Friday, June 2, 2023

Newcomer Independent Yemi Mobolade Trounces Career Conservo To Become Colorado Springs First Black Mayor


   Our new Mayor greeting young constituent of nearly all white burg

The end result of the Colorado Springs Mayoral election last month was fantastic, with first timer Yemi Mobolade trouncing career conservo Wayne Williams by 57% to 43%. In that demolition Yemi became our town's first black mayor-  while taking this arch conservative stronghold down a few notches.  

Yemi arrived  in the Springs over ten years ago from California - where he earlier had landed from Nigeria.  Once here he made his name as a faith leader.  Besides working at First Presbyterian Church, he co-founded 'Good Neighbors Meeting House'.  He also served as vice-president of business retention with the Chamber of Commerce as well as on various community service boards including the Springs Rescue Mission. He became a U.S. citizen about 5 years ago.  

True to form, his Reep opponent Williams tried to paint him as a "radical liberal Democrat" but no one with an IQ over 100 was biting given they all new he was an independent.  You'd think the Reepos would finally learn this part of their playbook is passe' but they never do. Instead they continually validate Einstein's original definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

The other factor which belied Williams' claims is the fact so many Republicans supported Mobolade. Many were incensed on learning two dark money groups had backed Williams and paid for a slew of vicious ads against Sallie Clark.  Those voters who backed Ms. Clark didn't forget so the stage was set for payback in the runoff between Yemi and Williams. (Williams ran 2nd to Yemi in the original April 4 election.)  Mobolade even secured support from Sarah Brittain Jack, a long time Republican operative who managed countless campaigns through the years. 

Local political experts point to two other factors that propelled Yemi to the top, apart from alienating Ms. Clark's voters:

1)Yemi's message being the right one at the right time, i.e. to douse the flames of bitter polarization and work together, and

2) In no small measure Yemi's success owed to a "shifting electorate" thanks to an influx of tens of thousands of younger, more liberal Dem voters.  These voters also registered and showed up at the polls, ensuring a lopsided win for Yemi.

Notably even The Gazette, the Springs' notorious right wing rag printed an editorial the day after the election congratulating Mobolade, ending with:  

"It's a  safe bet he will make our great city greater."  

We hope so, and even more liberal!  Speaking of which the Springs has held on to its presence in the Top Ten best places to live (in the U.S. News rankings) but had fallen to 9th place from 4th. We think this burg -  which Joe Biden visited for a commencement address yesterday -  can do better.  And I believe Yemi Mobolade is the man to get it done!

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