Friday, September 28, 2018

Are "Reptilian Aliens" Controlling Earthly Events And Entering Our Political Domain Via High Officials?

If one closely examines frozen images of Brett Kavanaugh's visage during yesterday afternoon's Senate Judiciary confirmation hearing - especially when he has his fangs bared (in between crying) - there is definitely a Reptilian resemblance.  Could it be Brett is one of the Reptilians from Draco that many believe are intruding into Earth's political environment these days? Who knows, especially after his histrionics yesterday afternoon.  But I leave it an open question for some to consider.  Hmmm.....Reptilians, Republicans.  There is a kind of concordance!  But is it real?  

Let's proceed further!

According to one review (by Michael Salia)  of the book Alien World Order:

" Len Kasten provides a coherent account of the history and imperialistic activities of Reptilian extraterrestrials on Earth and the Milky Way galaxy over millennia, using the work of Robert Morning Sky, Stuart Swerdlow, Alex Collier, and other primary sources. The scope of Reptilian influence over human elites and society is breathtaking and provides an explanation for many of the historical ills afflicting humanity. Kasten peels back the layers of secrecy even further to reveal the dire situation we collectively face today--where our political leaders are vassals for imperialistic Reptilian aliens--and the need for an informed citizenry to take back their sovereign destiny."

Okay, first let's settle down and grasp that the possibility of an advanced reptilian (or "post-dinosauroid") species is not totally out of the question, Indeed, paleontologist Dale Russell - Curator of vertebrae fossils at the National Museums of Canada, actually arrived at a feasible advanced reptilian hominid, e.g.

This entity was based on, first, investigating an alter-paleohistory of what would have unfolded on Earth had the dinosaur-killing asteroid 65 million years ago, never struck. Russell argues that had the dinos then survived, they would have gotten smarter and also displaced the much smaller mammals then beginning to emerge. Ultimately, the evolution would have led to a "large brained, reptilian biped with enormous eyes, three -fingered hands and even a navel". (Source: 'The Extraterrestrial Encyclopedia', pp. 103-04)  The latter also would have had to develop the capability for live birth, as opposed to egg laying.

But - is it rational to make a major leap from such possibility to claiming an advanced guard of Reptilian aliens is living among us - presumably arrived from distant planets - and interfering in our lives and politics?   I somehow doubt it, though watching Kavanaugh intermittently bare his inner reptile yesterday makes one wonder.

Following on, if Kasten's arguments are to be believed, we on Earth have been lulled into electing Reptilian aliens or  confirming and nominating their collaborators into high office,  thereby influencing events.   This had me wondering if  the Kasten cult would even pin Pizzagate on the Reptilian overlords.   But don't for a moment think that this  crackpot conspiracy ideation is accepted by only a few. In fact, in a WaPo piece from 5 years ago (written by Philip Bump) we learn:

"As 12 million Americans "know," the United States government is run by lizard people (or, to be scientifically accurate, reptilians."

Don't howl with laughter yet. The best is yet to come. Breaking down the malarkey from one book by David Icke, Bump writes:

"Thousands of years ago, the reptilian beings [from the constellations Orion, Sirius, and Draco] intervened on planet Earth and began interbreeding with humans. Not physically, however, but rather through the manipulation of the human coding, or DNA. Icke states that it is no coincidence that humans have fundamental reptilian genetics within their brain."

First let's clarify that Sirius is not a constellation but a star. As for Orion and Draco let's  try to grasp  that all constellations are merely coincidental patterns of stars at widely differing distances. They do not form a coherent, bound whole, in other words.   They are purely random, temporary configurations, on to which humans  have superimposed imaginary images: bull, lion, crab, fish or whatever. Even as I write these words, the stars which make up the zodiacal constellations are speeding in different directions. There really is no such thing as a fixed star, on scales of cosmic time anyway. In about one hundred thousand years, none of the star patterns seen today will even remotely resemble a "Lion", or "Archer" or "Bull" or anything else

Second,  this "fundamental reptilian" aspect simply refers to an ancient brain region left mostly intact by the process of evolution. No reptilian meddling needed.

Bump also lists the assorted attributes by which one can tell if a person has merged with or been influenced by a reptilian. The common signs (according to one source:

-  predominance of green or hazel eyes that change color like a chameleon, but also blue eyes"

-  true red or reddish hair"

-  "low blood pressure"

- a sense of not belonging to the human race"

-  "UFO connections"

-  "love of space and science"

-  ""unexplained scars on body"

-  "capability to disrupt electrical appliances"

- "alien contacts"

-  "deep compassion for fate of mankind"

So wait.  I have 7 of the listed attributes, does that make me a reptilian alien?  I seriously doubt it. (Janice does too.)

Bump goes on:

"Good list! So let's see if we can pinpoint our lizard overlords based on these hints. For example: Who has eyes that are green or hazel or blue but which may change to be different colors? Maybe you"

He then follows up by applying the criteria list to known politicos and ends up with the following lizard people:  Barack Obama (who also has a knack for killing flies), Joe Biden, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Donald Rumsfeld.

As one examines the names and the purported reptilian evidence, it is easy to see it's all based on subjective dot connection (i.e. Obama is found to slap away often at flies, emulating the typical lizard). In other words, it doesn't add up to anything.  My advice? Treat the Reptilian overlord conspiracy about the same way you'd treat Pizzagate.

Is Brett Kavanagh  a Reptilian alien then? Nope. Just your garden variety, pussy-grabbing asshole who's hoping a bunch of R (for Republican, not reptile)  assholes put him on the high court.

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