Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Most of Media Coy About Bomb Suspect's Race- But We Now KNOW He Is a 'Young WHITE Man'

I watched every news cast this evening to learn specifics on the so-called "breaking news" of the day - regarding the identity of the Boston Marathon bomber. But only ONE, CBS News with Scott Pelley, spat it out clearly that the suspect spotted on a video made from a camera atop a Lords and Taylor's store was a young WHITE man. None of the others (ABC, NBC, CNN) gave the race.WHY? Since this is above and beyond the most critical info we need to know!

Especially as most of the day CNN and FAUX News fouled up the airwaves with bogus reports of a "dark skinned man" actually being arrested! But we beheld this bullshit from CNN before, as when they bolshed up the announcement of the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare some months ago, They and FAUX had egg on their faces then, and they have it now!'

Here's what CBS announced on its evening news: The suspect caught on the video was identified as "a young white man wearing a dark hoodie and a white baseball cap turned backwards". At the time the Lords & Taylor's camera spied him he was talking on a cell phone.  Pelley's correspondents pointed out that the feds should now be able to pinpoint the identity starting from the cell phone records using the time matched to the video's time markers.

Pelley's newscast added the suspect was seen running away from the scene of the second bomb on Boylston St. Another specialist interviewed noted that he'd placed the bag exactly at the location that the second bomb originated from and elaborated briefly on the basis using angles of the blast detritus, the directions, and images of the blast itself. Also, that the blast origination matched precisely where he placed the bag. If this fucker isn't the perp, then Timothy McVeigh has reincarnated himself.

No.....this doesn't quite seal the deal but it does stop, for now, the rancid speculation it was a dark- skinned "radical Islamist" which all the RIGHT WING has been getting wet dreams over in their anticipation. Hell, they want it to justify further war money to add to the already monstrous defense budget.  They already nearly burst their boners over the Libya incident a few months back, costing Susan Rice a job at State. They're now salivating over more warfare against the 'Jihadists" which  would mammothly tilt the field for even greater cuts of social insurance programs.

So the $64 question is why are most of the media so coy and also the feds so reticent in not releasing images? The answer given is that if they're too specific it "will spook the suspect and he will run". HELLO! He's already spooked and on the run! You've already identified a "man with white baseball cap" spotted at that 2nd bomb scene with a bag! Just how many other people will fit that descriptor?  CBS already let the cat out of the bag that he's white so you know he's either lying low in some rat trap or trying to get out of town. Probably using a disguise.

Instead of playing around and dilly dallying the feds need to release the video image of this vermin fuckwad so everyone can see and expedite his ID and capture. The more people that see the punk the faster that capture ought to be, as opposed to keeping 315 million in suspense not to mention other nations which will surely want to know sooner than later that they don't have to fret over international terrorist goons.

The sooner he's caught and pays for his vile crime, the better!  It will also finally put an end to the loathsome speculation that a "dark skinned' person, i.e. Muslim  radical did the deed. (Though, of course, Mr. Whitey might still be a converted Muslim, but somehow I doubt it. I put him more in line with McVeigh as another anti-government extremist)

But we will soon see, won't we?

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