Friday, April 12, 2013

Welcome, Millennials and Other New Brane Space Readers! But....There's Much More Material Here Besides 'Abby Huntsman's Hijinks'!

Scanning over the blog statistics the past week I see almost one thousand new Brane Space readers, which is very gratifying - especially considering I don't do "Facebook" - so it's clear certain stories are spreading via word of mouth or links sent to others via e-mail.  The one which has attracted the most reads by far, however, is the April 6th entry:  'Bernie Sanders Schools Millennial Moron Abby Huntsman on Bill Maher's REAL TIME'. 

When I put that blog up last Friday night, almost as an afterthought , I figured it might attract some eyeballs but not anywhere near 856 at last count. (But this is still far fewer than the 3,700 hits for last June's Venus transit of the Sun.) 

The blog itself referenced Millennials, Generation Ys and Huntsman as perhaps (hopefully!) an outlier example of what author Mark Bauerlein has called "the dumbest generation". He referenced this as pertaining to those embedded almost entirely in social media like Twitter and Facebook and hence seldom leaving those solipsist, self-referenced cocoons to read or explore any other venues, subjects or areas - especially which may appear too challenging at first glance.

What I hope, however, is that if Millennials are pouring in to read the post on Abby Huntsman, they will also move eyeballs to the right column and check out all the other blogs, articles which will be seen to be of an eclectic variety.  The emphasis then is on diverse content, and much of it is expressly designed for a college level or college age audience.

As I wrote in my inaugural blog (in 2007) launching Brane Space.

"The name for this blog implies multi-dimensional (or multi-faceted) content in time. I will blog on aspects of science (especially astronomy, astrophysics, quantum mechanics etc.) as well as on pseudo-science (astrology, Velikovskianism etc.), philosophy, religion, mathematics and even economics. Most of the time the blogging will simply reflect ruminations on current events, developments or scientific discoveries, but sometimes the writing will embody current worries......whether of economic malaise and dollar decline, or global warming, or perhaps when the next major asteroid may strike Earth....My main goal is to provide captivating content that enlightens and maybe entertains as well."

I suppose in many ways the 'Abby Huntsman' blog was "entertaining" - but I hope new blog readers, especially many Millennials (because they appear to be most interested in a fellow Millennial) will understand that only eating ice cream without any veggies, will not be conducive to health. In this case, one's mental health, intellect, .....the point Bauerlein made in his book, i.e.

"For education to happen, people must encounter worthwhile things outside their sphere of interest and brainpower. Knowledge grows, skills improve, tastes refine and conscience ripens only if the experiences bear a degree of unfamiliarity"

So, enjoy the Abby blog, but don't let the other content -unfamiliar though it may be-  turn you off!

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