Friday, December 7, 2012

Another Whacknut Pastor Enabled by an Incompetent Media

WHERE do these kook "pastors" like Bob Enyart come from? Maybe we'd be better off not knowing!

 In a previous blog,, based on the book 'IDIOT AMERICA' by Charles Pierce, I underscored his point that the biggest idiots around - even bigger than the source idiots (who espouse bunkum like a 'young Earth', or UN black helicopters and FEMA concentration camps) are the media who give them time, or column space without showing how their deformed views are......well deformed.

Such is the case with "Pastor" Bob Enyart of Arvada, Colo. ('Arvada Pastor Says His Science show is the Real Deal', Denver Post, Dec. 2, p. 1B) whose whole shtick is destroying "old Earth and Darwinian evolution" myths via his KLTT radio show "Real Science Friday" which aims to skewer the dastardly "demonic myths" taught Colorado young uns about evolution and where their ancestors came from. Quoting Enyart-  a "self-described fundamentalist pastor of the 60-member Denver Bible Church" (SHEESH, where do these "self-described pastors" come from?):

"No, I do not believe your ancestors were apes."

Actually, dummy, NO ONE said they were! Darwinian common ancestry is a totally different concept (see prior blog) whereby in the context of ancestry, man and ape are both descended from a genetically common ancestor in the distant past. This common ancestry's giveaway is the cytochrome-c sequence occurring in apes (like chimps) and humans. But see, "pastors" like Enyart are too dopey to grasp it. Worse, the reporters who scribble the (two page- headlined) stories about them are too uneducated to point out the errors of their ways.

But maybe it's no coincidence that the author of the piece, Electa Draper, is the same one who penned the bollocks of how Aurora theater shooting survivor Bonnie Kate Pourciau was miraculously saved with her friend, even as dozens were mowed down including little 6-year old Veronica Moser. Draper didn't ask the hard questions then, such as how or why Pourciau's "god" favors lithe 18-year old females over 6-year old innocents, and doesn't now with Enyart and his creationist nonsense. No, she just drones on recycling tripe after bunkum byte without calling Enyart to account or countering with what real scientists say.

Another example: pumping up Enyart's gibberish about "dinosaur soft tissues unearthed in the mid-2000s and written up in the respected journal Science in 2005." She merely parrots Enyart's rot that "such things as bone cells, blood vessels and elastic tissues aren't expected to survive fossilization". In other words, dinos are really YOUNG critters that would've been around at the time of Adam and Even - SO HEY! They could have been lassoed and ridden! (See Pierce's image from blog link above)

Had Draper at least read that Science issue she'd have ascertained the special and unique conditions under which dinosaur soft, elastic tissues could be preserved which had been theoretically known for nearly 25 years (thereby providing the basis for the fictional Spielberg film, 'Jurassic Park') Interestingly, Draper makes much of the fact that when one googles "dinosaur soft tissue" one sees that "Enyart's site if fourth, well ahead of NPR's and National Geographic's. Well, what do you expect, Electa, when you media lunkheads give it so much undeserved play and attention, thereby driving loonies to bring up Enyart's bollocks more often. (Really, Enyart ought to form a Bozo Consortium with young Sun "physicist" Jason Lisle who I also demolished before see e.g.  and:

Electa then dignifies Enyart's nonsense that "to creationists like Enyart the Earth is several thousand years old". No counterpoints, no counter arguments, nada!

The good aspect: at least REAL science program journalist Ira Flatow ('Science Friday') has filed suit against Enyart for encroaching on his copyrighted name.  The suit was filed Nov. 9 in U.S. District Court in Manhattan. Therein Mr. Flatow correctly argues that "Real Science Friday" is a knockoff logo to promote Enyart's radio show- thus a violation of 'Science Friday's' rights.

Once Flatow prevails, Enyart will at least be forced to change the name of his idiotic show, for idiots.

In the meantime readers can find out more about this holier- than -thou sock poppet  moron here:

Also, evolutionary biologist PZ Myers on why it's a waste of time to debate such human refuse:

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