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Catherine Rampell: 'We're All Responsible For The Demise Of American Democracy" - Maybe - But Not Equally!

"If we do not defend the Constitution, there is no nation worth defending".  Rep. Adam Schiff in opening statement to House Intel Committee hearing this morning.

Catherine Rampell in her recent WaPo piece, 'Trump Isn't The Only One Responsible For The Demise Of Democracy', has evidently already interred democracy in this country, writing:
"R.I.P. American democracy. You still had so much left to give! Whom should we blame for your untimely demise?"
Whoa! R.I.P. already?  The Dems only just announced their impeachment inquiry, and we have House Intelligence Committee hearings now featuring newly installed DNI Joseph Maguire - who, according to prefacing info "has already taken the oath to defend the Constitution 11 times", i.e. in his various capacities.  The question is whether he will be forthcoming in defending that oath now under questioning about his role in blocking release of the whistle blower report (which has fortunately come out finally today).
In answer to one question by Rep. Jamie Raskin ('Who gave you the order not to release the whistle blower report?') Maguire hemmed and hawed then finally cited the difficulty of surmounting "executive privilege" issues and the (DOJ) Office of Legal Counsel.  In other words, he told us in so many words that Trump, aka Hitler Jr., had ordered him not to release the report, in concert with his toadies at DOJ. He also likely gave the order to destroy the original transcript which we've also since learned.  Destroying evidence ought to be a major crime in any setting but with the rogues in the WH running amuck, nothing matter, no laws or norms.
Ramapell goes on:
"Understandably, many believe the coldhearted killer was President Trump. He has after all solicited foreign help to aid him in taking out a political rival — twice. He continues to accept payments from other foreign leaders and well-heeled business executives, who patronize his properties in clear hopes of influencing U.S. policy. He has refused to disclose his tax returns, necessary to determine whether the executive branch is working in his interest or the country’s. He has sought to punish perceived political enemies, minorities and other groups that dare cross him.
And so on. But is Trump truly the guilty party?"
But this is akin to asking if at the end of the Third Reich, with Germany's Weimar Republic left in ruins as well as the physical nation and millions of innocents, "Was Adolf Hitler truly the guilty party?"  And definitely he was, in multiple and exponential spades.  He orchestrated the demise of German democracy primarily with his interminable lies - actually becoming known for the saying 'If you tell a lie often enough the masses will believe it'.  And Donald Trump has been no different, able to lie as easily as he breathes. Indeed, one can argue his interminable lying has led many of our fellow citizens with less critical thinking aptitude or intellectual capacity to be led astray.  Hence, leading too many to have voted for him in 2016, i.e. when he lied that he would "make Mexico build the wall".  Oh, and "bring back lots of good jobs".    Also, many of the same to insist there is nothing to impeach him for now. The "good Germans" resurrected in American guise, in 2019.
So yeah, we have to blame Trump.  But we can allow lesser blame for those who fell into his predatory mind fucks, major lies, distortions, conspiracies and paranoid pathologies.  These I put in the same camp as the "good Germans" who helped Hitler get close enough to power in the late 1932 elections to then just need one 'tip' to emerge as Chancellor.- which transpired in January, 1933. 
When therefore she writes:

"In my view, he’s the wrong, or at least an incomplete, answer to this particular whodunit."
We give her only partial credit, in terms of the last part of her statement being accurate, not the first. There is no way in hell this predatory criminal, con man and traitor escapes blame. None.
Where she is more accurate in blame assignment in naming ancillary enablers, is the GOP rats and enablers who even now in the hearings are calling them "a weaponized fiction with the media's help" (Devin Nunes).   While the Repubs were stalwart patriots in the case of Watergate, they've now devolved to Trump's accomplices in the destruction of our democracy. As she writes:
"Fast-forward to today. Now that the hypothetical appears to have come true, they’ve mostly fallen silent. Or worse: They’ve urged the Justice Department to investigate the political rival whom Trump sought a foreign power’s help in sullying, former vice president Joe Biden."
Then going on to name a host of Trump collaborators and traitors including Giuliani, Pompeo, Mnuchin, and a whole array of "lickspittle Cabinet officials"
She doesn't let the Dems off either, writing:
"They've been feckless and dragged their feet in demanding critical documents, including Trump's tax returns. They failed to competently question petulant and obstructive witnesses such as Corey Lweandowski"  
Which btw, I also complained about, i.e.:
Her next target is also spot on, and names the media as she writes:
"We spread his smears for him and too often shied from any coverage more technical than a tweet. We asked Democrats what would count as an impeachable offense but rarely directed such inquiries at Republicans."
Again, very true  and soon, staring me in the face, is more evidence of media complicity with the editorial of the reactionary WSJ blaring 'The Ukraine Transcript Fizzle' (p. A18), lacking even the minimal standards of adherence to fact by claiming: "The five page transcript shows Mr. Trump ...." blah  blah. Without the insight,  perception or fortitude to point out it was a reconstruction or edited version of the actual transcript - which we now know was destroyed.  But then we know the WSJ - at least its op-ed pages- are part of the FOX News -Rupert Murdoch axis of liars, dissemblers, propagandists.

 I've also cited and discussed the incompetence of the other corporate media and an inability to properly cover Trump and his syndicate, e.g.
Rampell ends by naming those citizens who "disillusioned and disappointed are they are, tuned out the onslaught on American democracy."
Indeed, no one can tune out now and escape blame. Yes, the information is coming at us like a torrent, but we don't have the luxury to tune out. Not if we are genuine citizens and patriots.  The whole world is watching and they absolutely do not want us fucking up the next election! 

 In the meantime, we now know  the effort of  the Trumps Nazis to use Ukraine to investigate Joseph Biden Jr., were so “deeply disturbing” to senior White House officials that an unnamed intelligence official (now believed to be CIA)  felt compelled to file a formal whistle-blower complaint..   Readers can reference it at that highlighted link.

Excerpt from the Complaint:

The President of the United States is using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 U.S. election,The President’s personal lawyer, Mr. Rudolph Giuliani, is a central figure in this effort.”

The complaint also added that Attorney General William P. Barr “appears to be involved as well.” 

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