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I am really getting sick of the Right and its paranoid clowns calling out government  “false flag” operations every time they think they see the hidden hands of gubmint! Now, with the Boston Marathon bombings, as before with the Newtown Sandy Hook massacre, we’re seeing it again. All the Tea Creeps are crawling out of their crevices to blame one or more government agency operatives for planting the Boylston St. bombs, to justify the DHS going after the Tea Party and their funny hat “patriots”.

Recall in the case of Sandy Hook, über Clown Alex Jones called it a false flag operation, insisting gov’t spooks or operatives recruited Lanza to kill those 20 kids and 6 teachers in order to plant the meme to snuff out their guns. Despite howls of protest the fucko never relented in this piece of mind- boggling babble and codswallop. No, he’s now double downed on it!

Now he sees the Boston explosions as a “false flag” attack committed by the government. The objective this time: Expanding the Transportation Security Administration’s reach to sporting events. Are U kidding me?

One of the bozo’s actual tweets as reported on salon.com:
"Our hearts go out to those that are hurt or killed #Boston marathon – but this thing stinks to high heaven #falseflag

— Alex Jones (@RealAlexJones) April 15, 2013

Yeah, right! How about UN-Real Alex? Jones on his radio show speculated that it may have to do with the sudden drop in the price of gold, a favorite commodity of paranoids everywhere. He babbled:

“With gold plunging, what could this signify?”

Uh well, maybe that too many earlier gold purchasers realized it was a fool’s errand and switched to the stock market and rising DOW instead (which is almost as big a fool’s errand but not quite) – or maybe heeded my persistent advice and departed from speculative BS entirely to stay in fixed income instruments! Who knows? But to jump to a false flag conclusion without an ounce of documentation is nutso!

But we know, those of us in deep politics (talking of the political Left) that the only real, documented government false flag operation was Operation Northwoods, engineered by a cabal of Right wing extremist generals in 1962.  I provided 2 pages of the actual seed documentation for its basis -with Freedom of Information Act -released former Top Secret docs. See e.g.

And the documents below the two photos of me shown in London – just before an IRA terrorist attack in 1978, and in Barbados (with 3 nieces) just before we saw the floating bodies from the just bombed Cubana Airlines Flt. 455 in October, 1976- thanks to CIA and hirelings Freddy Lugo and Hernan Ricardo Lusano.

We might have never known the CIA link had Cuban- CIA double agent Ignacio Rodriguez-Mena not blown the whistle on them, evidently enraged as he might have been on the flight except his wife was late arriving at the departure terminal. Interestingly, Rodriguez -Mena was also the person former CIA spook Brian Latell tried to implicate as sending a hidden signal to off Kennedy, back in 1963. A claim totally disproven by researcher James Douglass who exposed this subterfuge in his book ( JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters , p. 251. )

This is also why no one should believe anything the mainstream media or its talking dopes claims concerning the “man” who killed Kennedy, in this the 50th anniversary year of the assassination.

Back to Alex Jones and his babble and what defiles all conspiracy research is how he referenced the Boston events to 9/11 saying:

“I said on air that they’re getting ready to blow something up. To fire a shot heard round the world like at Lexington and Concord, and then they do it at this same place on the same day!”

In other words, he’s a 9/11 conspiracist who also believes 9/11 was also a  false flag operation, wherein the gov’t planted the bombs to take down the two towers as a way to secure billions in security funding. But history appears to have left Alex and his delusionary - paranoid, "Hatriot" minions behind.

As Alex Altman of TIME noted,  yesterday was “Patriot’s Day”  which has significance for the militia movement. Altman noted that Timothy McVeigh bombed the Oklahoma City Murrah Building on Patriots’ Day in 1995.”   Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, it’s declared a civil holiday commemorating those battles outside Boston that sparked the American Revolution. (Note: The holiday is now celebrated on the third Monday of April, though the battles actually took place on April 19, meaning the two dates are often conflated.)
In addition to the Oklahoma City Bombing, which occurred on the 19th, the date also coincides with the deadly raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. As John Avalon wrote for the Daily Beast in 2010, the day has “emerged as a ‘Hatriot’ holiday for some anti-government activists and militia groups.”
Another reason to suspect Right wing whackos and Teepees:

This year, Patriots’ Day also fell on Tax Day, another important date for right-wing extremists. ALSO, few people know that the 26th mile of the Marathon was dedicated to the 26 Newton victims and families. Now, how many gun nuts, their militia pals et al have gone off their rockers the past week calling down the Newtown families and Obama for trying to get a Senate bill passed for universal background checks? Something that ninety percent of normal Americans side with - based on recent polls.

For all these reasons, Jones predicted that while “they might blame it on the Muslims, they’re going to blame it on the Tea Party.”

Somehow I doubt it, Alex! As I blogged on before, http://brane-space.blogspot.com/2013/03/radical-right-terrorists-need-to-be.html

the Right’s lunatics and extremists always seem to get away Scot-free while the vast bulk of violent hate acts are committed by their side. Typically, yes, either radical Islam or the Left gets the blame, and indeed the Occupy movement had the feds tracking it for over a year spying on its every move,


Something they haven’t done with the Right. But maybe now they should – no matter how much they use the term “false flag”!

Alex Jones and his paranoid groupies may not like to hear it, but all the signs point to the militant, gun- fetishizing  Right ( already freaking out about “Obama using the Newtown parents as political pawns to take r guns!’)  in this latest debacle and incident..To me, I don't care how many "bystander" Islamists or OWS folks they dredge up, the fact that the 26th mile was dedicated to the Newtown victims seals the deal: Look for Right Domestic terrorists, or maybe one lone wolf  looneytune, possibly a disaffected returned soldier who served in Iraq. Like Tim McVeigh!

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