Saturday, February 11, 2012

As Predicted: Catholic Bishops Oppose the Deal

Catholic Bullies in action during the Inquisition. From L-R: Woman accused of lesbianism suspended and gutted, heretic has hot wax poured onto his body, papal critic to have his tongue cut out.

Seems Obama can't win. He steps out on a ledge with a compromise deal delivered yesterday to allow the Catholic Church Bullies and their Enclave to save face, and he gets turned down! Well, I warned as much in a blog yesterday, noting the lead story in The Miami Herald which observed:

"But the U.S. Conference of Bishops withheld its endorsement, saying it was too early to say if Obama's policy changed had met core concerns of the Catholic church. "

Well, it seems they decided it doesn't according to a WSJ news notice just received by email:

"Catholic bishops said that they would not support the Obama administration's proposed compromise on a controversial rule that requires most employers to fully cover contraception in their workers' health plans.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which had led opposition to the regulation, issued a statement saying that members did not believe their concerns were addressed by a new policy offered by President Barack Obama on Friday to allow religious employers who object to the use of birth control to turn over responsibility for covering it to insurance companies

Now, let's get it straight once and for all that these bullying fuckers and robed freaks, like their Inquisitor forbears, are not out for accommodation, or compromise. The bastards want it all, and they will not give an inch. Their ultimate aim is to use this as a political football with which to rip Obama -which is why I fully agree with a recent article, that Obama needs to be more of a secular president than an appeaser of these Jacobins. The sooner Obama understands this, the sooner he can move forward and tell these assholes to "take it or leave it". And if they choose to leave it, then withdraw their tax exempt status forthwith! No more freebies!

You choose to operate in the public domain, with your schools, hospitals, whatever...then we expect you to serve citizens who work at your institutions and not try to impose your bullshit morality (a faux morality I might add, because these turds had no trouble ferrying child pedophiles around parish to parish).

Because this church lacks any moral credibility and as I noted in previous blogs the 'birth control" bunkum is a red herring, Obama is under no compunction to pay attention to any of them out of any bogus "religious liberty".

Bear in mind, "religious liberty" is the last refuge of religious scoundrels, and bullies. They have no more respect for liberty than the Nazis had for the Jews at Auschwitz. Indeed, these same asswipes helped to rescue Nazi-SS butchers along ratlines to South American during and after World War II.

For those who may be interested, this site - with excerpts from the book 'Blowback: America's recruitment of Nazis, and its disastrous effect on our domestic and foreign policy' by Christopher Simpson, Collier / Macmillan, 1988- is very informative.

Please go to: Ratlines-Blowback

Particularly in the Vatican's role in smuggling Nazis out of Europe - with U.S. assistance. Also the role of Intermarium is clarified. I do hope people-readers find it ironic that a cabal that helped Nazis and SS butchers escape would proclaim so much moralism now with birth control!

These are the brigands that burned the library at Alexandria, then pillaged Islamic cities during the Crusades, slaying millions. All this before incinerating over 100,000 people as heretics, and torturing over 14 million (including threatening Galileo) in the centuries old pogrom known as "the Inquisition". (And who's Office of the Inquisition still exists today- only called the "Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith").

Oh, and let's not forget the (1978) assassination of the one decent Pope (JOHN PAUL I) who had intended to clean house at the Vatican Bank and change the birth control policy. His murder is documented in David Yallop's book, 'In God's Name'.

What we see over and over is a bunch of Jacobins posturing and preaching a morality they don't have a clue of practicing themselves. The Vatican insults our intellect by asserting these are all the "crimes of individuals", oblivious to the fact that they are directed and driven by irrational, indefensible and malignant doctrines built into the core of the Catholic religion.

As I said, we need to interpet these Bishops' reply as an act of war on the larger society. If they then want a "culture war" we will be sure to give them one!

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