Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Trump Sycophants Kiss "Great Leader's" Fat Butt - Just Like North Koreans

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You can't make this stuff up, seriously. There, playing multiple times last night was the disgusting spectacle of all Trump's appointed swamp creatures - sitting around a table at the White House- puckering their lips and kissing their master's butt. 

"We thank you, Mr. President, for so nicely cutting our balls off so that we may meekly serve you like the North Koreans do Kim Jong Un"

"Mr. President, greatest privilege of my life to serve you like the balless eunuch I am"

Not quite, but pretty damned close. See the actual sorry exercise in self-ablation to the fat ass ambulatory outhouse here:


Compare it then to how the North Koreans practically fell all over themselves in adulating their "dear leader" from a  NatGeo documentary (Inside North Korea):


As it happened, wifey and I had only five or so hours earlier watched the documentary which we had DVR'd from a few day ago (off PBS).  As Janice said after we watched the spectacle of the Trumpy self debasements, "If I hadn't seen the North Korean documentary I'd probably not be as revolted as I am now after watching the Trump cabinet grovel."  Indeed, and it was fawning and ass-kissing on a mega scale.

Most agreed too that uber sycophant, ass kisser Reince Priebus won the competition hands down. No shame at all, and as Janice's visiting cousin put it: "I'm sure if Trump had taken a dump right there and ordered Reince to eat it off the floor he'd have done it."  Whoa! Those are ultra powerful words, but then, when you witness Reince's level of self-humiliation you can believe it.

Once the subjective tones were removed, it was clear to the astute observer that Trump was demonstrating how appointed cabinet members and others were to act toward him, serve him and deliver their loyalty - via self-abasing patronage begging.  It was as if Trump orchestrated this farce to say: 'See, Comey! This WAS how I expected you to behave!"

But only one member of the cabinet stood tall and refused to bend over, that was defense secretary James Mattis. He said:

"Mr. President, it's a great honor to represent the men and women of the department of defense and we're grateful for the sacrifices our people are making to strengthen our military."

Note there is no word of deference to Trump, no stroking of his ego, and hence no self humiliation.

All this transpired as the "great idiot leader" was actually contemplating firing special counsel Bob Mueller (actually, he'd have to demand Rod Rosenstein do it, he can't do so directly).  We then get to see if Rod has developed any more bone in his spine, or if it's reverted to jellyfish form.

The other controversy also concerned free speech, in terms of a performance of 'Julius Caesar' put on by the Public Theater. But done in a modern format, i.e. instead of everyone wearing Roman togas they wore suits. The lead character playing Caesar also had blonde hair and a kind of resemblance to Trump. Of course, we know what happens to Caesar in the Shakespeare play like we knew what happened to MacBeth.  So maybe the only way to account for the batshit crazy response and indignation was that people don't read Shakespeare any more. An assassination! Oh horrors! Trump!? 

Errrr, no, merely an actor with a vague resemblance to him, but leading  way too many to project their own imagery and fears absent of reason.  See the full story here:


As the Guardian author observes for those prepared to make hay:

"For anyone who has read Julius Caesar the message is not particularly ambiguous. Julius Caesar is not a pro-assassination play."

So once again we behold how too many citizens have lost the ability to reason and do critical thinking.

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