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After Corey Lewandowski's Performance House Dems Need To File Articles Of Impeachment

 Corey Lewandowski delivering his bully performance yesterday, aided and abetted by  Republican House traitors including Ken Buck (CO) and Matt  Gaetz (FL)

"It was a depressing scene, and quite a way to honor Constitution Day. Five hours of nastiness made clear that the revolting politics of this moment, though aggravated by Trump, are larger than him — and will outlast him if people such as Lewandowski gain election."  - Dana Milbank, Washington Post today,  'Corey Lewandowski Debuts His Senate Campaign: Unbridled Nastiness'.

"Article III of the Nixon impeachment was based on this kind of obstruction  of Congress by President Nixon".  -Rep. Jerrold Nadler, quoted in WSJ today, p. A4

To use the standard schoolboy analogy of what transpired yesterday in the House Judiciary "Impeachment" Hearings,  Corey Lewandowski kicked pebbles in the Dems' faces, spat on them, took their lunch money then stuffed them all into lockers.  That was how bad it was as this detestable imp tried to invoke "executive privilege" when he'd no longer even been near the White House or the executive branch.

In other words, the Trumpie maggots have now mocked the House Democrats and their pursuit of oversight even more, nearly turning them into political cuckolds. On 'All In' last night Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee sounded ominous notes of how Lewandowski would be held accountable, but under pressure from Chris Hayes she could offer no real steps to achieve that end.  Find him in contempt? Sure, but then what?  Unless he's actually tossed into a jail - like an ordinary person would be - it means nada. As Chris put it:

"Here's the problem. The White House has exerted extremely broad power to stop witnesses including for people not even currently working in the administration, to testify at all. The privilege they are invoking is extremely controversial in legal circles, and some are even talking about a blanket immunity, i.e. 'You can't talk to anyone we don't want you to talk to'.  That's the fundamental issue and the question is you can't actually do anything until you break that. So how do you break that?"

Fair question. So how did Rep. Jackson Lee respond?

"You're absolutely right and we're in the courts. We insist we have the right to question Mr. Porter, Mr. Dearborn, Mr. Mc Gahn.  We're hoping positively that we will prevail in court.  Not later, but sooner than later. The courts will see that we have nothing but obstruction, not from the particular witnesses but from the President of the United States.  We cannot have witnesses disrespecting the Article I body which is the United States congress."

TO which Chris replied:

"You keep saying you 'can't have this'  but that's what you did have yesterday."

Indeed, Lewandowski taking the Dems' lunch money and stuffing them into lockers without any punch back or response.  Then laughing as the  Reepo bullies and reprobates urged him on.

Rep. Jackson Lee herself, bless her heart, didn't seem to realize that Trump's M.O. through his history has been to play the long game in the courts, and winning more often than not. Hence, depending on the courts to find justice is a fool's errand.

As one Politico reporter put it after the hearings, on MSNBC - replying to the standard 'What can they do?' question from anchor Nicole Wallace:

"First, file articles of impeachment.  Then stop any cooperation with Trump including on his trade bills or farm bailouts. The way it is now he isn't being punished for his bad behavior, so he will keep on doing it."

Former VP Al Gore provided the best response at the end of last night's 'All In':

"I do get the political calculus, but it can't end up there.  Because of the risk that we end up normalizing the most obscene behavior I've ever seen from a President of the United Stated. And if we did not challenge this behavior I think we'd be making a mistake.  Yes, the Senate in its present form would fail to convict. But I think we have an obligation beyond all of that to the Constitution."

Indeed. So either the Constitution means something or it is just a piece of paper. Either the House in its Article I oversight role has equal power and authority to the executive, or it is merely a redundant sham and anachronism.  The Democrats' failure to act decisively and aggressively has only emboldened the criminal in the Oval Office more - and at the same time made the House Dems appear neutered- or political eunuchs. So the power they wrested from the GOP in the 2018 midterms with a "blue wave", amounts to nothing - because they're unable to use it, or they refuse to use it.

 As we approach the political high season for the 2020 campaign the Dems can either continue their exercise in euphemisms and posturing or finally hold the Swine -in- chief to account along with all his lackeys and enablers.  Yes, there are attendant political risks but there are also political risks for doing nothing and being made to look like impotent political cuckolds. We will see which risk is activated more in the general election next year!

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"Sooner rather than later, Democrats will have to find the fortitude to set aside their fears. The president and his new attorney general, William Barr, are daring them to initiate impeachment proceedings, refusing to comply with congressional subpoenas and document requests seeking, among other items, Trump’s tax returns, and the full, unredacted report by special counsel Robert Mueller.

As New York Times reporters Peter Baker, Maggie Haberman and Michael Schmidt recently noted, “As the White House and Congress escalate their constitutional showdown, President Trump and his team are essentially trying to call what they see as the Democrats’ bluff. The message: Put up or shut up. Impeach or move on.”

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