Monday, September 3, 2018

Trump's Retraction Of Federal Workers' Pay Raise Ought To Motivate Them On Nov. 6!

"Doh, for Labor Day I think I'll cancel federal workers' pay raise!"

The news that Dotard decided to deprive 2 million  federal workers of an expected 2.1 percent pay raise is bad enough but the B.S. -laden excuses given insult the intelligence of every American with an IQ in excess of room temperature digits.. Trump actually claimed (WSJ, Aug. 31, p. A1) :

"We must maintain efforts to put our nation on a fiscally sustainable course and federal agency budget cannot sustain such increases.:

Transl.  Don't look at the huge deficits created with my tax cuts, mainly for the rich. Oh and don't fret if there is a Bird flu outbreak in the coming flu season. Who needs the federal workers of the CDC after all?

In addition, its choice that Dotard squawks about the "unsustainable course" of federal agencies - which largely work to keep all Americans safe, from monitoring disease outbreaks like the CDC does, to putting out monster fires in the West, to keeping our bombers and fighter planes maintained and battle - ready.  But none of that counts, it seems, next to Trump rewarding his billionaire pals with more goodies.

One of the most vile aspects of this move is that under current law federal workers were set to receive a 2.1 percent across the  board pay increase beginning on January 1st next year. But Trump single-handedly pulled the plug,  saying he was unilaterally eliminating the pay increase. Well, what do you expect of a wannabe dictator and authoritarian?

Fortunately, congress can override Dotard, say by including the pay raise in the upcoming debt ceiling deadline for which legislation must be passed by Sept 30 to avoid a shutdown.

And let's bear in mind congressional non-partisan score keepers have already projected a $ trillion budget shortfall over a decades, thanks to the GOP-Trump tax cuts, as well as $300 b in added debt in the current year's budget agreement. Plus, the GOP - if by some nightmare they keep the House - plan to add another $500 b in deficits from a tax cut extension (to 2025).

But the federal workers whose responsibility it will be to keep us protected in the event of an Avian flu outbreak this fall? Well, they can go suck salt or pound sand, if Trump gets his way.  (Or a weak kneed GOP dominated congress holds sway).

Now that this is known, the perfect response of all  affected federal workers ought to be to send an unmistakable message to the orange toad: We plan to vote Dem this November 6 to remove your GOP enablers and protectors.  Now you will face endless investigations, so suck that up while you enjoy your brief two months before the curtain comes down.

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