Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Barbaric Wisconsin GOP Forces Primary Voters To Make Deadly Choice - Can We Now Agree They Have The Moral Compass Of Nazis?

Voters in my hometown of Milwaukee - waiting to vote while the nation is in the grip of a pandemic.   All the Repukes who ordered this atrocity ought to be hung, drawn and quartered. Then the parts tossed into a bonfire.
"I have to come down here to put my life on the line to vote!" - Voter in Milwaukee at one of only 5 open polling stations

"Essentially the Wisconsin Republican Party decided that any deaths that might occur from this enterprise - holding an election in the middle of a pandemic - will have been worth it. "  - Chris Hayes, on 'All In' last night

Ok, let's get our heads around this, and why I assert the Wisconsin Republican party has the moral compass of Nazis.  They literally forced an open, in person primary election yesterday - on a day when 2,000 Americans died in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.   If that isn't enough to seal the deal then consider that Milwaukee (where the image above was captured) is currently the epicenter of the pandemic in Wisconsin - and was only able to open 5 polling places as result. This for a population of 600,00 that usually has at least 180 polling places open. 

As a native born son of Beer City, this was enough to make me puke, especially when common sense and even rudimentary intelligence, screamed out for mail ballots in these parlous times.  But we know the Reeps are firmly opposed to mail voting because they are convinced its prohibition (or limitation) helps them.  I.e. if an ongoing illness takes out the Big Bad Blue (read Lib) cities then what happens to Repub vote totals state wide? Well, they believe they will increase in the rural burgs and farm villages - making it easy to hold unearned power.  Thus, making those people in Milwaukee stand in line to vote is a perverse way for the WI  Reepo-Nazis to get more power. 

As we watched  these Wisconsin voters  lined up  (all sporting face masks)  to go to the polls on Tuesday, Janice summed up the situation in her own inimitable way:  "These Republicans are VERMIN! Making people either risk their lives or lose their voting rights!" I replied, "Actually, I believe that is unfair to the vermin of the planet. The truth is the Repukes have now proven themselves worse than vermin. They are offshoots of the very COVID-19 virus inhabiting bat shit."
The ungodly, disgusting scenes played out after a stunning 24-hour period in which the state’s governor (Tony Evers)  tried to cancel in-person voting because of the public health risk.  In late March Evers issued an executive order instructing people to stay at home. This was justified given there is such a severe shortage of poll workers that Evers asked the national guard to step in.  At that time, indeed, a mail ballot option could have been enacted - but the 'pukes resisted - knowing they had a Reeptard Supreme Court seat to fill.  (This is the point today's WSJ op -ed on 'Wisconsin Confusion'  missed totally.) So  the GOP strong arm tactics made voters risk their lives - hence ensuring lower turnout.  The final tally will almost certainly preserve the Reep advantage of 4-2  on the Wisconsin SC.
 Anyone applauding Evers sanity would soon be disappointed as he was overruled by the state  Supreme Court  composed of 4 Repuke slimeballs and 2 Dems.   I call the Repukes slimeballs because only a slimeball would knowingly force state voters to expose themselves to such infection risk with COVID-19, as well as risk spreading it to others.
Any hope the U.S. Supreme Court would counter this insanity was short -lived. The Court-  made of  5 conservo slimeballs -  weighed in hours before the polls opened to rubber stamp the decision of the original  (Wisconsin) slimeballs.
No surprise then that even though the Democratic race between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders is winding down, the Wisconsin contest has exploded in controversy. It is both the most significant battle so far between Republicans and Democrats over the right to vote in 2020 and a chaotic scramble to protect both the vote and public health.  By all rights this ought to come back to bite Trump and his Reeptardo cult big time in November.
Last week, 111 jurisdictions reported not having enough poll workers to staff even one voting location. Jurisdictions are significantly limiting where people can vote. Milwaukee, which usually has 180 poll sites, will now have just five. Long lines formed on Tuesday at polling locations after polls opened, prompting fears that the election could represent a serious public health risk in the face of the virus.
The lack of polling locations in Milwaukee was particularly notable because nearly 70% of African Americans in Wisconsin live in the city. Madison, which has less than half of Milwaukee’s population, had 66 polling locations open.
The Wisconsin elections commission has declined to project turnout, but it is expected to be low. Democrats say Republicans are banking on low turnout to help Daniel Kelly, a conservative justice on the state supreme court, hold on to his seat. Wisconsin election officials will not publicly release the results of the election until 13 April, following instructions from a federal court order.
No surprise Republicans have resisted calls to mail a ballot to every voter and ease restrictions on mail-in voting .  But despite their hysteria (and Trump's) that mail in voting risks "cheating" there is zero evidence to support that wacko claim. Indeed, we here in Colorado have been using it for years.  It is a rational way to circumvent many voting problems including frail elderly unable to get out in person, or illness, or workers unable to take a day off  to vote.  In the time of pandemic for which we've no inkling of the duration, it makes eminent sense.  Hence, given such a sane and sensible option, the choice to force citizens to expose themselves to infection and death is to act with the moral fiber of a Nazi.
Now that we can agree the Wisconsin Repukes are little better than Nazis in moral terms, we can also acknowledge the absurdity of their stance based on the actions of Robin Vos, the Republican speaker of the Wisconsin assembly.  Vos  served as a poll worker on Tuesday and was caught on a video  telling people it was “incredibly safe to go out”.  But the little maggot moron didn't process  the sheer irony of his BS given he was dressed head-to-toe in protective gear, undermining his moron message.
Currently, as noted in a recent WSJ piece (March 28-29, p. A5, 'States Weigh Expansion of Vote by Mail') "all states allow some voters to cast mail ballots, but a third of states apply conditions for residents to use that method."   In order to ensure fairness in the general election those conditions need to be removed, despite what the DOE-Turd said about "Dems winning too easily if we allow mail voting."  No, dope, if you don't allow mail voting in a parlous time such as we're in you are taking away the citizens' franchise - and that is downright unconstitutional.  Besides, we already know the pandemic has already caused some states to delay primary voting (e.g. Ohio).  This can't happen for the general election for which the date is mandated under federal  law.

It is clear to me that the Democrats will have to fight like junkyard dogs in the coming months to be sure a good portion of the $400m set aside for elections in the CARES act is set aside for mail ballots.  

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