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The Depths Of Kevin McCarthy's Cave-In: Bimbo Boebert Gets House Oversight Appointment To Go After CIA, FBI, Fauci Et Al


In the aftermath of Lauren Boebert barely winning her 3rd district congressional seat here in Colorado (by a scant 510 votes after a recount) she vowed to change her ways. She said the too close brush with losing changed her. She promised to "show more disclipline and focus" to become a more temperate Reep,  That didn't last long, however.  

As reported by Mike Littwin in the Colorado Springs Independent (now renamed the 'Sixty- five Thirty -five, don't ask me why) she "turned the heat up to 111"

"Displaying her classic throwdowns with, of all people,. Sean Hannity", after her "Friday night star turn as Eris the Greek goddess of chaos" :  

"If y'all thought that (House chaos) was good just wait till we take this fight to Joe Biden and the radical left."  

Well, so much for temperance, and the imp proudly bragged about being part of the "Taliban 20" that extracted almost every concession - large and small -  they could from the GOP's most notorious wuss, Kevin McCarthy.  As proof, we now have learned the clueless, bombastic bimbo has been given one of the most plum appointments. On Tuesday, Boebert announced in a tweet, she had been appointed to the influential House Oversight and Accountability Committee by members of the McCarthy-led House Steering Committee. The appointment gives the one-time high school dropout and firebrand bimbo an outsized influence on looming investigations into three-letter agencies like the CIA and FBI .  Those that McCarthy—whom Boebert vocally opposed for the speaker post—had hinted at in the lead-up to Republicans taking the majority this past November (because too many indy voters believed the swill they offered about moderation).

This was on the House floor in the days of chaos before McCarthy sacrificed everything but his dick to the MAGA renegades to get the Speakership. But why be surprised?  The balless wonder also awarded Marjorie Taylor-Greene an appointment to the House Homeland Security Committee—which oversees the Department of Homeland Security.  Not to mention awarding not one but  TWO appointments  to fraudster George Santos - including Science.  Oh yeah, and awarding Chairmanship of the Armed Services subcommittee to accused sex trafficker MAGA mutt Matt Gaetz .  Which was why one beheld Mike Rogers being restrained from punching out Gaetz out on the House floor,  e.g.

After Rogers had learned the worm McCarthy surrendered his promised post to Gaetz.

So we are now seeing - in the aftermath of the weeklong House clown show -  the price McCarthy paid to the 'Chaos Caucus' and the sheer turmoil that lies ahead because of his shameless cowardice.  All his moves have led directly to the MAGA traitors likely holding the nation - and McCarthy - hostage as they try to use the debt ceiling for their extortion to cut spending.  Making things like Veterans' benefits, Social Security and Medicare part of "discretionary" budgetary items rather than mandated ones.

Boebert herself may well be more than this nation can afford because it means not only pushing for a deliberate breach of the debt ceiling but an all-out bogus investigative war on critical agencies.  Again, this is because this derivative offshoot of the 'Freedom Caucus' is only for burning down government not offering constructive legislation.  

Back to Boebert: Within days of McCarthy's concessions she was on the warpath, going after Pete Buttegieg over the grounded flights on account of a software issue in the FAA system. The little cretin roared:

"Every plane in America is currently grounded due to a system error. Mayor Pete, bravo. This is what happens when you hire clueless liberals for jobs they aren't qualified to do!"

But that wasn't all and she should have left things alone after calling the Rhodes scholar out. Despite his two -month old son being on a ventilator at a D.C. children's hospital, Boebert raged about Buttegieg having to "go home and chest feed his brat".  This was too much for social media - and not just the LGBTQ part - which unleashed a volley of backlash on her sorry behind. 

The social media blasts on Twitter reminded one and all that Boebert had dropped out of high school and only got her GED by the age of 30, months before winning her first election.  She was informed by fellow Reeps in Colorado that no one would take her seriously if she didn't at least have a high school diploma.  

Further Twitter blasts reminded people that her gun-themed restaurant 'Shooter's Grille'  which has since closed   left eighty people with food poisoning after selling poorly stored (at the wrong temp) pork sliders at a rodeo in 2017.    

Take a deep breath, folks, and buckle your seat belts:  This is now the cretin we have as part of one of the most critical House committees.  As the Bajans might say - it ain't gonna be sweetbread for the next two years!   

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by Jeffrey C. Isaac | January 18, 2023 - 7:52am | permalink


If you are anyone but a MAGA enthusiast, and you care about the future of democracy in the United States, then you think that what the Republican Party and especially the House Republican majority has planned for the next two years is very bad.

And it is very, very bad.

And yet strangely, many of the same people who talk about how very bad it is also refuse to take it seriously.


by Joan McCarter | January 16, 2023 - 8:21am | permalink

— from Daily Kos


The new, tiny House Republican majority set out its agenda for the first week of the new session on Dec. 30. It was ridiculous in theory, and it was doubly ridiculous in practice only in part because it took until Week Two to accomplish. The Week One display on the House floor from fractious Republicans in even getting a figurehead speaker installed wasn’t enough to deter them from forging ahead with that divisive, unpopular agenda this week. Then to head off early on Thursday for a 12-day recess observing Martin Luther King Day. Yeah, some of us get one day. They get 12.

Here’s what they accomplished in their first week of “legislating.” :

On Monday, Republicans passed a new rules package to govern the House for the 118th session, keeping in place some of the rules from the previous Congress and jettisoning others, mostly in the name of “fiscal responsibility.”


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