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Swine -in-Chief's Attack On Mika Brzezinski Shows He Isn't Fit To Clean Porto -Potties

"And you remember this disgusting dude is the president of the United States, and you realize how much he is diminishing the presidency of the United States.  You realize what he is doing is not just acting for Donald Trump, he's acting for all of us.  And he is embarrassing. He is shameful. He is disgusting. 

And about Republicans, I'm really tired of hearing words like 'I'm disappointed',  and 'I wish he wouldn't do it.'  It's time that somebody called him up and said 'Look, you crazy, seventy year old man-baby, stop it! You are now the President of the United States, the Commander-in -Chief. and you need to stop acting like a mean girl because we just won't take it."

CNN commentator Ana Navarro on Trump's tweet attack on Mika Brzezinski

See the rant here:

"It's a sad day when the president spends his time bullying, lying and spewing petty personal attacks instead of doing is job". - MSNBC official statement

So now the pretender to the presidency who acts like the thug he is, has so little incentive to occupy his time and febrile brain he has to resort to a craven personal attack on a morning talk show host, in this case Mika Brzezinski. I happened to have been watching Morning Joe just before the twisted little maggot at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue unleashed his unseemly rants in tweets (which I won't repeat here) confirming this asshole isn't fit to clean porto-potties in NYC,  far less hold the highest office in the land. He's a damned disgrace, and an embarrassment to us all, as well as the laughing stock overseas, e.g. these German cartoons:
Image result for German cartoons of TrumpImage result for German cartoons of Trump

Earlier I'd been watching as Joe Scarborough and Mika did a  nice piece on Politico's story of how Rex Tillerson blew up at a WH aide (now known to be Kushner). And why not? A wizened former CEO of a major company forced to take shit from some 38-year old punk who doesn't know diddly? I'd be jacked up too.  As Joe and Mika both noted, it shed more light on how the Trump bunch just hung Tillerson out to dry without a pot to piss in: no staff, no money for staff, conflicts erupting all the while and no resources to deal with them .... And Tillerson expected to take marching orders from a wet behind the ears, inexperienced imp. 

But Trump's unloading on Mika Brzezinski is par for the course of a glorified real estate swindler who never learned the finer elements of behavior or approached real success on his own. As Mika and Joe put it, "He's jealous of Jeff Bezos' success because he didn't have daddy's money to buy his way in. He got to the top by his own smarts and  acumen to the point he could even produce his own movies and buy his own newspaper - the Washington Post."  So instead of handling the putdown like a man, the despicable little weasel blew a gasket and unleashed vicious tweets - dog whistles to his followers.

Let's also note this is part of Trump's recently renewed crusade against the established media, railing against its "fake news" mandate while everyone with a brain knows it's Trump who's the fake. Hell, he even has to resort to putting fake TIME covers of himself on his assorted properties' walls. How pathetic.  In the case of Trump, as numerous leaks have revealed, we behold a guy unable to settle into the role demanded by the job of President. Many wonder if he even possesses the mental ability to govern - or merely disrupt like a mentally regressed ignoramus.

But not his rube PR puppet, Sara "Huckleberry" Sanders,  who said in the wake:  "this is a president who fights with fire and will not be bullied by liberal media". 

Seriously?  What "fire"? All Ms. Brzezinski did was criticize Trump as all presidents have been criticized from the year dot. What will the simpleton nutcase do next, go after Ana Navarro for her takedown of his actions? Is he that thin-skinned? Then he shouldn't be in the Oval Office, period. "If you can't take the heat" and all that.

"Huckleberry" then went on to double down and defend her asswipe master, saying "when he's attacked he strikes back".  But see, he wasn't "attacked". He was merely criticized as every other President has been since George Washington. It comes with the job and maybe if it's too much for Trump to handle he needs to resign and go back to being a two- bit, New York real estate swindler.

Even Trump's wife, Melania, who claimed she wanted to "campaign against cyber bullying" has been reduced to a shameless hypocrite by this latest incident. When asked about it she tweeted: "When he gets attacked he will punch back 10 time harder", taking a page from Sara Huckleberry's playbook of nonsense, conflating justifiable criticism with an "attack".

But this latest incident may be a new low in disclosing how vile and unpresidential this warped, orange-skinned turd is. Hitherto, I and many others had pegged the nadir as his meeting with Angela Merkel.  He sat next to her like a goddamned spoiled brat,  pouting, like he just had his sippy cup taken away,  and refused to even shake her hand! The epitome of classlessness, and gauche behavior. Commenting on this exhibition, NY Times' Richard Cohen wrote:

"When Donald Trump met Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany earlier this month, he put on one of his most truculent and ignorant performances."

Meanwhile, another commenter (on a NY Times forum)  also wrote:

"Trump's behavior with Merkel was not only disgraceful, it showed the rest of the world what a shallow, ignorant, unprepared, know-nothing he really is. Every American, and especially every Republican who voted for this man, ought to be ashamed and embarrassed. The GOP has besmirched the presidency, harmed our national security and soiled our country's international reputation"

But let's not kid ourselves, this thug in the guise of a president has been pegged accurately early and often, from the time he soiled the Oval Office on January 20th.  Some earlier spot on remarks:

"Trump's own instincts and inclinations (are responsible). A thirst for attention that leads to hyperactivity. He needs to dominate every news cycle which feeds a compulsive tweet habit. It has placed him almost continuously at the center of the national conversation and not always to his benefit".  - Charles Krauthammer (WaPo,  'What Happened to the Honeymoon?, Jan. 12)

"Trump simply can’t resist playground pushback. His tweets gave Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes screed priceless publicity. His mocking Arnold Schwarzenegger for bad “Apprentice” ratings — compared with “the ratings machine, DJT” — made Trump look small and Arnold (almost) sympathetic." Charles Krauthammer ibid.

"Since winning the election, Trump has not moderated his behavior. He still behaves like a brat ..."  - Richard Cohen, WaPo

"Let’s not mumble or whisper about the central issue facing our country: What is this democratic nation to do when the man serving as president of the United States plainly has no business being president of the United States? The Michael Flynn fiasco was the entirely predictable product of the indiscipline, deceit, incompetence and moral indifference that characterize Donald Trump’s approach to leadership. "  E.J. Dionne, The Washington Post, 'Admit It: Trump Is Unfit To Serve'

"Our boy president has surrounded himself by a team that tells him his coat is beautiful - but he's not wearing one. Let's recognize the heartbreak in this ...that we might be faced with a President who is not up to the task of the office he ran for and what do we do with that?" Fmr. Rep. David Jolly (R-FLA)

"President Trump’s mental state is like a train that long ago left freewheeling and iconoclastic, has raced through indulgent, chaotic and unnerving, and is now careening past unhinged, unmoored and unglued." - David Brooks, NY Times  Feb. 17

This deranged imbecile has tried - with outside handlers- to act like he's in command of his senses, but it can't be sustained. Like a small, thin-skinned child somebody's words (often women's)  eventually get to this brash degenerate and he's compelled to react. While diehard Trumpsters may love this sort of reactionary behavior, it doesn't comport with strength especially in a President. What it shows is that any twerp, misfit, or non-political person (without political power) can get under the big man's skin and make him freak out.

In other words, it shows he is hostage to any insult that comes down the pike and from any direction. Whereas, as philosopher Alan Watts notes in his book 'Does It Matter?', the truly strong personality is able to rest content in its own fortress of confidence and doesn't need to react to every slight perceived or misperceived. This person- personality, has enough mental and psychological ballast to contain and blunt pure emotional response. But....a personality arrested at the infantile or anal stage (as Hornstein notes) lacks the resources for resilient impulse control.

Not to be too blunt, but Trump would be better suited  being a cage match brawler - or inflated, self important, chiseling deal maker - than President of the U.S.    Recall the Donald has never really worked at a real job outside of owning his family branding business (who could order anyone to do his bidding) and being a NY real estate weasel who used bankruptcy (of multiple casinos) to make more $$$.   Even in his family biz Ivanka, Jared, Donald Jr. and the others had to keep him occupied with ogling Miss Universe contestants so he didn't get his grubby little mitts in too many family pots and muck them up. They knew then he couldn't be entrusted to do serious work, and yet they let his play acting mock campaign morph into the real thing and then somehow get elected (with the likely help of the Russkies.)

Hell, five days into his presidency the fruits of his massive incompetence were exposed for all to see.  He  even bawled that the job had  turned out to be too much for him to deal with. Too many details, too much stuff to master for an extensive government bureaucracy.  Hence, his penchant for becoming a cable TV and tweet addict. See e.g.

But we don't really need outside quotes to peg Trump to what he is: a basic criminal with reptilian cunning who used his money and lying capacity along with collusion with external forces to get catapulted into an office for which he's totally unqualified.  Who could forget the campaign boast:

I could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and not lose any voters" - Donald Trump in a 2016 campaign brag.


Let's also not forget this common thug's own enticement of violent behavior at his rallies, where he actually encouraged Trumpies to punch out protestors, and even go after the media.  So no we can't be surprised there's a thug now occupying the presidency who in many ways is no better than Osama bin Laden or an ISIS thug. The only difference is he's Caucasian and had money enough to fool adequate voters in 3 states to win the electoral vote.

As long as Trump is in office there will be no peace or civility in this country, no end to the polarization.  As several Repubs tweeted in response yesterday, this outburst "demeans the office and doesn't help the national dialogue". In fact it sets it back light years. Certainly, progressives will now be more hardened than ever against this ambulatory turd.  The Denver Post's Chuck Plunkett's words from his editorial of February 5 should remain emblazoned in all citizens' minds as they ponder the latest Trump twitter brain expulsion:

"In whatever spider hole in hell they've placed bin Laden, along with all the other petty tyrants of history, all of them must now be laughing. For in the days following 9/11 we grew to despise a thug terrorist who wished to destroy what it meant to be an American. Now, in the days after Inauguration Day, 2017, we find ourselves led by a thug president bent on finishing the job."  - Chuck Plunkett, Editor of The Denver Post, Feb. 5, p. 1D

Don't be surprised by any more antics or venom issuing from President Thug. Just be aware we have a common thug in the Oval office and no amount of gentle pressure or even shame will get him to change to become a decent, self-respecting human, far less a real President with any degree of reserve or dignity. In other words one worthy of respect as opposed to opprobrium and revulsion. What we can do, all who want a return to a nation they can respect, is make sure his ass is hurled out once and for all come November, 2020.
Fool us once, shame on the deceitful thug. Fool us again......well you know the rest!

See also Joe and Mika's  Washington Post opinion column titled, “Donald Trump is not Well.”

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