Friday, September 21, 2012

Anti-Obama Racist Pigs Go Nuts

Well, it’s come to this, racist swine in Texas and Virginia hanging our president in effigy via the chair prop introduced by relic Clint Eastwood at the GOOP convention. Once more, “free speech” – the refuge of all scoundrels- was invoked to support these unseemly demonstrations. The pigs then had the nerve to hang American flags to their abominations, further mocking the flag the symbol of equal rights under the law for all.
Why haven’t these a-holes been arrested for terrorism or at least making mock threats to Obama? Shouldn’t the FBI at least investigate them as possible domestic terrorists, and lay off the medical marijuana raids?

Meanwhile, kudos to Lawrence O’Donnell for his exposure (two nights ago) of the racist filth and pig who also attended the Romney Boca Raton function. This turd got up, admitted to being an “old Republican” and then went off half-cocked on claiming Eric Holder was “the most corrupt Attorney General ever”.

Hey, moron, time to get some electroconvulsive therapy to jog those dessicated neurons! The most corrupt AG in history was a piece of shit named SPIRO AGNEW. A guy actually prosecuted and sent to the slammer! Check on it!

What Lawrence exposed was a blatant over the top racism endemic in the GOOPr party and exposed at this rich man fete where Willard Mitt blurted out his comment dismissing half the populace as needy parasites.

All of which shows we need to keep an eye on all these whackos, especially after Nov. 6 when Obama wins in a likely blowout. We cannot tolerate lynchings, beatings, racially –motivated muggings etc. such as occurred after the 2008 election! Police in every state and voting district need to have their SWAT expertise at the ready. Be sure also to keep those ‘True the Vote’ assholes out of precincts, interfering with black voters!

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