bastard's shtick and why he likely won't go quietly into that dark night.  As George Stephanopoulos noted  on ABC  ('Good Morning America')this morning, he'd rather sow division and make threats than adhere to the democratic process of counting all votes. (And yet, hypocrite that he is, he demands all ballots continue to be counted in Arizona where Biden hold a 4-plus point lead.)

Now, truth be told, last night did not go as many of us wanted or expected.  I was actually foolish enough to expect a landslide early Biden 'W' given he's going against a dung heap, dumpster fire, no count incompetent who's allowed over 232,000 fellow citizens to perish on his watch, from Covid 19.   But hey!  I admit my folly now and absurd expectation that the vast majority of Americans would have come to their senses and totally repudiated this POS.  They didn't, making it far too close with same day Trumpkin turnout - thereby validating  H.L. Mencken's famous saying:

"Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people."

That is given how many latent Trumpkins - clearly not factored into polls- crawled out of the national woodwork  yesterday to not only make this race much closer than the polls forecast, but skittered the expectation we'd take back the Senate.  (Which up to now is up in the air, given we're two R- flips short.)   But more on that tomorrow when I launch into my 'Diatribes and Digressions' about this election.

Back to Joe Biden.  Despite the hand wringing by many liberals and Dems that last night's events did not match expectations, it looks like Biden will snatch the presidency - never mind Trump's infantile eruptions. (Sure to get worse as we head to a final Pennsylvania mail ballot count by next Tuesday -  the deadline for the military and overseas ballots to be counted.  But forget him trying to drag the Supremes into it. Not going to happen, especially in terms of stopping an ongoing valid election count.)  Despite that, the dastardly Reeps are trying to have challenged thousands of mail ballots from Philly which were "cured", i.e.  errors corrected.   Evidently the Reeptards never processed that "curing" is part of the mail ballot process - as it is here in Colorado.  See:

Biden'e electoral vote count currently stands at 238, Trump is at 213.  Biden has a much easier and more varied path to 270, and we can show using the probable states he will win, how he gets to that winning number.    Much credit here goes to MSNBC's Steve Kornacki who did an excellent in-depth analysis into the numbers in 3 states: Nevada (6 electoral votes), Wisconsin (10 electoral votes) and Michigan (16 electoral votes).

As Kornacki showed  Biden's Nevada's lead looks solid and we can safely reckon it into Biden's column. Wisconsin, albeit nail biting close also is going to Biden. Finally, Trump's early (same day vote) lead in Michigan has already vanished, thanks to mail ballots now being counted, i.e. in Wayne County, and as Kornacki showed many more votes from black areas will be coming in to increase the Biden lead. So we can even say at this point Michigan will come back into the blue column after Trump stole it in 2016.

Now, add up those electoral votes from these three states: 

6 + 10 + 16 32.

Now, add them to Biden's existing total:  238 +   32 =   270    

So Biden hits the magic number of 270.  Why is this important?  Well, because William McGrurn (of WSJ hack stable fame) proclaimed on FOX this morning the Pennsylvania mail  ballot extension (given via earlier Supreme Court stay ruling) can be "relitigated"  via the newly minted 6-3 conservo -leaning court - thanks to Amy Coney Barrett now on it. According to McGurn:

"They (Supreme Court) earlier rejected the Republican request for a stay, so that can be revisited. And we now have Amy Coney Barrett on the court, so that can change a lot. You know, Pennsylvania and other states invited this."

If McGurn's contention proves correct, say before Friday the court takes it up, it really won't matter once Biden snatches the three states noted above, because he will already have hit the magic 270.  So all the Repukes will be doing is preventing Biden from padding his lead, but not preventing him from getting the presidency.

Let us also note here that Joe Biden has so far won 70.7 million votes across the nation, according to the Associated Press tally, breaking the previous record held by former President Barack Obama in the 2008 election.  By comparison Trump has won 3 million less, or 67.7 million. Another big popular vote win for the Dems! 

Stay tuned, my friends!  Yes, it's a bummer we may not get the Senate, but at this point I will still be elated at seeing the orange fungus leaving office- and the tears now flowing from his cult followers!

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