Friday, April 19, 2013

Is Mikey Really So Effin' Dumb He Can't Tell a White Man from non-White?

Among the different faces that define the Caucasion or WHITE race. (from Wikipedia)

Ok, I know my youngest bro (aka Pastor Mike)  is a dumb shit, as assorted commentators have observed (see e.g. recent Mail Branes). He's ignorant, semi-educated, obtuse and all these things fuse together in his fervent commitment to anti-intellectualism and  Christian fundamentalism. We know, for example, that the fundamentalist brain is the archetype for anti-intellectualism in the US of A (See, for example, Richard Hofstadter's 'Anti-Intellectualism in American Life')

Anyway, Mike's latest Macguffin, apart from claiming he's 'checkmated' me again (in his dreams) - after he saw my blog post on evangelicals, sending his neurons into the crapper, is that I mislabeled one of the Boston bombers as "white". He implied I was "blind" as well as ignorant, and actually showed the image of the younger dude with his face in full front view.

So wait, Mike, then what is the guy's race? Black? (My belief is this dope thinks the guy and his bro are Muslims, so are both "black")

But as the Wiki article observes:

"In the United States, the term Caucasian has been mainly used to describe a group commonly called Whites, as defined by the government and Census Bureau.Between 1917 and 1965, immigration to the US was restricted by a national origins quota. The Supreme Court in United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind (1923) decided that Asian Indians were ineligible for citizenship because, though deemed "Caucasian" anthropologically, they were not white like European descendants since most laypeople did not consider them to be white people. This decision represented something of a contradiction because the court had itself equated "white persons" with "Caucasian" in the earlier Ozawa v. United States case, wherein it had declared skin colour irrelevant in determining whether or not a person could be classified as "white" and instead emphasized ancestry."

The article also notes:

"Caucasian race (also Caucasoid, Europid, or Europoid) is the general physical type of some or all of the populations of Europe, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Western Asia/Middle East, Asia Minor, Central Asia and South Asia.. Historically, the term was used for many people from these regions, without regard necessarily to skin tone"

We see immediately here the complexity of issues of race with skin tone, and also degrees of conflation in the U.S. usage.  But irrespective of that, and in the context of either quote, the two brothers,  Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev -  meet the American criteria for being defined as "Caucasian" via the census, and hence "of the white race" - no matter how much half bro Mike's Islamic-obsessed brain may insist otherwise. Note also the two brothers actually originated from the region of the Northern Caucasus (of which Chechnya is part)  whence the term "Caucasian" arose!

One more thing, if this turkey can't even parse the race of a perp, how the hell can we trust him on anything to do with evolution? (Apart from the fact he flunked the evolution test  - which he submitted to me in secret, scoring a whopping 1 out of 50)

Methinks Mike needs to convert his whole blog to a graphics art forum, since one thing he does seem to be able to do is create garish  .jpg cartoons of himself and others, as well as demons. Hell, I've already begun to DL page by page to send to my great niece Shayle, a psychotherapist. I told her to regard it as material very useful to diagnose paranoid schizophrenia.  I also asked her to consider possibly committing the little fucker to the nearest asylum.

Who knows? He may end up in the same place as James Eagen Holmes if the latter manages to escape the death penalty and is found insane. Then the two of them can draw their demons together and also exchange views on the best way to clean a semi-automatic. In their minds!

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