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Trump Has Done More Damage To Our Electoral System Than Russian Bots - Or GRU Agents

 That Donald Trump's name  - even long after he's gone- will live in infamy, is by now well- acknowledged by sentient citizens.  Even if his reality-detached, mentally- deranged crackpot followers still worship him as an orange demigod and are unable to process he will soon be history, e.g.   

These pathetic creatures can in some way be given a limited dispensation, probably with condition they seek therapy or some mental help.  After all, their brains have been gutted by the lies spewed from their orange master, Dotard.   As my psychology post doc niece put it:  "They could each use about 1,000 hours of online therapy along with some good anti-psychotic meds - when it sinks in that Trump is not going to be around for a  second term."  

No similar dispensations or excuses can be made for Trump who- in the space of about ten minutes last night:  "took a pick axe to our election system".  Those the words of former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, so appalled by the outrageous claims and vile lies regurgitated about our just concluded election.   Not only did he do vast,  possibly irreparable damage with his reckless reference to a "coup" and "illegal ballots",   he also sowed the seeds of potential civil violence.  This is if his legion of zombies and cult followers  are unable to process the reality of his loss. (Hell, HE can't process the reality of his impending loss!)    

But the point is that with his wild and reckless claims, Traitor Trump (in conjunction with FOX News' lackeys like Tucker Carlson) have arguably done more damage to our electoral system - especially torpedoing citizen trust- than 1 billion Russkie bots on Facebook  - and 1000 Russian GRU agents working overtime to spread disinformation.    What's even worse is that the GOP Senate Sewer rats - like Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz- are helping to spread the same garbage and false claims of voter fraud. Hence, these vermin are accomplices to Trump's destruction of our electoral system, and hence also traitors to our constitution and democracy.  (Which we knew already when they voted to keep him around after he was impeached.)

I didn't think things could get much worse -  after the election - when Trump prematurely barked out that  he was the winner, at 2:30 in the morning Wednesday.  But they did get worse later that night when QAnon goons and imps began protesting - long guns in hand - at the Maricopa,, AZ   vote processing center as well as  targeting the TFC Center in Detroit 

Then, instead of quieting the roiling and raw emotions percolating inside so many  - who believed counting ballots is the same as "stealing votes"  - Trump and his allies among the GOP's Senate rats began pumping up the volume of lies, innuendo and baseless claims, disinformation.  

Lindsey Graham at first tried to remain silent as Trump fulminated, then "earned a Twitter rebuke from Trump, 'No one is surprised!''"  according to an FT report.  After that, the  shameless Trump asslicker  went 'all in' and "promised $500,000 for a fund to fight legal battles".   He even went so far as to insist Trump could have all the votes in Pennsylvania "quarantined"  and then on Dec. 14 appoint Trump-friendly state electors to cast electoral votes for him.   There is your real coup and I can tell Lindsey now it would not go down well if implemented.   Anyone recall what transpired after Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968? 

One would have thought that since these same lower level GOP minions may also need the election system one day to further their aspirations, that they'd show more respect for it.  But they obviously do not care.  They'd rather destroy faith in the system now among many millions of voters, just to appease Trump.  Why?  One theory offered is that they need his Twitter base to keep getting elected.  So their party and position in it is more important than the nation or our election system. Let them recall their actions when that system is totally destroyed after being currently delegitmized  through their cowardice and collusion.

From Belleau Wood to Iwo Jima to the beaches of Normandy, hundreds of thousands have died for the right these wretched, cynical, sore loser imps and traitors so shamelessly defile now.  But I suppose we ought not be surprised when Trump himself dismissed those heroes as "suckers and losers"  mere months ago for sacrificing their lives, e.g.

Americans Who Died in War Are 'Losers ... - The Atlantic

The take this morning, e.g. from John Dickerson and Major Garrett on CBS, is that Trump will not concede even after Biden is designated President- elect.   Garrett's take was that basic civics may need to be re- taught to Trump, in particular  that there are certain rules that must be followed in any transition.  However, given that Trump has blown past all existing rules and norms that may not matter. 

 As one legal specialist on MSNBC put it, all the legal moves by the Trump cabal are merely PR sideshows and "political theater" meant to pump up the base and keep the mentally-challenged minions agitated.  All screaming that the "illegal ballots" (e.g. mail ballots)  are being counted while the real "legal" ones (same day ballots at polls) are ignored. Too ignorant to grasp that BOTH ballots are legitimate so Trump's efforts at casting illegitimacy on this election - because of widespread use of mail ballots- is simply sour grapes.  But magnified to the point of a malignant trope designed to keep civil unrest going for months.  

Russian GRU agents,  who for months had sought to interfere in our election system (seeding bots and disinfo on social media),  must be overjoyed now. That our own so-called leaders (especially a sitting president)  have ably done their nefarious work for them, i.e. in targeting and undermining our election -  and setting us at each other's throats.  

Trump and his family, political acolytes,  need to grok that the greatest majority of voting Americans in history - nearly 75 million - have made their choice known and decided to fire Trump for his incompetence, unfitness for office and endless gaslighting and sowing division.  He needs to finally put on his big boy pants and acknowledge he needs to go into the sunset without fanning more flames of unrest or questioning the legitimacy of this election.

Or admit he's  been a Russian plant and puppet all along.

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