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Jack Smith Brings The Hammer Down On Trump With 37 Ct Indictment - But Final Say May Still Be Up To Voters

                      Trump ought to be dragged away to Raiford on Tuesday
                               "Waaahhh! Please don't put me away, Mr. Smith!"
                           Boxes of classified docs stored in Trump's bathroom

Fruitcake Reepo Clay Higgins (R, La) called for war

"Trump’s defenders will claim a double standard, but the comparisons they will raise don’t hold water. Other prominent cases that were not pursued (e.g., Hillary Clinton, Mike Pence) do not involve willful retention of documents, refusal to return them when requested, lying to authorities or other obstructive conduct. They do not involve manufacturing a false rationale (e.g., magical declassification) to excuse deception and defiance of the law."- Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post, 'Merrick Garland and Jack Smith Came Through - Trump Will Face Justice'

 " I ask myself, how did we go so wrong as a country? I don't remember us being so divided. The only answer I come up with is Trump. He's been a cancer on the entire country since 2016. Time to excise him like malignant tumor that he is." - Comment in Washington Post

With the release yesterday of an unsealed,  scathing 49-page indictment  e.g.

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it's now time for this mega Traitor to pay the piper.  There is no doubt that anyone with just two brain cells to rub together (minus his balless GOP cult defenders) can see - given a document replete with color photos and eyewitness accounts - that heinous felonies were committed. Don't take my word, read the indictment for yourself!   Don't be intimidated either by the "49 page" claimed length.  What with all the spaces, spacing it reads more like a screen play and is probably more in the way of effectively 20 pages, if that. 

The bottom line is that special prosecutor Jack Smith's indictment of Trump makes Mueller's effort look a college freshman's Poly-sci term paper in comparison.  Why? Because the proof, the evidence - including the color photos with top secret files squirreled way in bathroom and shower - are gobsmacking, in your face.  Only a low IQ moron would fail to be impressed. They collectively reveal an  unhinged, megalomaniac who betrayed his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution and now stands as a traitor no different from Benedict Arnold.

One who now needs to be finally, fully removed from any chance at further public office- for the good of the nation.  Yeah, I know blog post reads dive whenever I go after Trump but I will have to take that chance. Besides, reads have dived anyway since the 1st of the year because of Tik Tok distraction or whatever reason.  But this is too important to ignore or gloss over. Clicks and reads be damned, this is of utmost historical import and if a reader does nothing else - he or she ought to read the indictment. 

Perhaps the best summation of Trump's predicament was rendered by Presidential historian  Timothy Naftali  on CNN even before the details were released. He noted:

"Donald Trump understood that he got power when he was elected, but didn’t understand that he had obligations. We live in a Constitutional democracy. Everybody, including the president, is bound by the Constitution and there are limits to their power."


"Trump not only had a hard time with limits, he didn’t respect them. And this is a case where he was told repeatedly that there were limits on his ability to keep materials and he said, ‘I don’t care'."

Of course, the worst offal emanated from the delirious Op-ed pages of the Wall Street Journal, in today's editorial (p. A12) where one reads:

"Whether you love or hate Donald Trump, his indictment by President Biden’s Justice Department is a fraught moment for American democracy. For the first time in U.S. history, the prosecutorial power of the federal government has been used against a former President who is also running against the sitting President."

Of course this twaddle is totally beside the point.  What we have is a blatant criminal traitor who believes he is above the law, can do anything he wants to trash guard rails, laws and norms - and do so with impunity.  Well the sorry ass bitch got a wake up call from special prosecutor Jack Smith. Now he - and the WSJ editorial suckups - need to deal with it. As for "running against the sitting president" that is pure happenstance but which Trump brought on himself.  He had every opportunity to give back the dozens of boxes taken from the National Archives but refused to do so. Instead he obstructed, even to the point of getting a gofer based at his hacienda (Waltine Nauta) to cooperate in hiding the boxes and lying to the FBI about it.  And the WSJ wants this scum roach to walk free?  

 Oh, and don't even get me started on trying to falsely compare Trump's criminal obstruction with the Archives docs and the documents found in Biden's possession, e.g.

Critical Thinking Debacle: Comparing Biden Files Case To Trump's Intentional Malfeasance & Obstruction 

In the words of Joy Reid on MSNBC - this was "the Executive Branch protecting itself from the Executive Branch in the person of a former executive" - who would otherwise be immunized from any prosecution, or accountability.  

Then there are the Caspar Milquetoasts of the media, who fret over the repercussions of this "momentous" event, such as one NY Times columnist who scribbled:

"The legal and political events will play out in parallel time, and there is no guarantee that the outcomes in court and at the ballot box will be the same. This underscores the momentous nature of the decision by the government to indict a former president." 

But let's get one thing straight, this is a maggot in the person of a former president, who should never ever have attained the office to begin with.  The "momentous nature" emerges only because there are too many who've sought to normalize Trump instead of seeing him for the 'mob boss' type of criminal he is. Further, guarantee of court outcome or not, Trump cannot be allowed to escape any accountability. And true, it may yet be up to the sane segment of voters to have the final say.  Why is this?  

Because first of all, the judge assigned to the case is none other than the Trump stooge and Bimbo Aileen Cannon, who may do every and anything to turn the venue into her personal Kangaroo court and give Trump a free pass. Like she tried to do earlier with her "special master" BS, e.g.

Does DOJ Need To File Appeal To Halt "Special Master" Ruling From Trump Stooge? Yes!

Then there is the matter of the Constitution itself, so that even if there is a 'guilty' verdict in any of the cases pending they would not disqualify him from seeking higher office. That opportunity came with his two impeachments and two chances for removal from office, both of which were passed on by the GOP cowards and Trump enablers in the Senate. 

What this means is that if Trump is allowed to walk free and wins the GOP nomination, he can fully escape if - god forbid- enough stupid, derelict people elect him as they did in 2016. I am referring here to the lowere IQ demographic who'd buy into the recent tweet of spineless putz Kevin McCarthy, e.g.

 "House Republicans will hold this brazen weaponization of power accountable.”

The only "weaponization of power" is what you traitor enablers are doing, in defending this reprehensible cockroach.  Never mind McCarthy's crappola, the words people need to attend to were stated by Chris Christie two days ago:

"When babies act like spoiled brats you send them to their rooms, not the White House.”

This remains superb advice for any voters who still may be deluded into thinking that voting for Trump is preferable to voting for Joe Biden. Because picking a spoiled traitor brat to run this country - into the ground - is no sign of mental maturity or mental stability. Or even passable IQ.  

In the meantime, let's be aware that levels of mental derangement among the Right are going to increase exponentially. We are already seeing some of this with Louisiana congress critter Clay Higgins calling for "war" over Trump's indictment.  This fool needs to be placed in  the special psych ward at Supermax where he can be jolted with ECT 5 times a day.

Another reason to put all Trump butt licking traitors away. In Supermax.

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