Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Peggy Noonan Uses "Godfather Pt. II" Script To Claim Trump's Insult Of the Fallen Was Merely A Case Of "Family Loyalty"

As I noted in previous posts,  WSJ columnist Peggy Noonan can no longer be trusted to provide a rational or halfway objective take on Trump.  Noonan, in a misfire last month ('The Democrats Miss The Meaning' Aug. 22-23, p. A13):

claimed that the Dems at their convention "beat the crap out of the country" -   which was a gross misinterpretation.   As I had to point out in my Aug. 27 post, they in fact,  beat the crap out of what TRUMP has let the country become. As Tim O'Brien  aptly pointed out (Bloomberg News):

"Trumpism has fostered a cult of personality around Trump, allowing him to posture as the final arbiter of truth and guardian of the downtrodden. But division, chaos an disrepair - and the corruption of the American experiment - are the long term consequences."

Hence, no good thing can really be said of our nation until and unless the Trump pestilence  is totally eliminated. Only then can we rebuild the nation to what it was,  what it could be.  Even now as I write this Trump is soiling more of the office of the presidency with his lies and flouting of norms, including saying (yesterday at an ABC Town Hall) "I didn't downplay the virus, I upgraded it!"  in answer to an undecided voter's question.  WTF?  Does this walking turd think voters are stupid?  They already heard him admit to downplaying it on tape!  (Thanks to Bob Woodward, author of 'RAGE' - which I am now reading.)

A day earlier, at a California forum in the midst of the state's wild fires, the little orange fucktard actually said: it "will get cooler, wait and see"  and also that the fires were from poor forest management.   Then having his deranged mutt and henchman Michael Caputo troll about "left wing hit squads"  threatening Trump's zombies near the election.  Oh yeah, and CDC scientists committing "sedition" against Trump.

 Then you also have the spectacle of a notorious criminal like Roger Stone (whose sentence was commuted by Trump, i.e.  for Stone's nefarious involvement in the Russia conspiracy). No surprise Stone is now  demanding Trump declare martial law for the election and lock up Dems.  And let's not forget a toady like Bill Barr fouling the DOJ and about to let another lackey - John Durham- release a twisted and bogus "report" on the Russia probe.  By 'twisted' I mean going after the investigators (FBI, Mueller, etc.) when in fact the Trump campaign's cooperation with the Russians was masterfully exposed in the  recently released  966 page final instalment of the Senate Intelligence Committee report, entitled :  Volume 5: Counterintelligence Threats and Vulnerabilities,”

But all that isn't enough for the hare-brained Noonan (who temporarily mustered enough brain power  6 weeks ago to say Trump ought to resign) reverting to blind Trump love in her latest twaddle

 Therein seeking to defend Trump's mocking of the fallen by appeal to the "family" script for The Godfather Pt. II.  Before that, Peggy trots out friends of hers who confide in her they still plan to vote for Trump despite acknowledging - as one did that:

"Donald Trump is a boorish, narcissistic, self aggrandizing, petulant child who has sown significant discord among my fellow citizens.  He has little knowledge of his current job description or limitations.”

No, you can't make this shit up.  But one supposes Peggy is happy to expose friends even dumber and less insightful than she is.   It's all relative in Trump World, after all. This turkey she quotes then has the absolute temerity to assert one reason for his misgivings about Biden is that he "does exhibit a degree of obvious cognitive impairment".   Which is choice given Trump - aka the Dotard- can barely pass a basic test for  early Alzheimer's patients.  And who, in the real realm we live in, actually believes the California wildfires  aren't from climate change,  adding, "Yes it will get cooler you'll see."    For which any thinking citizen would instantly award an IQ of ....10.  Biden, the supposed mental slacker, at least had the insight, awareness and gumption to refer to Trump as a "climate arsonist" which is what he is.  Give him four more years and watch the remainder of the country either burn up or be flooded out - as he trashes even more environmental regulations and puts more toadies into agencies - like he just  did at the NOAA.   See  e.g.

But Noonan outdoes herself for pure stupidity, nonsense and gullibility when she devotes an entire fourth of her  WSJ column to the Godfather  II script to provide fictional support for Dotard denigrating troops.  I reproduce the relevant section below for readers directly from the paper.   I do this because it has more impact than reading the words from the link above.   Again she is using this as counterpoint to the Atlantic piece by Michael Goldberg, e.g.

She is resorting to this pathetic ploy to try to make the specious case that - like Sonny's family loyalty emphasis in the Godfather II movie-   Trump is also about family loyalty which trumps any military service, or higher respect for the military. 

Read her words carefully, and you will see she takes this fictional script seriously and as a worthwhile template to defend (or at least justify)  Trump's deplorable words in referring to active military (and fallen military) as "suckers" and "losers".   Indeed, Noonan ends her idiocy writing this:

"Mr. Trump would know that scene well. Perhaps it gave him a higher rationale for claiming bone spurs in his deferment during Vietnam. It wasn’t selfishness, disagreement with the war, cowardice. It was loyalty to family."

Again, this is verbatim from this WSJ harpy's loopy piece.  Oh no, it wasn't cowardice, despite the fact that Trump got his "bonespurs"  I-Y exemption from a note written by a quack. Not from actually having to undergo a full  4 ½   hour draft physical as I did in March, 1965 (sent the notice to report -to the shock of Biever Hall dorm mates -  while in the middle of my 2nd semester as a Loyola University freshman.)

And lordy be, it wasn't selfishness that led to his calling the fallen at Belleau Wood "losers" and "suckers" - it was merely "loyalty" to his family.  If Noonan really believes this she ought to resign her columnist position instantly.  Oh wait, she is in the op-ed pages of the WSJ -  which editorial board Joe Scarborough unleashed a classic rant against barely a week ago.

The country is going to hell in a proverbial hand basket thanks to Trump and his gangsters, and Peggy Noonan prefers we worry more about Joe Biden and the Dems being "socialists".   While giving cover to Trump's abominable dismissing of military war dead,  using  a fictional Mafia movie script.

Pardon me while I barf.

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