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Post 9 / 11, Donald J. Trump Is The Biggest National Security Threat

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"And I'm gonna put a single megaton nuke right into the next hurricane's eye! No deal making!"

Yes, it sounds incredible to say or write, but for anyone who has documented the history of the past 27 months there is little doubt the alleged "President" we have is our biggest national security threat. Arguably bigger than al Qaeda, Isis and all the Islamic radicals you can think of rolled into one. Preposterous you say?  Then you've allowed Trump and his endless antics to burn out your memory coils.  Just go back through the months and think about it.

Only recently he's released classified satellite photos of military intelligence never intended for open disclosure. See e.g.

The photo Trump tweeted out from a classified ... - › en-us › news › politics › ar-AAGHRXP

As the preceding piece notes:

"President Donald Trump tweeted out an image on Friday from a classified briefing to taunt Iran, and analysts suspect the photo came from one of the US's most advanced satellites. Specifically the photo is believed to have come from a U.S. KH- 11 spy satellite called USA 224."

As anyone with a grain of sense knows, these spy satellites are called that for a reason. That is, that the material they collect is not intended for public dissemination where enemies can use it to infer the satellites' capabilities - even in a limited way.  And here we have our illustrious Commander-in chief, (Captain Bonespurs) giving away the candy store.   Now it is true, the image was made publicly available ex post facto - but the photo in Dotard's tweet was of a much higher resolution (showing the power of the satellite's optics) "leaving experts flabbergasted".

(See also: Trump may have revealed US military secrets by tweeting a photo to taunt Iran  )

Is is any wonder that even LAST year at this time:

"Ten percent of Americans said President Trump is a bigger threat to the U.S. than a terrorist attack, according to a new Hill.TV poll.
The American Barometer survey, conducted by Hill.TV and the HarrisX polling company, found that 10 percent of respondents specified Trump was the biggest threat to America"
Still skeptical? Consider what has transpired in the interim. Not only has this demented fool misdirected people in Alabama about the  Hurricane  Dorian threat - a felony in itself- 
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He also ruminated on deploying nuclear weapons against hurricanes.  Ordinarily we'd never have known about this except his outgoing National Security head,  John Bolton,  leaked it -"stirring Trump's fury" according to a segment on CBS this morning.   Thanks to Bolton, no fan of mine for sure - but likely credible here- we now know we have a dyspeptic lunatic sitting close to the nuclear football and ready to use it at a moment's notice. Like he vowed two years ago, to bring "fire and fury" against Kim Jong Un, barking at the time: "North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States, They will be met with fire and the fury like the world has never seen.”.
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Oh wait! That was before he "fell in love" with Kim, in an effort to broker a fake nuclear deal he thought would put him up for a Nobel Peace Prize.  Then staging a 'meet and greet' with him after walking across to North Korea, and sitting down happily with the most bloodthirsty butcher on the planet, e.g.
Meanwhile, Kim has since launched multiple shorter range missiles in defiance of the U.S. and hasn't done squat to remove any of his missile sites.  

After indulging this brutal,  mass- murdering dictator,  as he elevated him to world statesman status-  Trump then had the temerity to take over the 4th with his own grandstanding. 

For many of us this amounted to unwillingly conferring  undeserved benediction on his every action and word.  From honoring the most brutal regime in the world (even as he has hobnobbed with other tyrants), to validating his caging and maltreatment of migrant kids to pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal, thereby adding another level of geo-political instability to an already precarious global  equilibrium.

This man, in other words, is a national security nightmare, and he's sitting in the most powerful position on planet Earth.  Want to know what I am most terrified about? It's not another 9/11 style terror attack from Al Qaeda or Isis, but a Trump-spawned nuclear war, launched by a poseur narcissist swine who'd sacrifice millions for the appeasement of his own ego.  Just to try to prove a misbegotten point or how "right" he is.  Don't believe it? Look how long he's protracted the Sharpie gate incident!

Even if we somehow manage to survive Trump's remaining time in office (assuming he fails to be re-elected) he will have sown the seeds for climate change apocalypse   by imposition of his current executive orders.  What do I mean by climate apocalypse?  

Powerful hurricanes. Record-breaking heatwaves. Droughts that bring ruin to farmers. Raging forest fires. The mass die-off of the world's coral reefs. Food scarcity.  Millions of climate refugees poring across borders seeking security, respite, or even just drinkable water.  To avoid this,  carbon dioxide emissions need to fall by as much as 45% from 2010 levels by 2030,  according to the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.   

And what has terrorist Trump planned?  Well, he's already got his EPA ready to weaken methane emission  (leakage) rules, e.g.

As I noted in that blog post:

"The EPA conceded with its proposal...  that easing the rule for methane leaks would put as ,much as 380,000 additional tons of methane into the atmosphere from 2019 to 2025. This added amount would be equivalent to 30 million tons of  CO2 - given methane's much higher forcing factor."  

Meanwhile, the Trump cabal of eco-terrorists has planned as many as 177 new natural gas power plants to add to the 2,000 already churning out climate wrecking effluent.  In the words of Michael Brune, president of the Sierra Club:

"All that natural gas is a ticking time bomb for our planet. If we are to prevent runaway climate change, these new plants can’t be built."

Trump, then,  the unstable authoritarian narcissist - not some vague band of "Islamic terrorists" - is for me the source of any future terror.  He is totally unqualified to sit in the most powerful office in the world, and he has undermined or removed whatever adults might have constrained him. Or directed him toward judicious policies and actions. 

So long as this traitor and terrorist sits in the Oval Office we all sit on a veritable powder keg ready to go off.  Not only can we not believe any of his "official" statements  - given he lies with each breath- but we cannot trust any of his actions.  He does not have the nation's security or interest at heart, only his own self-aggrandizement and enrichment at our expense.

All we can do now is hope we make it the 2020 election in one piece. 
Update (9/12) on Trump's assault on our water (from NY Times):

"The Trump administration on Thursday announced the repeal of a major Obama-era clean water regulation that had placed limits on polluting chemicals that could be used near streams, wetlands and other bodies of water.
The rollback of the 2015 measure, known as the Waters of the United States rule, adds to a lengthy list of environmental rules that the administration has worked to weaken or undo over the past two and a half years.
Those efforts have focused heavily on eliminating restrictions on fossil fuel pollution, including coal-fired power plants, automobile tailpipes and methane emissions, but have also touched on asbestos and chemical hazards like pesticides.

An immediate effect of the clean water repeal is that polluters will no longer need a permit to discharge potentially harmful substances into many streams and wetlands."
When the cancer deaths start piling up and add to many more than the 3,000 killed in the Towers on 9/11, it will become even more patently obvious what a terrorist we have in our midst - operating in the seat of power to destroy our lives.

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"With the possible exception of an all-out nuclear war, humanity has never encountered a threat that comes close to that posed by climate change.

In fact, the crisis is already upon us, but the media refuses to cover it as the clear and present danger it is now, and the virtual apocalypse it will soon be without immediate, urgent, global action."


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