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Spare Me Your Pseudo-Moral Outrage, Ted Olson!

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I had to laugh heartily when I spotted former Solicitor General Ted Olson's polemic ('A Disgraceful Process') in the latest issue of TIME Oct. 1, p. 27).  First it helps to jog readers' memories on just who this asshole is, in case they forgot.   He was the chief lawyer for the Dumbya side in the now historic case of Bush v. Gore in 2000.   This was yet another case of the archaic Electoral College playing a major role in grabbing a presidency for a Repuke - in this case George Bush Jr.  But maybe the bigger picture - as spelled out by Vince Bugliosi in his book, 'The Betrayal of America'-  was how the then Supreme Court basically chose the president.

As Bugliosi writes (p. 41,  Chapter: 'None Dare Call It Treason'):

"In the December 12 ruling by the Supreme Court handing the election to George Bush, the Court committed the unpardonable sin of being a knowing surrogate for the Republican Party instead of being an impartial arbiter of the law."

As an accomplice to this perfidy we find one Ted Olson, taking the side for BushCo.  Now this villain of the piece (an accomplice to "treason" by Bugliosi's reckoning), wants us to get all worked up over the terrible deed being perpetrated on Brett Kavanaugh. Olson writes to start:

"HOW LOW WE HAVE SUNK. the DEMOCRATS have demanded an FBI investigation into an alleged drunken assault from 36 years ago, between teenagers, at a party in a private home."

How low have we sunk? Before you go into that, you'd do well to ask that question of Sen. Mitch McConnell who happily kept Obama's SC pick (Merrick Garland)  on ice for the better part of a year, to deny ANY process. And now Olson has the nerve to insist on Kumbaya - and Kavanaugh confirmed with zero impediments?  Note also Olson's parlance: "an alleged drunken assault ....between teenagers"  thereby cynically conflating victim (Dr. Ford) with alleged perp (Kavanaugh)..

And then, predictably, Olson trots out the usual canned attacks perfected by the Reepos:

"The accuser doesn't remember exactly when the offense took place or exactly how she got to the house. And she allowed her name to be publicly associated with the accusation only after the completion of a two month investigation into its subject, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, by the U.S. Sente Judiciary Committee and two days of questioning by 18 senators."

Ok, back up here a bit. The "investigations" were bogus because they were partisan and that is why Dr. Ford called for the FBI investigation (something done as a matter of course, especially if new information comes to light).  It was clear Christine Ford didn't trust the bullies and buffoons of the Senate GOP to do any proper investigation, and by the end of the two months that was obvious. Hell, the pair of  elderly GOP Senate Judiciary Bozos  - Chuck Grassley and Orrin Hatch- didn't even pick up on Kavanaugh's assorted lies.  So why the hell would Dr. Ford feel any confidence in the process up that point?   Yes, Olson mentions the FBI did its own investigation too, but now he disallows a further one that new information from Dr. Ford has some to light.

As for as the bit about not being clear on details, anyone who's taken a Psychology 101 course knows this is standard for a sexual trauma survivor.  Nearly all specific details are lost in a protective "limbo" (the victim is protected by her mind's own impaired memory from re-living them, as my newly minted Ph.D. (in Psychology) niece Shayl has made clear.).  As Dr. Shayl also added: "It's incredible to me Olson wouldn't know that as he appears not to be a stupid man. And yet he writes with full -on steroids stupidity"

He also whines a lot, emulating other Reepo whiny bitches, e.g.

"Today's confirmation proceedings are characterized by acrimony, political grandstanding, nasty charges, protests, mischaracterizations and quite possibly defamatory innuendo."

So what did you expect? That for a guy specially selected by the nation's number one admitted pussy grabber, things would be all sweetness, light and decorum? Hardly! Given the polarization of the nation and a budding tyrant and traitor left with no checks on his own behavior we have already entered the era of constitutional crisis and political warfare. Only a rank imbecile or naive fool would fail to see that, and Michael Moore's new film makes that clear. (See my review two posts earlier).

The beginning of the last paragraph of Olson's petulant screed is almost laughable given how he summarily dismisses the fact the same Dr. Ford has been mercilessly bombarded by hate emails, death threats, and hacking (impersonating her online) from deranged Trump cultists.  This has forced her and her family from their home and even forced them to hire security.  WHY,  Mr. Olson, would any woman bring that upon herself and her family just for a lark, or made up story?

Anyway, Olson scribbles:

"It is surprising that anyone of the character, integrity and standing required of our highest court would allow their names to be submitted for such deplorable treatment."

Yeah well, maybe - like Kavanaugh - they believed they could get away with their crimes and attempted rapes. Want me to believe your boy is all in the clear and the model of morality being portrayed? Then let him take a lie detector test like Christine Ford did, and also allow and actively encourage the further FBI investigation.

Unless, of course, he has something to hide!  We now know, for example, that Kavanaugh's sexual misconduct continued beyond high school to Yale where a Colorado woman - Deborah Ramirez - has now accused Trump's fellow pussy grabber of gross, indecent exposure.  E.g.

Senate Democrats Investigate a New Allegation of Sexual Misconduct ...

Then, there's also been the titanic response (720,000 tweets on  #WhyIDidn'tReport) to Dotard's tone deaf questioning of Dr. Christine Ford, i.e. in not reporting Kavanaugh's attempted sexual assault earlier.

Let's get it clear that the deprivation of Kavanaugh’s life or liberty is not at stake, but rather the privilege to hold one of the most important positions in the nation, for which good character and fair treatment of others is necessary.   We may be able to excuse the fact this guy was nominated by the nation's number one serial sexual assaulter, but we cannot have his confirmation if there's even a whiff of  extreme sexual impropriety, as there appears to be.

It's time that Ted Olson and his fellow moralizing  hypocrites wake up, and stop treating the victims of Kavanaugh's assaults and misconduct as the perps wreaking "disgrace" on the SC confirmation process.

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