Monday, April 22, 2013

As Usual, Repukes Go Ape Shit About Remaining Bombing Suspect

As I predicted a few blogs ago, the Repukes - ever looking for ways to slander Obama politically- now want to claim Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (the remaining suspect in the Boston bombing, now in custody) is an "enemy combatant" and ought to be tried as such. This was stated emphatically by  nutball Lindsay Graham, who was also in the middle of stoking the Benghazi incident.

But as a CBS News specialist said this a.m. "This kid no more speaks for Muslims than I speak for fat, balding, pizza and pasta eating Italian -Americans!"

Bingo! Apart from that, as another security egghead pointed out on Chris Jansing's MSNBC show, there are serious constitutional issues. He reminded viewers that the remaining Tsarnaev brother is an American citizen and so there are formidable constitutional blocks in place to trying him as an "enemy combatant". But what do the REEPOS care, when the only constitutional amendment they accept as real is the 2nd? As they showed last week, they were not even willing to pass the weakest gun check law in U.S. history. They ought to be ashamed of themselves, but shame isn't a word in their lexicon.

But one could see the "Muslims did it" Reich wing bullshit factory cranking up even before the ink was dry - on a recent issue of the New York Post - which had proclaimed a "Saudi national" was responsible.  Never mind there was not one fractional scintilla of evidence. Then to follow suit, nincompoop and perpetual loser Glenn Beck started calling out perps and even wanted to "impeach Obama".  Add to that Right wing screech monkey Michael Savage's bollocks, and a young college-age kid still in hiding (from being falsely named as a bombing perp) and an intelligent person can grasp the need to proceed cautiously.

Up to now we have NO evidence, none, that the younger suspect was in any way seriously involved with radical Islam or any groups related to it.

So far as can be ascertained - and I admit there's a ways to go - Dzhokhar is merely a two bit punk- whether you regard him as naturalized American, Muslim-American, Chechen -American or whatever. More than likely he'd been bullied into participation by his older brother Tamerlan. (See my earlier blog: 'Jo-Kar and Tammy'). Tamerlan himself, my theory goes, didn't so much desire to commit a nasty deed for radical Islam as to recoup a lost manhood by aping terrorist actions. He saw himself as half a man for staying home with his child and being unemployed while his mate brought home the bacon.

To now elevate these punks and losers  into major Islamic players on the world stage- or agents for al Qaida-  would be to confer a gravitas they don't merit - at least by all available evidence. To then also use the bombing and falsely presumed (so far) radical Islamic connections to block bills on immigration reform would be to sink to the lowest common denominator.

But don't you worry! The Republicans, their lackeys, clones and talk show rabble are quite capable of it! Even now, Rushbo is bloviating how he "told ya so" and that he called 'em out as Muslims before almost anyone else.   The point El Rushbo doesn't grasp is that even if the remaining suspect is Muslim, he is also American, and therein lies the rub. So we need to proceed carefully and cautiously as opposed to rushing to judgment to brand this kid an al Qaeda operative.

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