Monday, September 17, 2012

Even Conservos Believe Romney is a LOSER!

Willard Mitt scratches his cranium pondering which Etch -a sketch Mitt he will adopt today!

Bottom: the TRUE story of the deficits, not what Reepo spin-makers have put forward.

No, I am not making that claim, but a spectrum of conservos are as reported in, e.g.

Evidently, they all suspect now what most rational people knew during the Repug debates, that if Romney is nominated the GOP bid for the White House goes down in flames. Romney is the “Etch-a-Sketch” dude, the guy who changes his policy positions, ideology and beliefs from one moment to the next, from one year to the next.

Switch to a few years ago and he’s defending a woman’s right to an abortion, especially in cases of rape and incest. Switch to today – and, sandbagged by the Teabaggers- he sings a different tune. Which Mitt you gonna believe? Can Mitt even win a debate with himself?

The nitwit some months ago proclaimed he plans to ditch “Obamacare”, abolish it in toto! Next thing we hear barely a week ago is he plans to “keep certain provisions” - like the one that eliminates the pre-existing conditions insurance companies use to winnow their responsibilities, and exposure to future risk. Do people really believe this? Which “Mitt” is telling the truth? How can voters know?

Here’s a fact that exposes the liar: One cannot retain the elimination of pre-existing conditions unless one retains the mandate. It is the mandate, which delivers to the health insurers a large mass of citizens that will dilute the concentrated risk pool and make earning profits more likely. In effect, this ensures profits despite enrolling those already diagnosed with cancers, whopping LDL levels- triglycerides, or morbid obesity. Take away the mandate, the heart of “Obamacare” and the pre-existing conditions can’t be allowed, since there’s no way to allow payment for their treatment.

Of course when Mitt implemented “RomneyCare” in Massachusetts he knew all this! Moreover though he either rejects his own plan now – or claims it’s “not the same as Obamacare” (he’s never explained why) - the plan has worked wonders in the state of Massachusetts in terms of bringing down health care costs – as an MIT study found. So why disown it? Mainly because Romney had to alter his etch-a-sketch pattern to appease the Tea Party contingent of the GOP. It was either do that, or lose the nomination.

The other howler concerns Romney’s specious economic claims to "cut deficits" such as he plans to highlight in two new ads to air today in battle ground states. (See the attached graphic of how - contrary to Reepo spin - it's Obama who's really addressed the deficit, taking it down from the whopping debt Bush II left.) Anyway, Willard Mitt's new ads feature his claimed “priorities” to rescue the nation:

- Reduce spending
- Balance the Budget
- Cut the deficit

All splendid aims to be sure, but Romney’s own financial plans are totally at odds with his priorities. So how can we believe his ads?

For example, his plans include adding $2 trillion to the Pentagon budget (despite the fact the Pentagon already said it doesn’t need it), and adding $4 trillion by way of tax cuts. Those two over four years represent an increase of $6 trillion in spending! These additions can only be balanced by equal spending cuts but where will they come from? Mitt won’t say specifically, and those ideas that have come up before – listed by his campaign, such as eliminating the mortgage housing deduction – will only be drops compared to what he plans to spend. For example, the elimination of the mortgage deduction will save maybe $180 billion. Even if Mitt eliminated the mortgage deduction, as well as the child-dependent tax credit and knocked out all VA educational benefits and cut Tri-Care (the military veterans’ version of Medicare) by 50%, the spending cuts would only reach $1.4 trillion.

Do the math:

$6 trillion - $1 .4 trillion = $4.6 trillion

Remains unbalanced.

One sees from this that the rank and file of conservatives have good reason to fear Willard Mitt’s candidacy, because it’s composed of bullshit and bollocks.

This is why, never mind the Reepo dreamers and delusionals, Mitt will be clobbered come Nov. 6th.

One more point: Some confounded Reepos say “he still has time” – forgetting that early voting starts by the end of the month in a number of states. Polls, no matter the naysaying of GOOPrs, shows the proportion of voters who can still be won over or remain undecided are minimal. Thus, the results of an Obama victory might already be decided weeks before the actual general election.

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