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The Odious Drumpf Saudi Debacle- Why No One Should Be Surprised By The Actions Of This Swine-in-Chief Traitor

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Traitor Trump palsy-walsy with the murderous rogue Mohammed bin Salman.  As Michelle Goldberg put it, Trump is a 'supplicant' to the Saudis - not a master.

"We have a monster in the White House who lacks any empathy or honor!" - Janice, this morning.

"For fascist politics to take hold, we have to have a failure of our democratic culture. Fascism is ultranationalism, where the nation is defined in racial, ethnic, religious or perhaps cultural identity, and the nation is identified with one person: the leader, who is its voice. Fascist politics is tactics that exploit this kind of us/them distinction. Fascist politics might not result ultimately in a fascist state. But it's important to be attendant to the dangers because in and of itself, it breaks down the democratic culture."  Yale Prof. Jason Stanley, 'Can Fascism Happen In The U.S.?"

Let's leave aside for the moment that the foul fungal filth desecrating the People's House (the White House) has only in the past week: slimed former Navy Seal Adm. William McRaven for "not taking out Osama bin Laden fast enough",  this by a craven putz who 5 times used bone spurs to get out of service. He also declined to be present at a ceremony at an American cemetery in France honoring U.S. WWI war dead, and refused to join other leaders at another ceremony - because of the weather. While also earlier declaring he's a "nationalist".   But by now, why be surprised at anything this dishonorable narcissist authoritarian resident does?  Especially in his ongoing pandering to tyrants and autocrats.
In the wake of even the past week's events, many appear amazed that Dotard Drumpf has chosen to side with Saudi Arabia's  tyrant autocrat (Mohammed bin Salman) over his own CIA, and intelligence agencies re: the Jamal Khashoggi case. To jog memories, WaPo journalist Jamal Khashoggi was chopped up into tiny pieces and then bagged at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul to be carted off and disposed of like so much garbage. What was Khashoggi's "crime"?  Criticizing the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for his anti-democratic moves, including house arrest of members of the same Saudi family! See e.g.  Mr. Khashoggi's final column.

A nearly 2 month pursuit of verification ensued with the Turks and now the CIA finally coming up with the goods: an audio tape of the slaughter of Khashoggi, accompanied by unbearable screams. The tape was given to Trump to verify for himself, but this shitfaced coward refused to listen to it,  claiming it was "too painful" a thing to subject his sorry-ass ears to.  He then had the temerity to dispute the CIA's finding, and in total mendacity and utter flippancy had the ungodly, verminous gall to spout in respect to bin Salman's complicity,  "maybe he did, maybe he didn't."

Thereby Traitor Trump expressed his unstinting support for Saudi Arabia and claimed there was “nothing definitive” linking Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the murder of the Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.   Further, an extraordinary statement issued yesterday by Mike Pompeo began with the words “The world is a very dangerous place!” – while Trump quoted Saudi officials as describing Khashoggi as an “enemy of the state”.  (Recall Trump has also described the American press as "the enemy of the people" so one presumes he'd love to mete out his own brand of executions for the 4th estate.)

The callous 649-word statement issued by this bipedal maggot and his collaborating vermin appeared to be a presidential act of defiance against the CIA, which reportedly concluded that the Saudi prince ordered the killing. Further,  the Senate,  is now considering bipartisan legislation that would suspend weapons sales to Saudi Arabia among other punitive measures.  Well, that remains to be seen given how the GOP Senate has covered for Trump's ass, but some branch has to stand tall and not have the majority of Americans mourning this nation fall into a moral sewer.
This is critical now that the Swine-Traitor has barked to reporters at the White House that the CIA “didn’t make a determination” on the murder, and that they had “nothing definitive” on its perpetrator. This mendacious claim is contradicted by multiple reports that the intelligence agency unambiguously concluded that bin Salman ordered the hit on the journalist  who had become a persistent critic.

In his written statement, Trump wrote: “Our intelligence agencies continue to assess all information, but it could very well be that the crown prince had knowledge of this tragic event – maybe he did and maybe he didn’t!"

That being said, we may never know all of the facts surrounding the murder of Mr Jamal Khashoggi In any case, our relationship is with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As in the past with Vladimir Putin, Trump put official denials of wrongdoing from Riyadh on a par with US intelligence assessments.  In other words, placing his allegiance to a foreign power over duty to country, violating his oath of office to defend the Constitution -  and again stamping himself as a traitor who merits hanging.   Perhaps ultimately the spooks will carry out the job given they are now getting ever more pissed, actually enraged at Dotard's antics. This, according to former JFK assassination researcher, Jefferson Morley, e.g.
What Happens When The Intelligence Community Decides That Trump Is Too Dangerous To Be President?

"Trump’s contempt for the intelligence profession, weaponized in his “deep state” conspiracy theories, has agency personnel feeling professionally vulnerable, perhaps for the first time. An irrational chief executive has shattered their apolitical pretensions and forced them to re-examine what their core beliefs require....
If there’s one thing to be learned from talking to former CIA personnel, it’s the sense that the CIA system—powerful, stealthy, and dangerous—is blinking red about the latest news of an authoritarian leader in an unstable nation."

What ought to truly enrage the Agency to the Richter Vengeance scale level of '10' is when this foul pretender actually said:: “King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman vigorously deny any knowledge of the planning or execution of the murder of Mr Khashoggi.”
In other words, bin Salman's specious denial trumps the CIA's own efforts including the actual tape of Khashoggi's torture and dismemberment.
In the wake of this moral atrocity carried out at the nation's highest office, it appears at least one Repug:  Sen. Lindsey Graham – otherwise a fervent Trump fan – may have found his balls once again. For how long, before he reverts to a pussified punk,  we cannot say.  Anyway, it was heartening to see and hear him  issuing a statement predicting “strong bipartisan support for serious sanctions against Saudi Arabia, including appropriate members of the royal family, for this barbaric act which defied all civilized norms.
Well, seeing is believing, Lindsey old sport!
Lindsey added:
While Saudi Arabia is a strategic ally, the behavior of the crown prince – in multiple ways – has shown disrespect for the relationship and made him, in my view, beyond toxic.
Indeed, and let's get it clear that NO amount of economic heft or assistance is worth the repudiation of a nation's moral compass - to become just another latter day clone of the Nazi Reich. (This also requires skewering Dotard's insane exaggeration of $450 b in Saudi assistance when the actual funds amount to only $14.5b)
Meanwhile, the top Republican and Democrat on the Senate foreign relations committee sent a joint letter to the president on Tuesday evening demanding he make a clear official statement to Congress on the prince’s involvement in the murder
Fred Ryan, the publisher and CEO of the Washington Post, said: “The CIA has thoroughly investigated the murder of this innocent journalist and concluded with high confidence that it was directed by the crown prince. If there is reason to doubt the findings of the CIA, President Trump should immediately make that evidence public.
NY Times columnist Michelle Goldberg also identified (last night on  MSNBC's  'All In')   one of the most vile effects of Trump sucking up to the Saudi autocratic butchers: That it will now give a green light to every despot to chop up journalists and outspoken critics with impunity. The larger issue, of course, is the supposed land of liberty lining up with one of the most regressed and barbaric regimes on the planet. Where a hapless woman can still be whipped 200 times after being gang-raped:

See e.g.

Rape victim sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in jail | World …

We also learned today  ('Saudi Women's Rights Activists Face Torture',  WSJ,  p. A6)  that "at least 8 of 18 women rights activists held in prison by the Saudis have been tortured."  This included being subjected to electric shocks, lashing from whips, solitary confinement, sleep deprivation and sexual harassment.  This is the bloodthirsty Saudi regime with which the Trump Imperium makes common cause to try to get better oil deals.  

 Over and above the Saudi regime's crimes in murdering a member of the U.S. press, let's bear in mind the ongoing genocide and famine in Yemen is totally on the Saudi prince and his barbaric cohort. They are pounding the Yemenis  into oblivion with U.S. weapons even as they seal off a key port - preventing foodstuffs from entering - and leaving over a million (mainly children) at the throes of starvation. The worst since the Biafra famine decades ago.
You want to see the fruit of the Saudi -U.S. relationship in Yemen? Take a cold hard look at the images below. Then ask yourself how much lower the moral altitude of this nation can  go!
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Image result for starving children in YemenImage result for starving children in Yemen
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