Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Believe ANYTHING Ol' 'Pastor Mike' Writes? Well, Check Out His History Then Decide!

“Pastor Mike” before he got run off his original Pastor Mike’s Blog after his National Atheist Registry nonsense

Barely two years ago, my bellicose, quarrelsome little sibling who then called himself "Pastor Mike" came under withering attacks from across the rational, skeptical, and humanist spectrum. I tried to warn him to tone it down then, but he wouldn't listen - even going to the extreme of proposing a "National Atheist Registry". Even now as I understand (from assorted Brane Space reader emails) he continues to put my images into his hell settings, so it is well to remind ourselves what a total crank he is. If he's a whacked out crank, as his 'National Atheist Registry' history shows, then we must concur there is very little edifying in any of his material - whether past or present.

Each of the following links bears an aspect of the sordid story concerning his "Registry" that appeared two years ago. (Also note many responses that follow the lead article or presentation, i.e. "This guy either has major anger issues or is a cretin".) After seeing these, ask yourselves if anything he writes can be trusted!

The question remains of why anyone in his or her right mind would trust this character to be accurate or truthful about anything, whether biblical contradictions, the alleged existence of  "Hell", Yeshua's being a God-man... or you name it. His past, you might say, precedes him.....and from the above links, it ain't pretty!

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