Saturday, December 9, 2017

Of Course The System Is Rigged - For Trump

Trump manipulating a crowd last night in Pensacola, blustering about a "rigged system"

Last night, in yet another boffo performance of how Trump can manipulate his dumb base, we saw him first stroking their pathetic egos ("You will never be ignored again!") then attacking the Mueller probe and our justice system - Constitution ("We have a rigged system").  None of the puppet crackers in the northern Florida crowd - who kept chanting "Lock her up!"-   had clue one they were the real suckers and the system is rigged in favor of Trump and his wealthy clique of parasites. The same ones who now want to strip health care from 13 million in order for them to grab even larger tax cuts.

Their hopes were partially realized after the Reeptards in the Senate -  by a 51-.49 margin -  passed this offal.  All that remains now is to reconcile this with the House version of the bill, and millions of Trump supporters will be without a healthcare life raft.

This was barely days before Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles, the one-time leaders of the tax reform conversation, reported in a Washington Post column  that the Republican tax bill  nominally delivers $3.7 trillion in tax breaks over the next decade. Some experts in tax policy have warned that it was a "small chunk" of what the current tax code will give away, but it is still more than enough to force draconian spending cuts: to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid - not to mention the Children's Health Program (CHIP).

All of the yokels chanting "Lock her up!" last night were so immersed in that mantra they neglected to ask their little god Dotard about his own taxes, and why he hadn't yet released any tax forms from prior years. If they had, they'd have seen THEY were the ones being played in a rigged tax game as their hero would reap millions in tax cuts - because of estate tax cuts, corporate and others - off THEIR backs. But they didn't because they were too easily manipulated and distracted,  going after election loser Hillary instead. And besides, Dotard stroked their little egos with the "you will never again be ignored" theme. 

Trump claimed that "America" was behind him and his little Reeptard clan, but a look at the latest Pew Research Center poll shows only 32 percent back this asshole. For the other 63 percent it's thumbs down. Of course, for Trump's dummies all negative polls, like actual headlines,  are "fake news".  These losers are even inclined to believe the retarded (Fox n' Friends)  notion that the FBI "created" the Steele Dossier, and Mueller needs to be investigated because a guy on his staff once sent anti-Trump tweets. (No inkling the guy was terminated. But then these turkeys are so desperate to derail any investigation of their hollow hero they'll latch onto anything).

They ought to be more concerned over their own futures - once Reeptard spending cuts are enacted to pay for the tax cuts that Trump is happy to use to flay their hides. Think of distraught seniors facing enormous Medicare cuts or big medical bills that can no longer be written off their medical expenses. Or think of college students having to drop out if the value of their tuition waivers is taxed or if they lose tax exemptions for interest paid on student loans.

Lock Hillary up for that? No, they ought to shouting "Lock TRUMP up!"  Not only for the crimes about to be committed on their financial health, but how this turd has repeatedly lied to them, manipulated them and even insulted them. Bragging earlier in the year - at a Louisiana  rally - how he only needed their votes to get into office.

Perhaps the most odious and depraved aspect of last night's performance was Dotard's backing of an accused child predator, a little cornpone bastard no different from the Roman Catholic pederasts that had their way with thousands of innocents.  But Trump joined the Moore campaign in attacking the credibility of one accuser, Beverly Young Nelson, who said Friday she added an inscription to a high school yearbook signed by the Alabama Republican.

He belched:

Did you see what happened today? You know, the yearbook? Did you see that? There was a little mistake made.  She started writing things in the yearbook.”

No, she didn't write "things" aimlessly. She didn't change Moore's signature or create it. That was there already and as real as an oozing pustule on a sexual predator's dick. What she did is put in "D.A."  to remind herself of Moore's position, and also the date.

But this is what a maggot like Dotard does, This is his shtick. He also went on to attack the credibility of her lawyer, Gloria Allred, yapping. “Any time you see her you know something’s gone wrong.”  Well yeah, Dotard, you know because she has a pustule -ridden pervert like you in her sights, or your degenerate pal, Roy Moore.

This is the sad and sorry state we've arrived at in this country, on the cusp of one admittedly backward state's election of a child molester to the U.S. Senate.  Well, I suppose it wouldn't be too extreme a stretch after already electing a pussy- grabbing, golden shower -loving,  pervert freak. Sen. Franken was absolutely correct he shouldn't have had to resign with this POS still in office. The worst aspect of Franken's loss is that the MN governor plans to make a "primary" pick - installing his Lt. Governor as a caretaker until the primary next year. The last time that was done, in 1992, a Repuke won - the Dem all but hobbled from the primary.

The crowd cheered particularly for Trump’s statement “we believe that every American should have to stand for the national anthem”,   again deflecting their brain cells - assuming they have any. Because they seemed unfazed by the dark forces menacing their tin god, like the Good Germans were unfazed before Hitler's fall. . They instead embraced Trump’s belief “our revolution didn’t end on November 8, it’s just beginning”,

Right, the beginning of the end for us all, unless we get rid of Donnie Dotard.

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